Live from Pittsburgh Part 1

Live from Pittsburgh part 1Today I’m very excited to be writing to you from my hometown, The Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

It is the home to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Andy Warhol Museum, the beloved Mr. Rodgers and a host of colorful characters and places. My city has so much to show us and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Let’s get started!

Kickoff: Mt. Washington
Named one of the 10 most beautiful places in America by USA Today, this is the premiere place to get a bird’s eye view of Pittsburgh before we head to its streets. From here you can see all of Pittsburgh: scenic Point State Park, busy Station Square and the entire Pittsburgh skyline, including the iconic PPG Place. Looks familiar? It’s not a trick of the eye. The glass six-building complex has been seen in many films shot on location here, most recently, in the Hollywood blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

Crazy Mocha CafeSecond and down: Getting pumped up with local coffee!
My all time favorite haunt prior to hitting the local thrifting run is Crazy Mocha! This local Pittsburgh business never fails to give this writer a much needed boost before hitting the streets in search of some fabulous new pieces to curate.

Third and down: Shopping, Pittsburgh style!
Here’s where my inner black and gold fashionista was born! Although I lived and worked in New York City for over a decade, Pittsburgh will always be my hometown. My love of curating secondhand and designer clothing was born here. From the Nirvana inspired flannels rocked in 9th grade to Bloch dance leotards under overalls in college. Not forgetting that I got my first tube of Chanel lipstick from Lord and Taylor senior year at Point Park College. Pittsburgh style runs the gauntlet from punky Andy Warhol street style, indie boutique, to preppy suburban soccer moms, all the way to mall rats. So let’s take a look at some hot spots to hit up while you’re in town!

Pavement BoutiqueFor the cool kids in newly hip Lawrenceville, there’s a fresh bundle of indie and designer shops popping up featuring some amazing pieces. Top of the pile is upscale Pavement, followed by Common Thread and Junior League, all of which bring gorgeous apparel and unique accessories to the fashion-forward denizens of Pittsburgh.

Goodwill of SWPAAnd it wouldn’t be “Goodwill Insider” without a plug for the underdog home team when talking about shopping. So the BIG touchdown goes to Goodwill of Southwestern PA/Lawrenceville, PA/North Hills Goodwill Stores!

All of these Goodwill’s are treasure troves waiting to be unearthed. In one location I found fine bone china in a delicate rose pattern. At another a cashmere VINCE dress, and still yet at the last one, a pair of oxblood leather Vince Camuto wedge heels! If you’ve got the patience to go through the racks at these busy locations, there are MANY beautiful items waiting to be in your closet! You can team up high-end and secondhand and make it work, not only for your style, but your wallet too!

There’s so much to see for yunz’ guyz’ to do here in da’ burgh’ that it’s impossible to fit it all into one blog! So join me next week as I continue in my Part 2 trek through Pittsburgh’s thrift shopping, museum, fine arts and best of all, its people!

Until then, GO STEELERS and see you at the counter!

Brandee, the manager of Goodwill’s 72nd Street boutique, is also a writer, performance artist, thrift fashion and DIY enthusiast. Brandee’s projects have been featured in   Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and INC. Magazine. She loves French-press coffee and lives the designer thrift lifestyle bursting onto the fashion forward streets of the New York City she calls home.

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