To Buy The Shoe or Not?

By Suma Kaul,

Thrift shopping for shoes can be fun. I mean, nothing beats finding a pair of designer shoes for 7 bucks. With that being said, this exact thing happened to me this week. I took a random trip to the Goodwill Store on 89th street the other day.

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S.M.A.R.T.(E.R.) Goals:

By Monique Baez

How well do you function in chaos? A better question, would you be more efficient if you were well-organized and S.M.A.R.T about your goals?

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Winter Friendly Crop Tops

I know, you’re reading the title and thinking to yourself “what the heck is a winter friendly crop top?”- SWEATERS, duh!

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5 Essential Accessories Every Gentleman Needs!

Accessorizing is no longer a gender-specific concept, every gentleman needs to know how to accessorize his outfits to turn heads and get the attention he deserves.

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January is Get Organized Month: 5 Decluttering Tips for New Yorkers

This is a guest post from Garret Stembridge at Extra Space Storage, a nationwide self-storage company that has 22 facilities in the New York metro area alone. January is Get Organized Month, and Garret has some timely advice for New Yorkers who need a hand with their organizational goals.


January tends to be an inward-facing month in New York. It’s too cold to spend much time outside, and personal improvement is on everyone’s minds as we all resolve to be better versions of ourselves in the new year.


We also have homes full of presents, wrapping and holiday decor that can start to feel stuffy, especially when it dips well below freezing outside.


What better month, then, to get organized? Here are five tips to get you started.

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