Goodbye September, Hello Window Sales!

Tough month? Treat yourself to our window sale at Goodwill's Livingston store in Downtown Brooklyn, Goodwill's 79th Street store on Manhattan's Upper West Side, or Goodwill's 23rd street store in Manhattan's Gramercy Park this Friday, September 30! Doors open at 9 a.m. for the Brooklyn Livingston sale and at 9:30 a.m. for Manhattan's 23rd Street … Continue reading Goodbye September, Hello Window Sales!

Goodwill Gems: Bringing Booties Back

Fall Flirt is bringing booties back - are you ready? Our thrift-loving Lauren is, having toured her local Goodwills, in search of the quintessential fall footwear essential. Take a look at the newest Goodwill Gems, thrift fashion fans: the bold and beautiful bootie boot. I suppose I might as well just call this a shoe … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Bringing Booties Back

GoodwillNyNj Customer Rewards Card

Do you thrift in Greater New York and Northern New Jersey*? If so, you might well want to know about this little piece of magic: Confused what exactly "Greater New York and Northern New Jersey" means? Check out The Guide to GoodwillNyNj to see the neighborhoods and cities we cover. If one of them is … Continue reading GoodwillNyNj Customer Rewards Card

Goodwill Essentials: The Pencil Skirt

Today is the last full day of summer - are you ready for the new season? If not, no sweat; here's a Goodwill Essentials by our fantastic Emme tailor-made for you, all about one of our favorite streamlined fall finds (available in spades at your local Goodwill): the pencil skirt! Fall maybe mean back to … Continue reading Goodwill Essentials: The Pencil Skirt

Sweater Weather: A Goodwill Sale!

Bundle up, baby - it's sweater weather now! Goodwill invites you to start your autumn off right with a storewide sweater sale. Sweaters are 35% off from the first day of fall, Friday, September 23, through Sunday, September 25. Looking for a store near you? You can find each store’s hours by zip-code search on … Continue reading Sweater Weather: A Goodwill Sale!

Goodwill Gem: The Sparkling Scarf

Fall Flirt continues! Only this time, it's moving on up from the tips of your toes to the chest, neck and shoulders. After all, it's scarf season, so let's make it shine! Our thrift-loving Lauren headed out to her local store and guess what she found? The newest Goodwill Gem: the ever-eye-catching sparkling scarf. It’s … Continue reading Goodwill Gem: The Sparkling Scarf

The Twenty Dollar Challenge!

Happy Monday! To celebrate the new week, we're starting a new column: The Twenty Dollar Challenge, featuring the fantastic fashion thrift expert, Danielle Landry. We'll be posting her first adventure tackling the Challenge (finding a whole, awesome, Goodwill outfit on a given theme for under $20), but first, here's a little introduction from our go-to … Continue reading The Twenty Dollar Challenge!

Two Window Sales this Friday!

We've got two window sales slated for this Friday morning - one in Brooklyn at the Livingston Street Store and one in Gramercy Park at the 23rd Street Store! Come and enjoy our window sale and find some incredible deals to start the day off right! FRIDAY, September 16th In Brooklyn: Window Sale at the … Continue reading Two Window Sales this Friday!

Goodwill Gems: It’s Fall Flirt!

Spring Fever? So last season. Here at A Good Look, we're all for Fall Flirt. You heard us - it's the time of the year where the weather is perfect for long walks at sunset, cute winks on the sidewalks, and a killer pair of new-to-you, how-do-you-do shoes. Take a look at our thrift-loving Lauren's … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: It’s Fall Flirt!

The Spirit of Service Lives On

This past weekend stirred up a lot of emotion here in our region of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey - not to mention throughout America. While we normally focus on retail here at A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj, we can't overlook how deeply that Tuesday ten years ago changed our world. While there … Continue reading The Spirit of Service Lives On