New Jersey Weekend Bargains!

In Jersey this weekend? Count your blessings - you're in prime Goodwill sale territory! Take 25% off storewide Friday & Saturday and 50% off clothing Sunday. Look good and feel good this weekend, thanks to savings offered by Goodwill’s New Jersey stores: Enjoy a 25% storewide discount Friday-Saturday, January 28-29, and a 50% discount on … Continue reading New Jersey Weekend Bargains!

Window Sale Friday & a Stellar Sale Too!

Brooklyn's pulling out all the stops this Friday! Not only is Brooklyn's Livingston Street Goodwill (located at 258 Livingston Street, Brooklyn) holding its 2nd Window Sale of 2011 Friday morning, it's also offering 25% off apparel. Get out your metrocard, your mini scooter or your sled, this is one day where you'd best leave the … Continue reading Window Sale Friday & a Stellar Sale Too!

Snow Day Project!: Pretty Handy Girl

Let it snow! We've found a cozy craft project to keep you cuddled 'round the fire, courtesy of our latest discovery & DIY muse Pretty Handy Girl. In her recent post, Brittany shows how to turn any Goodwill sweater into one very chic wardrobe topper: We're impressed - and all for a couple bucks and … Continue reading Snow Day Project!: Pretty Handy Girl

Goodwill Gems: Our Fierce Thrifting Challenge

It may be cold out, but it is hot in our columnist Lauren's closet. Her latest Goodwill Gem is an all-weather find, found at the 23rd Street Goodwill. Looking for a challenge this week? We dare you to match the fierceness of Lauren's Gem at your local Goodwill. Take a closer look at these boots … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Our Fierce Thrifting Challenge

The Nate Berkus Show!

Three more days until SammyDVintage's Sammy Davis and Thrifty.Vintage.Chic's Robin Wallace get their 15 minutes of fame on The Nate Berkus Show! We can't wait to see these GoodwillNyNj fans in action - and even Nate is getting psyched. Take a look at his website's promo page for the upcoming Bargain Buy Challenge episode, and … Continue reading The Nate Berkus Show!

Cashmere Cozy: Cuddle Up in Goodwill

Snow Day! But if you're among the many that still have to work today, bring your comfort to the office with an oversize cashmere cardigan. GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan, author of Colors, etc., was blue last week, but this week, he's found something huge to smile about: his favorite feel-good crazy-soft secondhand sweater. Here is … Continue reading Cashmere Cozy: Cuddle Up in Goodwill

The Hipsters Take Goodwill: Sammy Davis’ Thrift Wars

Sammy Davis does it again! In this fantastic new episode of Thrift Wars, the experts behind the blog & new book Stuff Hispters Hate face off to recreate the quintessential hipster style. Take a look - & be amazed at what you can find at your local Goodwill: Be sure to vote on SammyDVintage, too, … Continue reading The Hipsters Take Goodwill: Sammy Davis’ Thrift Wars

Goodwill Gems: Go-Anywhere Grab Bags

You can't spend all winter snuggling by the fire. But with the season's wily ways, you want a bag big enough to keep you prepared. What to do? Our columnist Lauren found her catch-all answer at the 23rd Street Goodwill (which is having a 50% off sale ALL WEEK!): a great go-anywhere bag in a … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Go-Anywhere Grab Bags

Long Weekend Deals at 23rd St & NJ Goodwills

Along with our fantastic  25%-off Storewide Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Jr. Sale this Monday, we have a few more special deals going on in our 23rd Street Goodwill and all 8 of our Northern NJ Goodwills. Take a look: 50%-off Clearance Sale at Goodwill’s 23rd Street Store begins Monday, Jan. 17th - In February … Continue reading Long Weekend Deals at 23rd St & NJ Goodwills

Take 25% Off Storewide This Monday!

What's better than a long weekend? A long weekend with a Goodwill sale! This Monday, January 17th, take 25% off storewide as part of our Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Sale! To find your local Goodwill, visit our neighborhood-by-neighborhood Guide to GoodwillNyNj or use the zip code locator on the “Find Goodwill” page. As usual, in all … Continue reading Take 25% Off Storewide This Monday!