Style, Style Everywhere

Welcome to “Style, Style Everywhere” – the updated version of our “Mid-Week Mini-Break” feature. Here, we show off what our chic shoppers are finding in their local Goodwill & sharing on their blogs. It’s a pretty impressive array – and we hope it inspires you to check out the Goodwill near you and get your Style, Style Everywhere on, too!

We heart MegStatus' thrifty fashion. Here's one of the many mag-ready ensembles she's pulled from her closet & her local Goodwill.

Another Day to Dress Up: I got this skirt at Goodwill a week ago, and bought it solely because of the print. Than five days later my boyfriend was examining the button situation in the back, and discovered a metal emblem engraved with one of my favorite words “Gucci”. I’m telling you, this one particular Goodwill is a magical place, I always walk away with the best clothing. I also bought this vintage Dooney and Bourke purse yesterday, at Goodwill, the coloring is such a great muted palate. It will go with absolutely everything!

Starr Crow's blog is full of stunning outfits chockfull of creativity, romance, and unquestionable second-hand style.

A Thought Is The Blossom: Vintage Coat: Flea Market $12 / Lacoste Cardigan: Goodwill $4 / Vintage Camisole: Salvation Army $1 / Vintage Velvet Skirt: Goodwill: $4 (one of last night’s hem jobs!) / Tights: Target $5 / Shoes: F21 $24 / Vintage Heart Necklace: Yard Sale $2.50 / Purse: Goodwill $3

And even if today's a sweatshirt kind of day, at least ditch the bonbons for some fresh-baked cinnamon rolls - served, of course, on a $0.49 silver Goodwill platter.

Pandora’s Box: A quick trip to Goodwill cost me only 49 cents for a cute, small silver tray… Now, most of my blogger buddies would have left it tarnished, but I can’t seem to do that…so I polished it up. And I couldn’t wait to use it!


Snow Shoes, Goodwill Style

Here at Goodwill, we’re practical so much of the time. We donate our clothes for tax deductions; we shop Goodwill to support sustainability and prevent carbon emissions that creating new clothes causes; we de-clutter our closets and garages and ex-boyfriends drawers so that our lightly-used goods can be sold for money that supports work rehabilitation programs.

This poster may be vintage, but our goals are the same. (And check out that Goodwill Girl's great 1920s style!)

We’re practical, practical people, right? So why is it that with this storm looming, all we want to do is fantasize about the ridiculous, awesome, incredible shoes at the Goodwill 23rd Street Store?

Because we love our environment, our community, our fellow man, and (to be honest) our account balance. But we also love STYLE. Glorious, eye-catching, draw-dropping style. Even in the snow. And just in case you do too, we’ve made up special impracticable post all about shoes.* Enjoy!:

Imagine these $20 Steve Madden babies glittering against all the fresh white snowfall. Divine!
A demure touch of color peeking out under jeans... or a wild streak paired with a little black dress & matte black tights?
"She wore blue velvet..." but we're partial to these heavenly $40 Stuart Weitzman satin pumps.
There's just enough Mad Men fever in our fashion sense to make us want these $30 Brooks Brothers babies bad. Pencil skirts & cocoa pumps? Secretary style never looked so good!
These $15 Nine West boots would be perfect for the big city streets - once the snow plow's done it's thing...

*…shoes whose sale, by the way, that just happen to support our environment, our community, our fellow man and (icing on the cake here) our account balance. Enjoy!

Oprah Says Tackle That Clutter!

Dealing with clutter? You’re not alone. Seems like everyone out there has a closet, attic, or bedroom begging for a paring down.

Image courtesy of

So you’ve decided to tackle the problem and go through those old heaps of who-knows-what. Awesome! Now, for where to send it all… Well, follow Ms. Oprah Winfrey’s lead with “Where to Get Rid of Your Stuff,” an online extension of this month’s O, The Oprah Magazine (and check out Goodwill under the New York list!).

Oprah tackles a formidable challenge... clutter. One of her suggestions? Donate your no-longer-neededs to Goodwill!

Wondering what exactly happens to everything you give to Goodwill? The great eco-friendly blog Liberated Spaces follow’s your donation’s journey through the Goodwill world, going from old and unwanted to something treasured and new.

And did you know that, in addition to donation centers, you can also donate your gently used goods at any Goodwill store? You can see our store locations sorted by neighborhood here, and all our Goodwill centers searchable by zip code here.

Now, get to tackling that clutter, donating the old, and letting the Goodwill roll!

Style, Style Everywhere

Welcome to “Style, Style Everywhere” – the updated version of our “Mid-Week Mini-Break” feature. Here, we show off what our chic shoppers are finding in their local Goodwill & sharing on their blogs. It’s a pretty impressive array – and we hope it inspires you to check out the Goodwill near you and get your Style, Style Everywhere on, too!

Here are our favorite finds this week:

One of our favorite Goodwill-lovin' blogs, $30 Project combines a dead-on style eye with a no-compromise budget.

$30 Project: Since I was almost a total bum in my outfit yesterday, I decided to dress up a bit today with my twist on the Catholic school girl. And before you say, “hey those socks don’t match!” I KNOW. They’re not supposed to! Isn’t it awesome?! I’ve been wanting to wear them forever and try the heels + tights + socks combo for a long time… The skirt [JCrew via the Goodwill $10] and the heels [Michael Kors via Goodwill $25] are remixed Goodwill items and I’m already thinking about another combo for them… Total cost of the outfit = $75

This blogger knows how to have a good Saturday night - hit the Goodwill and leave with Ann Taylor shirts and cute-as-a-button butter dishes. Well done!
Rain Drops on Roses blogger Denise knows how to make the most of a Saturday night - dinner on the town & then a Goodwill shopping spree full of Ann Taylor, Lucy and cute-as-pie retro butter dishes like the above. Well done!

Rain Drops on Roses: The kids and I really know how to live it up on a Saturday night.  First we went out to dinner which is a treat for us because we really only go out on special occasions. Then, we go to Goodwill.  Not just any Goodwill – the good Goodwill if you know what I mean.  We made out like bandits.  A huge bag full and not just of things but things we actually needed.

Turning up the heat, the Empress of Thrift herself found quite a hot little number for just $5 at her local Goodwill. Yowzers!

Empress of Thrift: There’s a place for tawdry, and not just in Amsterdam’s Red Light District or Mariah Carey’s closet. Dolly Parton once said, “It costs alot to look this cheap.” She was wrong, it only cost $5 at Goodwill. This is a fun one because you can wear it under something very sensible and feel like you are cheating, even if you’re not visiting a dog at the pound on the sly.

Easy Style Eye Candy

Fashion Week, Valentines’ Day, a holiday weekend and two snowstorms – that’s enough to tucker out any New York – New Jersey woman! We totally understand – and we’ve out together a post full of easy style eye candy to help you catch your breath. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Goodwill 23rd Street Store‘s fashion picks for your jam-packed life…

The Career Girl:

Reinvent "business casual" with a tailored vest & a straw fedora; life's too short to be all work & no play!

The Perfect Date:

A romantic dinner, office happy hour, or girls' cocktail - either way, this little number has you set from sunset on!

The Night Owl :

They say girls just wanna have fun - well, this hot little number seems like just the ticket!

Now that you’re rested, come stop by the Goodwill 23rd Street Store at 220 East 23rd street in Manhattan and compile your own outfit itinerary. And if you do, post the photos up on our Facebook page – we’d love to see your style!

A side note for the Goodwill-lovin’ guys out there: we hope you took our Date Night Advice and stepped it up for your sweethearts with a new zoot suit and homemade cocktails – we bet they were shaken, not stirred, and head-over-heels impressed all night long!

President’s Day = Big Savings

Happy President’s day to everyone! So,Valentine’s Day is over and our back to back sales are half way through.  For today, Monday, February 15th, 2010, at all of our stores everything is 15%off!


Hopefully you are enjoying the long weekend off make sure to stop in your local Goodwill stores in New York and Northern New Jersey area for great savings.

Don’t forget with all this time off, it would be a great time to clean out your closet, room, apartment, or house. Donations are always welcome at any of our Goodwill donation centers located in all of our retail stores.

Big Holiday Weekend = Big Holiday Sales!

As if Valentine’s and President’s Day weren’t enough for your long weekend, we have even more excitement for your next three days – 2 fabulous 15% off Goodwill sales!

To celebrate the day of love, all our stores in Greater New York and Northern New Jersey are offering 15% off ALL THINGS RED* SALE all day long on Sunday, February 14th.

With President’s Day Monday, though, we figured we’d match the red with some white and blue – and yellow and pink and paisley too in all our NY and Northern NJ stores with a 15% off EVERYTHING IN STORE* SALE all day long on Monday, February 15th.

So enjoy the long weekend – and get yourself to your local Goodwill for some incredible holiday bargains!

*Excludes items already marked for discount.

Snow Snow Snow!

Happy Snow Day, New York and New Jersey!

Our pup Snow White discovers a little Goodwill in the fresh snowbanks of Mamaroneck, NY.

It’s the perfect day to stay in and get the house in order. Organize your closets, sort through your bookshelves, check out that attic and round up what you no longer need – we’d be delighted to take your donations at any of our retail stores or donation locations as soon as the storm dies down!

Mid-Week Mini-Break xiv : Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the 14th Mid-Week Mini-Break – seems a fitting number, what with Valentine’s Day right around the corner! We assume the ladies will be getting diamonds and chocolates, of course, but what about the other loves in our lives? With this crazy snowstorm out, why not take the chilly excuse to cuddle up with the computer and explore some one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift ideas to scoop up later this week at your local Goodwill. So, get yourself that hot cup of cocoa and enjoy…

…Blog Posts We Really Like This Week:


Give your guy a V-Day gift he'll really love: an awesome video game. This brand-new Tony Hawk Ride game was found at Goodwill by Gamertell. Visit Goodwill, save your pennies, support your community, & STILL be the best girlfriend ever.

Gamertell: It’s not uncommon for games to show up at Goodwill Stores, but the games are usually opened, used or over four months old. Surprisingly, Tony Hawk Ride has defied the odds and showed up, brand new with skateboard peripheral, at a Goodwill Store…


Don't forget to give a little love to Baby this Valentine's Day! Goodwill has tons of baby booties for your little one, & blogger Melissa was smart to snatch them up - along with Boppy & a Boppy Lounger for only $2 each!

Living and Loving Life: …Tonight decided to try Goodwill in Irving. No backpacks, but I was still super excited about some finds! We got Ava some shoes. And I got a Boppy and a Boppy Lounger for only $2 each!  I was thrilled!!!  They are anywhere from 25-40 dollars if you buy them new.  No, we don’t need them for any of our own babes yet, but maybe one day.  For now I will use them when I take pictures of newborns.  They make good props.  🙂


And last but never least, show the family dog some love with a few new toys. You know he's going to destroy them anyways, so buy 'em cheap and adorable like blogger Stephanie does and let the crazy pup go wild!

Blue-Eyed Boy Met a Brown-Eyed Girl: My friends and I have been shopping Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other likewise donation stores for a very long time now… At 50 cents a piece, you can’t beat it for new dog toys. After a trip through the washer and dryer, Hendrix finally got to grab these little stuffed animals by their heads and swing them around while growling ferociously, just as he always loves to do with his best friends.