Goodwill Gems: Holiday Shopping, One Find at a Time

Ever notice how a single accessory can make a look? Last week, A Good Look columnist Lauren found super-flex fashion pieces at 23rd Street Goodwill. This week, Lauren shops local at the Steinway Goodwill in Astoria and discovers her inner Style Santa. Who knew holiday shopping at Goodwill could be so fun?

This may not be any kind of conventional wisdom, but I think a little touch of leopard print is good for a girl’s soul. I hope the lucky girl who will be receiving sassy heels this year feels the same!

You can find Goodwill treasures everywhere, but sometimes, there’s no place like home. Learn the ropes of your local store – when new arrivals hit the racks, when window items go on sale, which cashier most gets your style – and, most importantly, check back often. If you do, you’ll be evergreen in Goodwill success all year long.

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NY Giants’ Steve Smith: Holiday Plans with Goodwill

Wonder what NY Giants’ wide receiver Steve Smith is up to for the holidays? Take a look at this Facebook video he made for his Fan Page – just click HERE to watch.

Happy Holidays, Greater New York & Northern New Jersey!

Feast on Savings at GoodwillNyNj: Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many things we’re thankful for this season -affordable fashion, eco-aware shopping, creative crafting, community support – but the absolute #1 spot on our gratitude list goes to you, the customer. This weekend, we’d like to say a big massive THANK YOU, and we’d like to say it the way we know best – with incredible shopping deals. Take a look!:

To break it down, we have 3 layers of thanks for you:

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Goodwill Gems: One Find, Three Seasons

Ever notice how a single accessory can make a look? Last week, A Good Look columnist Lauren warmed up at the Steinway Goodwill in Astoria, Queens with lush faux fur finds. This week, Lauren decides to beat the chill without breaking the bank. Her battle-plan at the 23rd Street Goodwill? Find style in the winter season with cute, comfortable, flexible pieces. Check it out:

Perfect for winter snow, but also Fall & Spring rain, these boots are made for walking in nearly every season.

Practical, thrifty finds can quickly become wardrobe staples. These knee-high black boots are the perfect touch to finish off any city girl’s outfit. If there is one item that becomes a necessity as soon as you move to the big city, it is a pair of black, flat, weather-proof boots, and this pair will take care of you by keeping the winter cold and slush out while still taking your cold-weather style to the next level.

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Style Icon Interview: Journalist Robin Wallace

We recently got the chance to chat with our newest GoodwillNyNj Style Icon Robin Wallace about her thrifting adventures, her favorite looks, and the spree-inspiring sense of style chronicled on her fantastic blog  Thrifty Vintage Chic.

Robin's favorite Goodwill outfit - robin's egg blue and just $0.75 - the perfect find!

Last week, Robin wowed us with her description of NYNJ style. In this second half of our interview with the fearless Miss Wallace, she reminds us that style is more than just an outfit – it’s a way of life. Enjoy!

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Mark Your Calendars w/Artistic Flair: The Springfield Goodwill’s Art Auction is 12/2!

Calling all art lovers! You are invited to join Goodwill on Thursday, December 2, for our first Northern New Jersey art auction. The auction at will be held at the Springfield Goodwill from 6-10 p.m. following a 5-6 p.m. preview.


  • Up to 500 works of art
  • Bidding starts at $10
  • Conducted by well-known local auctioneer Rosemarie Sweeney
  • Includes paintings, lithographs, prints, and some sketches and maps
  • About 50% of the artwork is signed or contains the artist’s name
  • Mostly 20th and 21st century American art
  • Some works reflect American-Indian, African-American, European and Asian culture
  • Includes originals by Kenneth and Jewett, limited edition lithographs by Robert Tinney, a German journal page dated November 24, 1817, a newspaper page announcing Babe Ruth’s death in 1943 and prints from the former Soviet Union
  • Great chance for holiday shopping or to treat yourself to a special present


Goodwill Springfield Store – 126 Route 22 West 07081; phone (973) 912-0156

Loosen Up, Mister: How to Rock the Secondhand Tie

Fit to be tied? GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan shows you how to throw stuffy old style out the corner office window and embrace a whole new wardrobe of snazzy secondhand ties. Take a look:
Some of my ties!

I don’t wear ties as often as I use to, but I still really love them. I have a pretty big collection of ties, almost all purchased from various thrift stores. I generally prefer those made out of a cotton or polyester blend, as they are much stiffer, and I absolutely love diagonal striped ones, or ones with a floral 70s print.

Outside of a formal suit, ties can be a bit tricky to wear, but with a few guidelines to keep in mind, ties can be a great accessory to a fun and casual outfit. Here are the guidelines that I like to follow:

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Style Icon Interview: Journalist Robin Wallace

Dear Style Icon Robin Wallace, can you get any cooler? This fashion-writing Goodwill fan is not just inspirational in her approach to style challenges (short shorts? 80s powder blue? those jeans you wore in high school?), but in her approach to life. Her blog Thrifty Vintage Chic reveals life to be an adventure, with her son as one adorable partner in crime. A successful style blogger, journalist, single mother, and good-looking lady on the go, Robin is clearly a GoodwillNyNj Style Icon.

Introducing our newest GoodwillNyNj Style Icon, Robin Wallace

We got the chance to chat with Robin about her style, her thrifting, and her blog Thrifty Vintage Chic over the weekend. We hope you enjoy her creative insight and sense of adventure as much as we did!

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Goodwill Gems: Furry Fashion Trends at a Fraction of the Cost

Ever notice how a single accessory can make a look? Last week, A Good Look columnist Lauren headed uptown to the West 79th Street Goodwill for costume jewelry with a downtown edge. This week, Lauren was too cold to commute. The solution? Her local Steinway Goodwill in Astoria, Queens. The mission? Find something so lush, she would never be cold again. Check it out:

I’ll keep smiling in this fab fur hat this season, even when the weather outside is truly frightful!

Warm up with one of this year’s hottest trends: faux fur! Soft and cuddly, faux fur is back big time this winter. Though the cold can be hard to handle, lower temperatures usually also means clothes and accessories made of more luxurious materials.

Faux fur certainly looks luxurious, and the runways for the fall/winter 2010 season were covered in fur coats, hats, boots and wraps. These trendy items are now showing up at retailers across the country, and your local Goodwill is no exception.

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NBC Nightly News: Making a Difference at Goodwill

Did you spot Goodwill on the nightly news this weekend? We were there! NBC Nightly News showcased our Paramus Goodwill store as an example of where smart Americans are learning to go back to basics and save money. To view the NBC Nightly News Segment,  just CLICK HERE.

NBC Nightly News spotlights the Paramus Goodwill as a key destination for the new, wiser American shopper.

We’ve seen an 11% increase in sales in the past year, and a good deal of that has to do with smarter spending habits – sales which in turn go back to supporting Goodwill programs in your community. Our success depends on you, so well done, you smart shoppers – keep up the good work and keep Goodwill going strong!

To find the Goodwill nearest you, check out our Guide to GoodwillNyNj – and to stay in the loop as to upcoming Goodwill sales, events and donation drives, come find us on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see you soon!