Meet Your Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009

You voted for her, and here she is: Introducing  Zena – our Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009!

Congratulations Zena, Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009!

Spun up in pink, Zena won the Low-Cost Online Photo Contest with her adorable Cotton Candy costume. She will be giving all our readers on A Good Look sage advice on how to make the most creative outfits for much, much less than you’d ever imagine. Zena works at Goodwill’s Harrison NJ store (at 400 Supor Boulevard, Harrison, NJ 07209), so if you’re in the area, pop by and say congrats!

We got the chance to interview her the other day and really, even without the Candy Costume, she’s as sweet as can be. Click the “more” link to hear her advice on DIY costumes, including how she feels about her new title and what one-of-a-kind creation she’s been working on for Halloween:

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Kanye West and the Balloon Boy

Still looking for that All Hallow’s Eve inspiration? Well, lucky you! We just stumbled on a whole internet stockpile of costume ideas:

Balloon Boy
This Halloween, head up, up and away (or not) in a homemade Balloon Boy costume - KnowYourMeme gives you the lowdown on exactly what you'll need.

Want to be the Balloon Boy? Or go with your loved (or not so loved) one as Kanye West and Taylor Swift? Maybe you want to go as something more classic this year, something like Peanut Butter Jelly Time?

KnowYourMeme’s Hollow-meme Costume Builder rocks for low-cost, high-creative, make-your-own costume ideas. Happy Halloween!

Less Tricks, More Treats

Happy Halloween! Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. We use it as an excuse to dress and go out, socialize with our neighbors and put a big smile on every kid’s face. Secretly, it’s also a time for us to eat tons of candy. Secretly. Without letting anyone else know.

Things should be scary on the night October 31st. What shouldn’t be scary is your credit card bill next month.

You'd look a little pale, too, surrounded by the shocking, jaw-dropping deals at Goodwill Washington Heights.
You'd look a little pale, too, surrounded by the shocking, jaw-dropping deals at Goodwill's Washington Heights store.

So, here’s the question: how can you come up with a screaming great look in Manhattan – the world’s center of creative and conspicuous consumer consumption? We were determined so we set a goal: no matter what, we weren’t going to spend more than $10 this year on our Halloween costume.

Clever as we are, then, we headed right up to  Goodwill’s newly renovated Washington Heights store at 512 181st St. (near Amsterdam Ave.) to sneak a peek at some wallet-friendly finds.

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The Halloween Clothing Swap: Our Director’s Cut

Why add to landfills with a generic plastic costume when you can come together with neighbors, learn a few crafting skills, and make a one-of-a-kind costume everyone will envy anyway? Last Sunday, GoodwillNyNj held a Halloween Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party in downtown NYC. The party gave us a ton of lightly-used clothes to base our costumes from, and encouraged people in the neighborhood to share their skills and fashion. We also had a lot of fun imitating David Bowie.

We hope you enjoy!

Velma, the Goodwill Way

While we edit our videos and collect our photos for yesterday’s stellar Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party, we figured we’d give you some good Halloween-themed reading. Here’s a great piece from about how to take a pre-packaged inspiration, head to Goodwill, and save a ton of money by thinking outside the box.

Want to go as Velma? With the help of, Goodwill's got you covered...

After all, do you think Velma would ever spend $40 on a costume? Ruh-roh, Raggy, as Scooby would say. Or, to translate: no way.

Today’s the Day!

It’s the perfect autumn day here in NYC – the perfect day for a PARTY!

Find your one-of-a-kind costume at our Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party today!
Find your one-of-a-kind costume at our Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party today!

Come join us from 3pm-7pm today at Boxcar Lounge (168 Avenue B between East 10th and East 11th Streets) for our Halloween Clothing Swap and Low-Cost Costume Design Party.

We’ve been chatting this up all week long, so you probably know the details by now. If you, click HERE for the nitty-gritty.

Still, we’d be amiss not to give our friends one more round of thanks. So thank you to I Love to Create for donating a ton of great crafting supplies for our event. Thank you to Boxcar Lounge for offering their beautiful back garden and coming up with a whole roster of drink specials, including a special $5 Halloween martini, for the event. And thank you to the Craft & Hobby Association, and specifically to Victor Domine and Tara Smith, for helping us reach out to their many impressive members in NYC and beyond. Thank you!

Thanks to Craft & Hobby Association for all their amazing help!
Thanks to Craft & Hobby Association for all their amazing help!

Can’t wait to see you all soon!

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Zena, our own Cotton Candy winner! She is the official GoodwillNyNj Low-Cost Costume Mavin 2009 – and, lucky you, she is actually available in-person to help you too, since she works at the Goodwill Harrison NJ store.

Introducing GoodwillNyNj's Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009!
Introducing GoodwillNyNj's Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009!

Our second-place Low-Cost Costume props go out to both David and Tara. The Pizza-Lovin’ President and Little Miss American Gladiator were both amazing costumes. Well done, you two!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Low-Cost Costume Online Photo Competition. We look forward to sharing our new Low-Cost Costume Maven’s advice with you as the year continues.

And don’t forget!: If you don’t have your Halloween costume perfected yet (or you’re just looking to improve your wardrobe), stop by our Clothing Swap and Low-Cost Costume Design Party today, Sunday, Oct 25th, from 3pm-7pm at Boxcar Lounge (168 Avenue B between East 10th and East 11th Streets). Just bring one bag of lightly-used, freshly-laundered clothes or a $5 donation and enjoy a whole weekend afternoon of good tunes, good drinks, and good people. Our Clothing Swap lets you browse, claim and keep any clothes you discover in the Boxcar Lounge garden –  and with I Love to Create‘s crafts, you can make your own one-of-a-kind, pro-sustainability, super-affordable, creative costume just in time for Halloween!

See you soon!