Meet Your Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009

You voted for her, and here she is: Introducing  Zena - our Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009! Spun up in pink, Zena won the Low-Cost Online Photo Contest with her adorable Cotton Candy costume. She will be giving all our readers on A Good Look sage advice on how to make the most creative outfits for … Continue reading Meet Your Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009

Kanye West and the Balloon Boy

Still looking for that All Hallow's Eve inspiration? Well, lucky you! We just stumbled on a whole internet stockpile of costume ideas: Want to be the Balloon Boy? Or go with your loved (or not so loved) one as Kanye West and Taylor Swift? Maybe you want to go as something more classic this year, … Continue reading Kanye West and the Balloon Boy

Less Tricks, More Treats

Happy Halloween! Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. We use it as an excuse to dress and go out, socialize with our neighbors and put a big smile on every kid’s face. Secretly, it’s also a time for us to eat tons of candy. Secretly. Without letting anyone else know. Things should be scary … Continue reading Less Tricks, More Treats

The Halloween Clothing Swap: Our Director’s Cut

Why add to landfills with a generic plastic costume when you can come together with neighbors, learn a few crafting skills, and make a one-of-a-kind costume everyone will envy anyway? Last Sunday, GoodwillNyNj held a Halloween Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party in downtown NYC. The party gave us a ton of lightly-used clothes to … Continue reading The Halloween Clothing Swap: Our Director’s Cut

Velma, the Goodwill Way

While we edit our videos and collect our photos for yesterday's stellar Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party, we figured we'd give you some good Halloween-themed reading. Here's a great piece from about how to take a pre-packaged inspiration, head to Goodwill, and save a ton of money by thinking outside the box. After … Continue reading Velma, the Goodwill Way

Today’s the Day!

It's the perfect autumn day here in NYC - the perfect day for a PARTY! Come join us from 3pm-7pm today at Boxcar Lounge (168 Avenue B between East 10th and East 11th Streets) for our Halloween Clothing Swap and Low-Cost Costume Design Party. We've been chatting this up all week long, so you probably … Continue reading Today’s the Day!

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Zena, our own Cotton Candy winner! She is the official GoodwillNyNj Low-Cost Costume Mavin 2009 - and, lucky you, she is actually available in-person to help you too, since she works at the Goodwill Harrison NJ store. Our second-place Low-Cost Costume props go out to both David and Tara. The Pizza-Lovin' President and Little … Continue reading We Have a Winner!

Less Than 3 Hours Left…

...until we name our new GoodwillNyNj Low-Cost Costume Maven. Want to have a say in who becomes our expert on all things costume? Well, hurry on over to our Facebook Fan Page and click the "LIKE" text underneath your favorite fan-submitted photo. Here are our leading three submissions, as of 9:15pm Saturday, October 24th: 1. … Continue reading Less Than 3 Hours Left…

Party Tomorrow!

It's almost time! Our Halloween Clothing Swap and Costume Design Party is TOMORROW (!). That's right - the creativity celebration is set for Oct 25 from 3pm-7pm at Boxcar Lounge in Manhattan (168 Ave B between E 10 and E 11 Streets*). Don't forget to bring  one bag of lightly-used, freshly-laundered clothes and you can trade … Continue reading Party Tomorrow!

Nonsense NYC

Nonsense NYC makes our world go round. Well, that may be a little hyperbolic, but we love a site that says, "We admire the handmade, the recycled. And we're generally suspicious of commercial entertainment. That doesn't mean we reflexively hate television or anything. It's just that we genuinely believe that everyone has something to contribute, … Continue reading Nonsense NYC