Goodwill & A Clothing Swap

Looking to give the shirt off your back? Well, launder and fold it first – but GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan has all the info you need on how to hold your own Clothing Swap, either at home or inside your local Goodwill…

A few of my finds from the Clothing Swap!


Have you ever participated in a clothing swap? GoodwillNyNj held a Halloween Clothing Swap a year ago to celebrate DIY costumes. A few weeks ago, me and the BurdaStyle crew participated in the Philly Swap O Rama Rama, a fantastic event where you can bring some of your clothes to trade with other participants. Save for the initial entrance fee, there’s no money involved in the trading process, and you can take and/or bring as much as you want.

It’s a pretty amazing concept. While I was there primarily for work, I did bring some stuff along, and was able to snag a few nice pieces, including a jacket, a sweater, two shirts and a bag. Not bad, huh?

I love this super-cute tote bag I found at the swap!

Take your Goodwill love to the next level by holding a clothing swap party with your friends! There will always be a few things no one wants (no offense, bedazzled MC Hammer pants); why not donate to your local Goodwill those items once the swap is done?

If your wardrobe isn’t ready for an at-home swap, an in-store swap is the way to go. Try meeting up at your nearest Goodwill and do some shopping with a group of friends. Before checking out, hold a big swap and let your friends trade you for some of your finds.

When you think about it, shopping at the Goodwill is a little like a clothing swap, in its own way. You can donate clothes and you can receive clothes (for a small fee, of course). It’s good for your heart and your wardrobe!

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