Mid-Week Mini-Break xiii

Oooo... It's the 13th Mid-week Mini-Break. 13 is supposed to be one unlucky number, but how could that be true when we chanced upon all these lucky Goodwill finds? Here's a round-up of the best treasures shown off on the web (and just a taste of the great stuff waiting at a Goodwill near you), … Continue reading Mid-Week Mini-Break xiii

Hudson Valley’s Goodwill

What a beautiful week this has turned into! Here at our headquarters in Queens, we can only imagine how stunning it must be further upstate. While we dream of those beautiful Hudson Valley views, all of you in Orange, Westchester, Rockland and Dutchess counties should take advantage of the great weather with a scenic mini-road … Continue reading Hudson Valley’s Goodwill

Amy and Lakota Take on Winter Cleaning

Meet our friend Amy and her dog, Lakota. Amy loves Spring Cleaning. And why wouldn't she? Spring Cleaning is, after all, a great time to tackle that closet, rediscover old gems and laugh at some serious fashion mistakes. In fact, taking on your wardrobe is so rewarding, why wait 'til April? After the holidays and … Continue reading Amy and Lakota Take on Winter Cleaning

Mid-Week Mini-Break xii

Welcome to another Mid-Week Mini-Break - where we steal you away from your weekday routine to scour the internet for unique Goodwill finds. If these treasures are out there, imagine what's in a Goodwill store near you! So, without further ado, here's another installment of... …Blog Posts We Really Like This Week: Confessions of a … Continue reading Mid-Week Mini-Break xii

The 23rd Street Store

Off to a Happy New Year! Why is it so happy? Because it's a time when anything's possible. It's a time to dress for success and put your best foot forward... ... and if you want to put that best foot in an environmentally-smart, wallet-savvy, designer shoe, why not? We've got the goods here at Goodwill … Continue reading The 23rd Street Store

Happy MLK Day!

We hope you're out there celebrating this day with service. If you are, we'd love to hear about it - just send a note about what you're doing this day to goodwillnynj@gmail.com. If you don't have set service plans and still want to make a difference, please consider donating to the Haitian Relief Fund. Just … Continue reading Happy MLK Day!

Haitian Relief Fund

We are collecting donations for the Haitian Relief Fund in all our Goodwill stores. The contributions will be going directly to Doctors without Borders. For your monetary donations, please see the Store Manager at any Goodwill store in Greater New York and Northern New Jersey. Thank you.

Mid-Week Mini-Break xi

Ahh, it's time again for another World Wide Web round-up where we travel around the internet to see the kinds of outstanding finds you might just discover in your local Goodwill store! Are your virtual bags packed? Are your virtual tickets in order? Are you virtual toiletries in virtual 3 oz. containers sealed in virtual … Continue reading Mid-Week Mini-Break xi

Insider Interview: William J. Forrester

January is a great month to give; what better way to start the New Year than by helping others (and getting a head start on your 2010 tax deductions in the process)? Just drop off your gently used clothing and other items at an attended Goodwill site, including any retail store, and keep a record … Continue reading Insider Interview: William J. Forrester

Designer Goodwill

Every now and then, our great @goodwillnynj twitter followers share their best Goodwill finds with us. Here's one of our absolute favorites - an Oscar de la Renta tux jacket found at a Goodwill store in Queens by the stylish Mr. Joey Cooper. Joey loved his Goodwill find so much, he wore it to a holiday … Continue reading Designer Goodwill