@PlanetBrandee SUMMER POP QUIZ!

“Hint: This piece of clothing will keep you cool and comfortable this summer” I’m back in New York City, the humidity is high, and somehow weather went from Octoberesque Spring chill to full on hail Mary HOT August temps! Is there even a remote chance of normal weather in New York City anymore? With my … Continue reading @PlanetBrandee SUMMER POP QUIZ!


We invite you to join Goodwill at one or more of the 11 window sales planned at our stores this weekend. Visit http://www.goodwillnynj.org/shop/goodwill-store-locations/all to map locations. Window Sale General Rules: Tickets are distributed to customers in line, first come-first serve Customers may enter the store in numerical order once the doors open to the public … Continue reading DROP BY OUR WINDOW SALES 5/29-30

The Fastest Way Ever to Jazz Up Easy, Breezy Summer Whites

It’s It’s officially summer! Now that we’ve passed Memorial Day, that means the season of warmth, sunshine, and relaxation is really, finally here. And I don’t know about you guys, but after a very long, dismal winter, I could not be more excited to bring out my sunblock, swimsuits, and big beach hats. Summer accessories … Continue reading The Fastest Way Ever to Jazz Up Easy, Breezy Summer Whites

@PlanetBrandee, LIVE from Florida! (Part 3)

Reconnecting with friends, riding motorbikes, and Thrift shopping at Daytona! The waves are crashing, the salty air is refreshing, and the heat of the sun is beaming down on my shoulders like the embrace of an old friend. I’m nestled in a grove of palm trees overlooking the ocean and am enjoying my final days … Continue reading @PlanetBrandee, LIVE from Florida! (Part 3)

Storewide Memorial Day Sale – Monday, May 25

Storewide Memorial Day Sale - Monday, May 25 Get 35% off when you shop at Goodwill on Memorial Day next Monday. Applies to all stores except the Van Dam outlet.   For store locations, visit our website at http://www.goodwillnynj.org/shop/goodwill-store-locations/all.   Twelve Stores Hold Window Sales This Weekend Window Sale General Rules: Tickets are distributed to customers in line, … Continue reading Storewide Memorial Day Sale – Monday, May 25

Are You Giving Shade?

Whether you call them shades, stunnas or hater-blockers, sunglasses are a must-have summer accessory. Sunglasses give a cool, posh and glamorous factor to whoever wears them, from little kids, celebrities to grandmas. Sunglasses give you an air of mystery an aloofness that is irreplaceable. Sunglasses are one of the most democratic accessories you can purchase … Continue reading Are You Giving Shade?

@PlanetBrandee LIVE from Florida Part 2

  The fun continues in Florida – more delicious eats, shopping and beach! I’m writing part 2 of my Florida adventure live from the rocking and rolling deck of a beautiful wooden sailboat off the coast of Miami. The wind is whipping my hair and a cool drink is in hand. With only one week … Continue reading @PlanetBrandee LIVE from Florida Part 2