10 Halloween Costumes you didn’t know you had

AGoodLook profile pic Jennifer Panchi| Goodwill NYNJ Staff

Halloween is an exhilarating and fun holiday. Many wait all year for this one day to dress up in crazy costumes, but sometimes these costumes can hurt your wallet some going up to $100+. Here are some cool and affordable Halloween costumes.

  1. Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riverter

In recent years this costume has gained massive popularity. Rosie the Riveter was a pioneer during WWII as she represented the millions of women who work in factories during the time. A bandana and a denim top and bottom combination and call it a day.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

A fashion icon, Marilyn Monroe became a global film actress through her “blonde bombshell” characters. A mid-length halter dress and are lip is all you need to pull this look together.

3. Holly Golightly

Holly Godlightly

This character became a fashion icon with the LBD. All you need is a little black dress and some pearls to complete the look.

4. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo.jpg

With her unapologetic personality, this artist became well known not only for her art but her unique look. All you need is a maxi skirt of your choice, an off-the-shoulder floral top to recreate this iconic look.

5. Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda

Recreate the Carmen Miranda look by pairing a maxi skirt, a floral top, and a headpiece.

6. Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Adams.jpg

Dark and unapologetic, who doesn’t love the iconic look of Wednesday Adams? All you need is a white bottom down top and an LBD. Tie everything together by putting your hair in some braids.

7. Cher from Clueless

Cher from Cluesless

This 90’s teenage movie queen gave us all the iconic looks we wished we rocked. All you need is a fun checkered print skirt and blazer combo.

8. Spice Girls

Spice Girls (1)

This 90’s pop groups were known for their crazy styles! Grab your closest girlfriends and recreate your favorite spice girl look.

9. Elle Woods

Elle Woods(2)

All things pink! Elle Woods was not your typical law student. For all, you girly girls this costume is perfect for you. Anything pink will work!

10. Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl


These two stylish bff’s had some iconic looks all throughout the series.


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