Good Look Gal Finds: Nifty, Thrifty, and Always Under $50

Another season, another reason

The New Centenarians – we’re celebrating our 100th with the launch of The Good Look Gal and Guy. On the first Monday of each month, we’ll feature here Goodwill store employees and customers who exemplify the very best our Goodwill stores and boutiques offer in fashion sense while still saving your hard-earned cent.

Be ready for the shifting seasons with easy pieces that will layer up or sport solo.

Where else on the Upper West Side will you find such chic value? Look no further. In this first edition, we go to our 72nd Street boutique in Manhattan to check out how you can transition that summer outfit you purchased and get mileage out of it through the chillier September nights.

Indian Summer suggests warm yet slightly crisper temps so layering is the savvy solution. Here our always comely Sales Specialist, Shayanne, pairs a floral Calvin Klein blouse, J. Crew cutoffs, and stylish Union Bay wedgies for a sidewalk stroll during the remaining sultry days.

Fall marked her debut with Goodwill last October. As her anniversary approaches, we celebrate her singular flair for melding diverse garments to create an individualistic, yet flattering allure. You must agree that opposites are extremely attractive on her!

This talented looker thinks no ensemble is complete without the right hair so she is actively pursuing a beauty license while gracing the store. And she is clearly the best judge of what enhances her svelte form – a handsome Helmut Lang jacket and Wolford tights for a sensible, yet striking autumnal transition. Then indulge in a few lustrous, bargain baubles for a little extra sparkle to cap a winning stunner that only looks rich.

“I love fashion because it allows me to express myself and to be creative with different shapes and styles. I like to combine opposite shapes with a dab of color,” says Shayanne, a Sales Specialist at Goodwill’s 72nd Street boutique since October 2014.

Shayanne’s summer outfit:  

  • Calvin Klein Blouse, $9.99 
  • J. Crew Shorts, $4.99

Fall outfit:

  • Helmut Lang New York Jacket, $19.99
  • Wolford Tights, $2.99 
  • UnionBay shoes, $ 9.99
  • Necklace, $0.99
  • Bracelet, $0.99 the set

Goodwill 72nd Street boutique:

157 West 72nd Street

Manhattan, NY 10023

P: (212) 799-2723


If you would like to be featured as the Good Look Gal or Guy wearing the outfit you purchased at your favorite Goodwill store for $50 or less, please email

Blair Sorrel was the long-standing author of “The Dollarwise Dilettante,” a column at the Free Time Magazine, which highlighted free cultural offerings in New York City. Blair remains an inveterate thrifter and preferred customer who recognized both the bounty of bargains and abundance of panache on our graceful personnel. While she dabbles in accessories, and other frivolity, she is adept at navigating what’s underfoot,

@PlanetBrandee LIVE from Long Island!

@PlanetBrandee LIVE from Long Island!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.12.00 PMYes, it says live from Long Island! Sure, it’s not a far flung or exotic locale, but it is in fact, where this lucky shopper and many others happened to be at the Grand Re-opening of the latest Goodwill store! Located at 1900 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport, the new store was bright and airy, and dangerously filled with SO much thrifting swag I had to take a car home. It was THAT serious! PlanetBrandee was on the scene, helping local talent get their thrift fix on. This lucky shopper below had scored a perfect Ann Taylor tunic dress in shifty poplin for only $19.99, an absolute steal that had me lining my own bags with a similar Loft dress in cozy schlub knit earl grey tones.


Maybe I’m getting old, (what like you’re timeless lol?!), but I am really into stoneware and copper lately. And perched on the second shelf at eye level was a breathtaking handmade, (and signed!), earthenware vase. That and some fabulous pre-decorated votives lined with gold lace are now the latest members of my DIY wedding ensem! (And yes, I *promise* more on that later!).


I am just going to leave you with this: there is literally NO where else I have ever found mint condition Cole Haan leather loafers in spotless wear for only $30.00. Nowhere I tell you! And I’ve trekked everywhere in NYC and across the country, and this recessionista was beyond the moon at the shoe department here! Not only did I get a chance to help pick the best kicks for our lucky customers, (do you SEE these heels ladies! Orig $500 going for $30 WHAT!), but I also scored loafers AND these incredible gold tone pineapple slip on flips! Absolutely gorgeous and ideal for these lazy, long last days of summer!

So in closing: what a FAB store re-opening and what a brill shopping spree! From my windowsill to the wall and even down to my shoe rack, each room now has a gorgeous addition thanks to the killer shelves and curation of the Goodwill team at Northport. Needless to say, I’m already excited for the Union Square opening coming up in September! Right in the heart of the city AND great shopping? Please. Sign me UP and hope to see you at the racks!


Customer Appreciation Days (by Region) – Tuesdays in SeptemberCustAppDay

Feel the love as Goodwill offers 25% off on all merchandise:

September 1 – New York City & Long Island

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Friday, August 28

  • Bronx, 149th St – tickets 7:45 a.m.; starts 8 a.m.
  • East 23rd Street, tickets 8:15 a.m.; starts 8:45 a.m.
  • Livingston, Brooklyn – tickets 8 a.m.; starts 8:30 a.m.
  • West 79th Street – tickets 8 a.m.; starts 9 a.m.
  • Harrison, NJ – tickets 8 a.m.; starts 9 a.m.

Saturday, August 29

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  • West 72nd Street – tickets 8:30 a.m.; starts 9 a.m.

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  • Check for specific store rules
  • For store locations, visit our website at here.

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LAURENS GOODWILL GEMS: Back to (Fashion) School

Back to (Fashion) School

Pretty soon, it will be Labor Day. Warm nights and days at the beach are almost gone, and it’s time to get back in gear – ready for school, ready for longer work days and weeks, ready to be and look and feel totally professional again.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Yes, fall is the time to buckle down and get serious, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like an old frump every time you head out to class or work or an important meeting. You can look professional while still giving your look a bit of personality, and that’s exactly what this week’s Goodwill gem can help you do. Find a beautiful, sleek, and still completely practical black leather bag like this one, and you’re set for the year! It’s relaxed and fun, with a slightly slouchy, boho-inspired feel to it that’s perfect for days (or nights) out with friends – but the casual-chic shape is balanced by the classic black leather material, which gives this purse a sophisticated and dressier feel that makes it ideal for work days, too. The long strap, numerous pockets and larger (but not enormous) size mean this bag is just right for holding all of your everyday essentials and helping you tote them around comfortably.

Classic, elegant, work-ready style doesn’t have to be difficult. Throw on a bag like this black leather find every morning before you dash out the door to instantly add a polished and still totally pretty piece to your professional looks.
Classic, elegant, work-ready style doesn’t have to be difficult. Throw on a bag like this black leather find every morning before you dash out the door to instantly add a polished and still totally pretty piece to your professional looks.

Don’t overdo it. The key to looking perfectly put-together and yet still feeling comfortable in your skin is not trying too hard – put forth some effort to coordinate an appropriate look, but don’t go overboard, and allow yourself to choose pieces that you feel at ease in – no lady truly looks chic and stylish if she looks horribly uncomfortable. Here, I’ve paired my sweet new leather bag with a pair of totally classic, slim-cut black pants – the kind of pants you can wear for years and years, with absolutely anything, and always feel good in.  My new bag goes so perfectly with these bottoms because they’re basically two of a kind – comfortable, sleek, classic black pieces that you always feel good in, and that never go out of style. On top, I’ve added a blouse in pale pink and an airy, silky fabric to lighten up the whole look (summer’s not over yet!), but you could just as easily wear a pair of pants and purse like these with darker, long-sleeved blouses or sweaters throughout the fall and winter for an equally polished (but still cozy and weather-appropriate) look.

 Mix and match classic, comfy, cozy pieces and top them off with a go-everywhere bag for an endless array of outfits that are flattering, pretty, and polished and that you can wear with ease all year long.
Mix and match classic, comfy, cozy pieces and top them off with a go-everywhere bag for an endless array of outfits that are flattering, pretty, and polished and that you can wear with ease all year long.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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@PlanetBrandee – Staying Alive 70’s Style!

Welcome to the 70’s Flashback!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 4.04.11 PMBrush off your obnoxiously bright late summer polyester, grab your chunkiest Jeffrey Campbell and pile on the Farrah Fawcett waves, we’re going retro with this Friday’s Welcome to the 70’s Flashback!

From full cat bodysuits to Michelle Pfeiffer inspired slink dresses, the 70’s were a wild and eclectic mix of fashion influences. One foot set in tube sock futuristic roller skating parties and the other in funkytown ala Studio 54. Rooting through your local Goodwill’s racks is an easy place to find pieces that can be up cycled for modern wear without getting you too much of a warning from the Street Fashion Police.

The easiest ways to work this fun era is with wide collars and bell bottoms. We found a vintage corduroy pair for only $14.99. Paired with a fresh white shirt and some vintage Euro style boots we scored for $19.99 (Eat your heart out Austin Powers!).

Secondly if you can live through the polyester, DVF has some FAB finds and more than once I’ve found some killer patterned wrap dresses to die for and ALL under $40.00 which is a STEAL when some on Ebay are $80 for opening bid! Pair with a savvy suede pump and call it corporate ready! Speaking of which, if you’re aiming for workplace appropriate, make things fun with chunky set of Lucite bangles or a pop or a strong brow and glossy lip, both of which harken that 70’s maven look. Keep the tresses natural and your walk confident and you’ll be feeling like Diane in no time!

And lastly, if all this disco talk sounds too intimidating, and head to toe Staying Alive isn’t your bag of Studio 54, try it in small doses, a metallic clutch, some champagne colored eyeshadow, or better yet keep your eyes peeled at Goodwill for a floor length leather coat, perfect for transitioning to early fall nights when summer is winding down.

So from the Bee Gee’s to Funkytown, get inspired! Clean out that dusty disco closet, and start prepping your staying alive wardrobe NOW! Freshen up your gear for late summer and get your glitter going for September, turn up the music and above all: HAVE FUN! Annnnnnd keep your eyes peeled for a potentially fun video series I’ll be helming this Fall on fashion! And follow my food, fun and travel treks on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetBrandee – till then, see you on the streets!

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unnamedYou are invited to come shop at Goodwill’s newly renovated East Northport store on Thursday, August 20, for its grand reopening starting at 10 a.m..

There is a bus staff can take from the Astoria HQ that leaves Astoria at 9:30 a.m. and returns from East Northport at 1 p.m. Please get permission from your supervisor and email Clara Costello at X344 ASAP if you want to go. Space is limited, so first come-first served.

If you have friends or family on Long Island, we’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word.

Goodwill East Northport Store & Donation Center – Grand Reopening, 8/20

1900 Jericho Turnpike

East Northport, NY 11731


Regular Hours:

MondayWednesday 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Thursday-Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m.8 p.m.

Today is National Thrift Store Day

ABC_0003 DSC_0168

Today is National Thrift Store Day

Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey is excited to promote National Thrift Store Day Today Monday, August 17, 2015. All our New York City stores, except the Van Dam outlet in Queens, will offer 15% off storewide.

How do thrift stores help our economy?

Shopping second-hand not only helps shoppers save money, it reduces waste and conserves resources. In addition, buying goods from non-profit thrift stores supports those organizations’ important social-service missions. (NYC Recycles)

When you shop at Goodwill NYNJ, you help to support our programs which find work for individuals with all types of disabilities, youth at risk, immigrant and refugees, welfare applicants or recipients, unskilled or mature workers, U.S. veterans and their spouses, and any person with barriers to employment.

Last year, Goodwill NYNJ provided access to opportunities to build careers and strong families to 95,000 people and helped more than 8,400 individuals to earn a job.

Here are 10 reasons why thrift stores are awesome by Katherine M.

    • As a parent, there’s no better way to dress growing kids than by going to the thrift store.
    • Because thrift store items are so cheap, it’s fun to experiment with styles or colors that you might not usually buy.
    • Thrift store items are typically higher quality simply by virtue of being there.
    • Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style.
    • There are really fabulous finds on all the racks at the thrift store.
    • There are no hovering salespeople waiting to make a commission off your purchase.
    • Thrift stores go beyond clothes.
    • Shopping at the thrift store leads to less hoarding.
    • Many thrift stores support the community.

Does Goodwill offer student discounts?

Yes, if you are a student (or a senior or U.S. military member or veteran), the discount doesn’t end on August 17 for you. Students are entitled to a 10% discount Monday – Friday. Just show your ID and ask for the discount when checking out. Or if you are a Goodwill rewards card member, request that you be designated as a student in your enrollment information. That way, you’ll get both your discount and you’ll accrue points. Shop more for less this school year!

What was your first thrift store experience like?

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