Trend Watch: 5 Things To Look For While Thrifting with TheFabJunkie


With the changing of the weather, I know everyone is switching over to his or her Fall/Winter wardrobe.

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The Ghost of Goodwill Halloween Past

Hi everyone! We all need a little Halloween inspiration. Here at Goodwill we think the best costumes are the ones that you make by hand. Let’s hop into our time machine and look back on some past Halloween posts.

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Instagram Fashion Inspiration of the Week

This past week you all have been giving us super thrift envy. From classic fall vibes to recycled 90s minimalist, let’s explore some of our favorite looks from Instagram this week.

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Easy DIY Halloween Costume with TheFabJunkie


DIY-ing your Halloween costume doesn’t always require scissors and a sewing machine. Sometimes you can piece a few things together and get a cool custom made costume.

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Costume  Thrifting with TheFabJunkie

There are two types of people in this world- ones who plan their Halloween costumes for months and then they’re the people who end up sifting through their closets for something they can throw on and make it look as if they put a tiny ounce of thought into it.

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