Christmas Tips from Zena

In honor of the holidays quickly approaching and our love of all things festive, we’ve brought in Zena, our Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009, to give us some tips on holiday shopping at Goodwill. In our interview below, Zena gives us her thoughts on the best holiday buys at Goodwill, how to decorate your tree for the biggest WOW factor, and what it’s really like working in Goodwill’s Harrison NJ store (at 400 Supor Blvd) come the holiday rush. Enjoy!

Our Low-Cost Costume Maven shows off her own Goodwill tree - and tips for decorating your own.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

from all of us at GoodwillNyNj!

We are thankful for all your support – and for everything you do to help your communities.

(And don’t forget – tomorrow is the start of our big 25% off everything sale store-wide – just in case you want to get a little more do good-ing in before the end of the year!)

25% off *Everything* this Weekend!

Attention all holiday shoppers!:

This weekend ALL GOODWILL LOCATIONS in New York and Northern New Jersey are celebrating the holidays with a 25% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE from 9am Friday, November 27, 2009 until 8pm Sunday, November 29, 2009. And listen up, crafters: 50% off all textiles between 6pm and 9pm.

How’s that for some holiday Goodwill? 25% off things like:

Yes, all designer suits are 25% - which makes you 75% richer when you wear them, right? Of course, right!


The holidays are the perfect time to start a rock band - especially when everything you need, from guitar to gold pants, is 25% off.

So yes, enjoy your stuffing and your yams – and know that some incredible deals are just around the corner in your neighborhood Goodwill.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mid-Week Mini-Break, iv

Just one more day until the holiday weekend begins! Some of your have already boarded your planes, trains and automobiles, but even if you’re having your turkey at home, you too can enjoy a little Thanksgiving travel with our weekly world wide web round-up…

…Blog Posts We Really Like This Week:

Over at, Goodwill Hunting's writer finds not only a Super Nintendo, but an unmarked mystery game as well. Click more below to read how the drama unfolds...

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Help Make a Difference!

If you are on Facebook, help us make a difference in our community and vote for Long Island Works Coalition, Inc, a division of Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc. It’ll only take a minute & will make you feel all warm inside right in time for the holidays. What have you got to lose?

Just CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to spread a little Goodwill this holiday season.

Thank you!

A Weekend in Washington Heights

Happy Friday! Since we’ve spent the past few weeks telling you more about Goodwill’s Washington Heights store, we thought why not go whole hog here and give you a full day’s plan for visiting the uptown area? We do love ourselves a neighborhood daytrip!

Visiting Goodwill's new & beautiful Washington Heights store is the perfect excuse to explore Washington Heights' historical spots and incredible eats.

Come Saturday and Sunday, head up on to 181st Street store – and check out these amazing neighborhood sights while you’re up there! There’s more to the Heights than just award-winning musicals, you know…

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Mid-Week Mini-Break, iii

Wednesday means it’s time for a whirlwind trip around the World Wide Web. Are your virtual bags packed? Delightful! Because we’re about to take off…

…for our Wednesday feature, Blog Posts We Really Like This Week:

Here's a one-of-a-kind French find posted to XO Fashion by DC Goodwill Fashionista - and you even can bid on the outfit HERE!

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No Humbugs Allowed

We love the holidays. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and we’re picturing pine-scented living rooms, glowing fireplaces, twinkling menorahs, and all those blue-white-red-green delicious butter cookies.

Santa comes in peace, even if it's a little early this year. Get in the fun and visit your local Goodwill for affordable, adorable holiday charm!

Yes, we here at GoodwillNyNj love the holidays – and so does Zena, GoodwillNyNj’s Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009. Click below to join Zena and the whole Goodwill Harrison NJ team in a little early holiday spirit – and get excited for a season full of warmth, family, laughter and cookies!

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JennyHats, Our Guest Blogger!


Happy Monday! To celebrate the start of a new week, we have a special treat here at A Good Look — we have our first GoodwillNyNj Creates guest-blogger post, and it’s really, really cool.


If you’ve ever decided to knit a scarf, you know that the material to make them can get incredibly costly — we’ve seen balls of yarn go for $45 a skein, and that wouldn’t even make enough scarf to cover our clavicle, let alone bundle us up for a winter storm.

Well, JennyHats had a great idea – why not buy the yarn from Goodwill… in the form of recycled, cost-effective, cozy sweaters? You’ll be saving money and promoting sustainability. And no matter how cold out, we think that’s pretty darn hot.

Without further ado, then, here is Etsy crafter and graphic designer JennyHats‘ GoodwillNyNj Creation. Just click the MORE button below and enjoy!:

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Goodwill’s Guests

We just got back our second set of photos from the Wheelchairs for the Community event and we thought, being proud New York and New Jersey residents, you might like to see more photos of our guests…

110 brand new wheelchairs were donated to those in need - all thanks to Sharleen Conant, The Wheelchair Foundation, and Goodwill here in NY and NJ.
Sharleen Colant and the many NY and NJ residents who showed up earlier this week for the Wheelchairs for the Community event.

Click on the button below for some NY NJ pride!:

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