Optimal Play: Fit to Be Flared

Flower children unite! In this week’s Optimal Play, A Good Look’s Emme Bonilla calls all free spirits to make the most of a standard wardrobe standby: flared jeans. Take a look at three completely different ways to groove this look – and get ready to get the most Optimum Play out of your next Goodwill find:

A t-shirt + jeans = my summer uniform

After years of the skinny/toothpick/matchstick/jeggings trend, voluptuous jeans are making a comeback. I for one embrace this change, since the flared fit is more flattering on my body. So you can imagine my excitement when I came upon these SUPER flared 7 for All Mankind jeans for $14.99. I scooped them up swiftly, thinking of all the outfits I can put together with them. Read on for my suggestions on how to rock these rollin’ jeans.

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Happy Anniversary to the Donate Movement!

Did you read Where the Goodwill Goes yesterday? If so, you’d know that June 28th marked the 1 year anniversary of Goodwill’s Donate Movement! Come read all about it, the impact it’s had and the fantastic activities those donations have supported this year over at our programs and services blog: nynjgoodwill.wordpress.com

Happy Anniversary, Donate Movement!

Here at A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj, we want to say a huge thank you to all you thrifters who take the time to donate back to Goodwill. You guys are the best. You’re the reason our stores are stocked with incredible finds. Keep the style going strong and viva la Donate Movement!

Goodwill Gems: Easy, Breezy, Summertime Bling

Simple and sizzling – that’s our fav summer style. You won’t see A Good Look’s Lauren Haslett wearing feather boas on 90 degree days. Still, a little flair is too fun to give up entirely, even if it’s fiery out. What’s a fashion fan to do? Make like Lauren, head to Goodwill and take advantage of a timely trend and this week’s Goodwill Gem: eye-catching bangles in warm-weather hues.

Add a touch of breezy, boho-chic style to your go-to summer look for a fun, flirty change of pace.

Achieve effortless summer style. These sky blue bangles with gold accents are the perfect accessory to accomplish just that. The gorgeous color will pop against your summer whites (or pretty much anything else you might want to wear them with), but the thin, delicate style won’t weigh your look down, even if you choose to stack them all up on one wrist. They’re fun, colorful and casual, but still pretty enough to add a feminine touch to your latest warm weather look. So how to best pull off color-poppin’ bangles?

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Help on Yelp: Please Speak Up for Thrift!

Have you had a good experience at your Goodwill lately? Please let Yelp know! So many people carry outdated, ill-fitting stereotypes about thrift stores. You and GoodwillNyNj, well, of course we know better. Let’s spread the word!

Thrift fans and donation superstars: We need your help on Yelp!

Come speak up and share your good Goodwill experiences on Yelp’s store pages. We would really appreciate it, and so would Mother Earth, would-be-thrifters and your community. Just visit http://www.yelp.com and search for your local Goodwill to post a review and speak up for thrift. Thank you!

Trend Watch Thrifting: Those Summer Whites

Trend or just a human truth?: When temperatures rise, we shed our heavy, dark, cover-upping wardrobe and yearn for the exact opposite. In this week’s Trend Watch Thrifting, GoodwillNyNj’s resident thrift expert Emme Bonilla takes a look at all the light, white, feel-the-breeze fashion finds that mark this summer’s stunning and steamy arrival:
(clockwise from top left) Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Diesel, and Bottega Veneta were just a few of the designers that embraced white hues for their S/S 2011 collections. (Photos by Style.com)

It seems this season, one trend holds true: the hotter the weather, the whiter the clothes. These light and easy pieces that work best with large sunglasses and a body of water nearby. And the best part of this white-out? Your local Goodwill is stocked solid with white finds of all kinds – all, of course, at much cooler prices than haute runway designs. Curious to see what you can find? Take a look:

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Goodwill Gems: The Skinny on Summer

Hope you enjoyed your Summer Solstice last night! With all these late summer nights, it’s key to have a fail-proof, add-to-anything piece that keeps you looking pulled together. With that goal in mind, our fearless columnist Lauren Haslett roamed her NY & NJ Goodwills until she found the perfect gem: a waist-nipping belt that’d take any outfit up a notch in one quick buckle. Take a look:

This class-with-an-edge leather belt is exactly the kind of easy, all-purpose piece you just have to have for summer – and all year round!

Belts are an essential in every girl’s wardrobe. Whether you’re throwing one on over a loose-fitting tunic to add shape and accentuate your feminine curves, or actually just using one to hold up a pair of jeans, a belt is an accessory that can be both utilitarian and fashion-forward at once. The perfect thing for nearly anything you get yourself into this summer…

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Living the Goodwill Life: An Interview with Beautiful Existence

Beautiful Existence has quite a name, and she’s managed to more than live up to it. For a full year, Beautiful is buying everything (except food & medicine) at Goodwill – and, not only that, she’s documenting her journey (along with Total Savings tallies) all along the way.

Beautiful proves that giving back to the community and providing for yourself can be one in the same. Now that's what we call a beautiful existence!

We first covered Beautiful Existence’s incredible, inspirational challenge back in March. This past weekend, we got the chance to check-in with this thrift champion and see how Living the Goodwill Life has treated her so far. Hope you enjoy!:

For those who may not be lucky enough to have discovered Living the Goodwill Life yet, what’s your favorite way to sum up your project and why it matters to you? 

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Goodwill Gems: Totally Totes for Summer

Did someone say picnic? Whether your fav lunch spot is Central Park or a meadow upstate, summer calls for a carry-all that’ll let you whisk from granite to greenery whenever the whim strikes and the weather agrees. A Good Look’s Lauren Haslett headed to her local Goodwill to find the best bags to come with and landed upon her newest Goodwill Gem: the summer tote.

This straw bag will hold everything you need to stay looking and feeling fabulous all summer long!

Still looking for the perfect bag to hold all your summer swag? Try this sweet little number (or one just like it), which I snagged this weekend at my local Goodwill. This pretty straw bag with a brightly striped lining is as cute as can be, and it’s also the ideal size to stash all your summertime essentials (day planner, wallet, lip gloss, the fixings for an incredible picnic…).

With the tote’s structured interior space and handy side pockets, it will never fail to keep you effortlessly organized as you flit from beach party to barbecue to…whatever else the summer social season might throw your way. So how to best pull off the timeless straw tote?

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Optimal Play: Cropped & Colorful Trousers

Summer’s here! But along with rising temperatures come rising temptations – how can you keep your closet fresh but your bank account solid? With Optimal Play, of course, a new Goodwill feature joining the ranks of Goodwill Gems, Trend Watch Thrifting and Goodwill Essentials. This week’s pick – how to get “optimal play” out of a new-to-you pair of spot-on summer-ready cropped, colored trousers. Emme Bonilla leads the way…:

The second I tried these on, I was in love!

While researching in different Goodwills for my latest Trend Watch Thrifting post, I came across these great looking cropped trousers – J. Crew and only $5.99! They had a soft washed texture, a fantastic fit and an bargain price. No question about it, these came home with me that very day. And so the real challenge begins: how to get the most use out of a great find without ever feeling dull? Well, here you go – one find, three ways – Optimal Play success!: Continue reading “Optimal Play: Cropped & Colorful Trousers”

Goodwill, Good Wishes & Graduation!

Congratulations to all the graduates out there! From Wednesday through Friday, June 15-17, take 25% off electronics and media ranging from books to DVDs.

Goodwill joins your families and friends in recognizing your accomplishments with a special electronics & media sale. After all, now that the reading lists and term papers are done for the year, it’s time for fun. Bring on the comic books and vintage Nintendo – school is out for summer!

Use our Guide to GoodwillNyNj or our website’s store locator to get hours and map locations. And don’t forget you can add to your savings with a Goodwill Rewards Card, offering a $10 discount after every $100 spent. Fill out a form at the store or online here. Congratulations, you awesome graduating Goodwill fans!