Silk Transition w/@StylingStingy

By Al Green,

In my last post, I presented you guys with a lovely satin piece that I found at my local Goodwill. This go around, I found a silk two piece that I’m completely in love with! I feel as though two pieces are my go-to look, mainly because you have a complete outfit in a matter of seconds! You have a top and you also have a bottom, so there’s no need to look for anything else.

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Querencia x Goodwill NYNJ

By Querencia Studio

Querencia Studio is a creative platform, a safe space for artists, scientists and creatives to experiment and push the boundaries of technology and our society’s willingness to move towards a solution for a major problem: the pace and flawed traditions of broken industries. Sustainability and mindfulness come first in each and every one of our endeavors.









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How to Walk Into Prom w/ @StylingStingy

By Al Green,

With women’s and men’s wear complete, let’s closeout the series with: footwear!

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Closet & Wardrobe Cleaning

By Suma Kaul,

Spring is the perfect time to get everything in gear. Out with the old, in with the new! Style and trends are always changing, so shouldn’t your wardrobe do the same?

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Prom Looks Pt. 3 w/ @StylingStingy

By Al Green,

Once finding a prom date is off of the list, finding the right attire to wear is the next big step. Some guys choose their tuxedos a week before. But, girls are usually prepared month and months ahead. Constantly looking in magazines for the next big dress to buy, or a design to tell their designer. Which, by the way, could cost fortunes. This is why I am here today. To show female readers a fashionable alternative, that will also save them big bucks. 

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