10 Instagrammable Murals around NYC

AGoodLook profile pic Jennifer Panchi | Goodwill NYNJ Staff 


In a city like NYC, there are all forms of art everywhere you look. Taking a picture that is #instagramworthy can be so complicated. And finding an aesthetically pleasing background to keep up with your Instagram feed it’s even more complicated. If you take a closer look there’s beauty everywhere, with thousands of murals around NYC there are so many to choose from. That’s why we curated a list for you to visit this summer and take your Instagram from 0 to 10:

What lifts you up 1

1.“ What Lifts you up” By Kelsey Montague

Address: 23rd Street & 3rd Avenue, New York, New York

Dont call me baby mural

2.“Don’t call me baby” by Baron Von Fancy

Address: 132 Allen Street, New York, New York 10013

Pop Art Crying Girl Mural

3.“Pop Art Crying Girl” by D* Face

Address: 421 Broom Street, New York, New York 10013

Love is Love Mural

4. “Love is Love” by James Goldcrown

Address: 390 Broome Street, New York, New York 10013

Audrey Hepburn Mural

5. “Audrey Hepburn”  by Tristan Eaton

Address: 176 Mulberry Street, New York, New York 10013

Emojis Mural

6. “Emojis Mural” by Tom Bob

Address: 12 Prince Street, New York, New York 10012

How to work better mural

7. “How to work better” by Peter Fischil and David Weiss

Address: Houston Street, New York, New York 11002

Notorious BIG Mural

8. “The King of NY” by Unknown Artist

Address:  1091 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11216

The Bushwick Collective

9. The Bushwick Collective

Address: Flushing Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

Welling Court Mural Project

10. Welling Court Mural Project

Address: 11-98 Welling Ct, Astoria, New York 11102


Pride Do’s and Don’ts

AGoodLook profile pic Jennifer Panchi |Goodwill NYNJ Staff

June is Pride Month! It’s 2018 and being proud of who you are isn’t something you should be ashamed. Get out there and embrace who you are by celebrating all month long (and always). One of the biggest celebrations is Pride Parade; many cities around the world host their own parade. Pride Parade is not just a colorful parade, it’s more than that. It’s a celebration of human rights, a civilized protest about the LGBTQ+ community and their everyday struggles, a remembrance of those who lost their lives fighting to love who they want to love. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Pride Parade:

People at Pride


  1. Sunscreen

Sunburns suck and Pride Parade is in the middle of June, so that means it’s summer! So please don’t forget to apply SPF.

  1. Water

Forgetting to drink water any other day is acceptable but not when you’re in the middle of thousands of people. Especially if you’re under the sun staying hydrated is essential. Plus you wouldn’t want to lose your front row spot by going out to buy water.

  1. Sunglasses/ Hat

Not only do you need SPF to protect you from the sun but wearing a hat and/or sunglasses will come in handy (thank me later).

  1. Comfortable Shoes

Unless you want to end up with blisters, please wear comfy shoes, preferably close toe shoes, we wouldn’t want anyone to step on our feet.

  1. A backpack

You need something to carry all your things right? So do me a favor and please leave your LV at home and bring a mini backpack/crossbody bag or if you want to be trendy a fanipack.

  1. Pride Accessories

bring them all! Bring all your colorful accessories and dress for the occasion.

  1. Go with friends

Everything is better with friends, so grab your closest pals and hit the parade.

  1. Go Early!

Ensure a right spot and leave your house early. You wouldn’t want to get stuck standing behind a 6′ ft tall person when you know your only 5’4″ and risk a chance of completely missing out on parade.


  1. If you have nothing nice to say, then please stay quite

I don’t even need to say this, but if you’re not there to celebrate and/or support the LBGTQ+ community, then you shouldn’t be there at all. So for one day (or forever), please keep your opinions to yourself.

  1. Moment of Silence

It’s a moment of silence for a reason. Please be respectful and for one minute avoid using your phone and talking to others. Just remember the many lives that were lost to celebrate this moment.

  1. No Side Eyes

Everyone is unique, and at the pride parade, you will see many amazing and diverse souls, so if someone looks different from you, please smile, no need, side-eyeing, its a day of love, not hatred.

Drag Queens ar Pride

Top 10 Types at Every Festival

AGoodLook profile pic Jennifer Panchi |Goodwill NYNJ Staff

We’ve all seen pictures on Instagram or watched a YouTube video of everyone and their mom at Coachella, Governors Ball, or Lollapalooza. Whatever music festival it is we always see the same type of person. Whether you’re the fashion blogger, the selfie addict or just merely there for the music here are 10 people you’ll see at every festival this summer:

  1. The Fashion Blogger

We’ve all seen pictures of fashion bloggers on Instagram. Some of those pictures include them at music festivals posing in their fantastic festival style outfits. While everyone goes for the music, most bloggers go simply for the great artsy backgrounds and excellent photography for their blogs.

  1. YouTube

Youtubers are everywhere! And this includes them documenting every minute at music festivals. If you’re like me and can’t afford tickets to go to a music festival then having these Youtubers filmed their experience is a plus because that means you get to binge watch many videos and still have the festival experience.

  1. Brands

They want your money! That’s why you’ll find so many brands at festivals. From fashion to beauty brands, they want to throw a party and get you to spend. Many of these brands include Revolve, contemporary fashion retailer, throwing the best parties and gathering the high profile bloggers/influencers.

  1. Celebrities

Forget about waiting in line to meet your favorite celebrity. Yes! They are real people and enjoy music as much as us everyday folks so seeing them at a music festival isn’t that rare. You will probably come across them and their entourages while they are not hanging at the VIP lounge.

  1. The “I’m only here for the music” guy

The one person that knows all the lyrics to every song. Yes, you will see many people like this at music festivals, dancing (even if it’s by themselves) and enjoying the festival to its full potential.

6.    The Flower Crown Girl

The ultimate festival accessory. The flower crown is a staple at any music festival, and you will always see a girl who is unapologetic about leaving this trend behind while being mildly culturally inappropriate- but whose judging?!

  1. Hipsters

You can have a conversion about music or the culture of the music festival, they’ll have the answers, but they aren’t that talkative most of the time.

  1. The Selfie Addict

This person’s phone battery is always in 5% person. They love to take a picture everywhere with anyone. I mean it’s all for the “memory.”

  1. The Group in Crazy Costumes

Oh, you’ll notice them at any and every music festival. With the barbarous costumes, they’re dressed for the occasion. And it screams fun!

  1. The Bandwagoners

Everyone goes to music festivals nowadays! I mean everyone even those who have no idea who is who on the lineup.

Festival Style: DIY Fringe Skirt w/ @thefabjunkie



It’s HERE! Festival Season. This time of year is always so much fun. The weather gets warmer, the skin starts to show and the music gets louder. I love attending summer concerts. I always have a few lined up to attend with my bestie. Being that you can always play it up when you’re attending outdoor shows, I have the perfect DIY for you! Fringe is always in and I love showing it off in the hot weather months. Check out this easy peasy DIY!


First, you want to find a skirt with as much stretch in it. Something that’s made mostly of cotton because cotton stretches nicely and it’s a breathable fabric. I found this black skirt at Goodwill for about $7.

FringeSkirtDIYCollage (3)


Next, find a skirt in YOUR closet with a length you like.


Then, start your first cut. I used my thumb as a guide for the width of the strips.




DO NOT rush the cuts. If you rush, the strips WILL be crooked (trust me).


After you complete the cuts, you can hang it on a hanger and make sure your length is accurate. I fixed mine a bit because it was super crooked (because I rushed).



Now go rock your new ON TREND Fringy Goodness!

DIYFringeSkirtStyle (2)

DIY: Denim DIY Vest w/ @thefabjunkie

What’s a better way to upcycle an old denim jacket you ask? Oh, I will tell you! Turn that bad boy into a denim vest you can rock all year round!  I feel like everyone owns a denim jacket and if I’m wrong… lucky for YOU Goodwill has you covered. I picked up this 90’s Anne Klein jacket a couple of years ago from Goodwill. As you can see, I’ve already shredded it and put my touch on it. It has been sitting in the back of my closet (because this year I thrifted another denim jacket. I know, I have a denim problem) so I decided I would revamp it a bit. What I like about this jacket is that it has a boxy shape. Check out this easy peasy Denim DIY!


Step 1: Find a denim jacket that is a bit oversized on you.


DenimDIYVest2 (2)


Step 2: You’re going to use the seam line as your guide to cut. AND don’t forget your scissors.


DenimVestDIY3 (2)


GoodwillDenimDIYVestCollage (2)

Step 3: START CUTTING! I started RIGHT where the seam meets which can be a little hard to cut through. You can start anywhere on the sleeve using the seam to guide you.


Step 4: Once you get your initial cut through, you’re going to want to separate the fabric and continue to cut. When you hold the fabric together you tend to get an uneven cut. It’s fixable BUT why waste time?


Step 5: You can flip the jacket over on its front side to do the back part of the sleeve. Once again, I do this because I want the cleanest cut possible in one shot.


Step 6: Repeat on the opposite side!



DenimDIYVEST1 (2)

Don’t forget to tag Goodwill in your finds + DIY’s

xo Suma