Stop in Goodwill, Stay in Chelsea

Along with sharing the most incredible finds at your local Goodwill store every month, we'll also give you some ideas as to how to spend your day while you're in the neighborhood. Since our focus this fashion-lovin' month has been Chelsea, we put together a list of fun diversions right around the Chelsea store so you … Continue reading Stop in Goodwill, Stay in Chelsea


Time to Shine: A ShopGoodwill Find

Wowie! Look what we found on -- this Kieninger Tempus Fugit Arch Mantel Clock could be the perfect piece for your apartment, office, or, shall we suggest, your Freemans-esque speakeasy NYC cocktail bar. The beautiful arched mantel clock was made in Germany by the famous Kieninger clock-makers. It features a 17th century design on the … Continue reading Time to Shine: A ShopGoodwill Find

A Chelsea Morning, Noon and Night

Since September is such a Fashionista fest, we figured, what better place to base this month’s "Shop in the Spotlight" than the Goodwill Chelsea store? Now we’ve already shown you our top style steals (honestly, those Ferragamo shoes still pop into our dreams on a nightly basis), but perhaps you want to go check out … Continue reading A Chelsea Morning, Noon and Night

Calling All Creative Ghouls, Ghosts and Gossip Girls…

Now, now, don't get a fright - we know you still have more than a month until Halloween rolls around. Still, we're excited already, and even here and now in September, we're starting to toy around with a couple of costume ideas. In this day and age, it's all too easy to run to the … Continue reading Calling All Creative Ghouls, Ghosts and Gossip Girls…

A Fashion Week Even Your Wallet Will Love

Fashion Week - such a flurry of excitement and style in the New York and New Jersey area! Just ride the subway, turn on the TV, or hop on the internet and you're surrounded by beautiful women, impeccable men, the highest stilettos, and the lowest necklines. Designers are pulling out all the stops, and in … Continue reading A Fashion Week Even Your Wallet Will Love

Girls’ Night In (and Clothes for the Bin)

Men, bear with us. We believe football season has just recently begun and we promise we will give you a Donation Station story next month. It's Fashion Month after all - coupled with Back to School - and whether you're a single city girl or a mom with (finally!) a few more hours to herself each day, September is a month for female bonding.

‘Housewares’ Is Where the Heart Is

As each month unfolds, we'll take a look at the people behind the scenes here at Goodwill - the men and women who work in the Astoria warehouse day in and day out. Did you know that one of the reasons Goodwill collects donations and operates thrift stores is to provide our clients with job … Continue reading ‘Housewares’ Is Where the Heart Is