2 Billion & 2.4 Million: What Your Donation Can Do

This just in: The Donate Movement by Goodwill has kept 2 BILLION pounds out of landfills & helped put 2.4 MILLION people back to work! Curious how? Check out our programs and services blog Where the Goodwill Goes at http://nynjgoodwill.wordpress.com Just wanna pitch in and do your part? Donate your no-longer-neededs to any of our … Continue reading 2 Billion & 2.4 Million: What Your Donation Can Do

Goodwill Gems: The Technicolor Belt

The start of fall is the perfect time to reassess the state of your wardrobe - and our Lauren Haslett is doing just that. This week she scouts around her local Goodwill for something to bring a little pep into her closet - a certain peppy preppy something to rev up her look for the … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: The Technicolor Belt

Back to School, But First… to Goodwill!

Back to School! Are you set? This Eight West video features our friends at the Goodwill in Michigan, but the finds they show off could come from any Goodwill store. School supplies, backpacks, like-new clothes perfect for school - before you shop major retail for these items, check your local Goodwill. You could easily find … Continue reading Back to School, But First… to Goodwill!

Goodwill Essentials: The Blazer

Hear that? It's the sweet sound of Fall Fashion. This week, our Emme gives in to the siren song of cooler breezes and colored leaves and sets her sights on a Goodwill Essential perfect for autumn (and tailor-made to guarantee a low cost per wear this season): the blazer. Summer's making its exit, but that's … Continue reading Goodwill Essentials: The Blazer

Goodwill Gems: The High-Heeled Mini-Bootie

Back to school, back to work - Fall's beautiful, but busy! It's still gorgeous enough to walk (or run?) wherever you're headed - but your shoes better be up to the task. Our Lauren Haslett returns to her local Goodwill looking for heels ready for both business and pleasure. Take a look at this week's … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: The High-Heeled Mini-Bootie

Our Very 1st Attended Donation Center!

Our Attended Donation Center is officially open in Eastchester, NY! Not only will the center (located at 19 Mill Road, Eastchester, NY 10709) provide jobs, it will make donating to Goodwill easier than ever! The center will be staffed 7 days a week from 9am-6pm with three Goodwill employees ready to accept donations of clothing, … Continue reading Our Very 1st Attended Donation Center!

Good(will) Sense: “Cost Per Wear” & Your Closet

Do you know what your clothing's really worth? We're not talking about the price - we're talking about the "cost per wear." A Good Look’s Emme Bonilla explains how a new calculation can really clear up your wardrobe: Maybe some of you have heard about the cost per wear formula. If you haven't, it goes … Continue reading Good(will) Sense: “Cost Per Wear” & Your Closet

Fashion Blogs Galore!: The Thrifted

Last week we showed off some of our new fav blogs that we discovered in our comments here, on our Facebook and via Twitter. This week, we've got a new gem to add to the list: the young & promising fashion blog The Thrifted. The Thrifted recently took a tour of the Greenwich Village Boutique … Continue reading Fashion Blogs Galore!: The Thrifted

Goodwill Gems: Shoes for All Seasons

Heading back to school - or just remembering the days? Either way, baby needs a new pair of shoes! This week's Goodwill Gems has our Lauren Haslett skipping to Goodwill for a pair of kicks able to kick the end of summer up a notch, while still holding their own as the Fall chill sets … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Shoes for All Seasons

Goodwill’s August Denim Extravaganza!

Whether you're getting ready for back to school or just want to replenish your denim wardrobe, you'll love Goodwill's denim sale. We're offering 25% off everything denim from Monday, August 15 through Wednesday, August 31! For denim inspiration, shopping tips and style ideas, check out these recent A Good Look posts all about good jeans: … Continue reading Goodwill’s August Denim Extravaganza!