Sporting Your Goodwill Finds

It’s summer! School’s out, the sun’s out, and everyone wants to go out… to the ball game. It is prime sports season and whether it’s your own freewill or not, you will most likely find yourself watching a game. Let us help you decide what to wear!

What do Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada All Have in Common? Goodwill.

By Christina, Shop Goodwill Online is like a box of chocolates… …you never know what you’re gonna get. Shop Goodwill allows you to scroll through an immense selection of vintage pieces. Your eyes may widen when you come across a designer item and then shortly scrunch up when you glance at the surprisingly low … Continue reading What do Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada All Have in Common? Goodwill.

Goodwill Gems: Mad for Bags!

Bags, Bags, Bags! I am firmly of the belief that a fashionable lady can never (NEVER!) have too many handbags — which anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time is probably already very well aware of by now. But, in the spirit of spring cleaning — Goodwill NYNJ has a fabulous donation drive … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Mad for Bags!

Goodwill Gems: Spring Bling!

A Very Glam Way to Step Into the Spring Season YOU GUYS!!! It seems that spring is finally, seriously, REALLY here — for real this time! After a brief tease with sunshine and nice weather a couple of months ago and then cold, cold, COLD, we're finally seeing some sunshine and warmer temps once again.    To … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Spring Bling!

Lauren’s Goodwill Gems – Say Hello to Spring!

It's Time to Get In a Spring State of Mind! Spring is in the air … well, sort of. We’ve been teased by a few days of warmer temperatures and a hint of sunshine, and now it’s hard to think about anything else. Soon, it’s gonna be spring. SO SOON! There’s nothing more wonderfully uplifting and … Continue reading Lauren’s Goodwill Gems – Say Hello to Spring!

Laurens Goodwill Gems: Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain, Chain, Chain Think you have to wear lots of glitz and glitter to look like a lady? It’s an idea that’s ingrained into us all from a pretty early age, but the truth is, if you want to look like a classy, polished, adult lady, lots of glitter and sequins can sometimes have the … Continue reading Laurens Goodwill Gems: Chain, Chain, Chain

Goodwill Gems – High-Fashion Summer Footwear

It’s somehow almost July. It still feels like summer has just started—and also like we’re barreling toward the end of it (and sunshine and vacation) way too quickly. So now is the time to really make the most of the season. When you have a beautiful day off but, for whatever crazy reason, aren’t headed … Continue reading Goodwill Gems – High-Fashion Summer Footwear

Sashay Into Summer Travel Season

It Suddenly feels like summer is almost here! Green leaves and grass are all around us and flowers are bursting into bloom—the cold weather feels (finally) officially behind us, and that means that summer, with its longer, warmer days and vacation time are just around the corner. And to prepare for a season full of both … Continue reading Sashay Into Summer Travel Season

@PlanetBrandee SUMMER POP QUIZ!

“Hint: This piece of clothing will keep you cool and comfortable this summer” I’m back in New York City, the humidity is high, and somehow weather went from Octoberesque Spring chill to full on hail Mary HOT August temps! Is there even a remote chance of normal weather in New York City anymore? With my … Continue reading @PlanetBrandee SUMMER POP QUIZ!

Stand Tall In Sensational Spring Heels

A new season means new shoes. Right? Doesn’t every girl think like that? And this week’s gorgeous gem—a pair of stunning high-heeled sandals just right for spring and summer parties—is just the kind of shoe a lady needs to kick off the start of a new season and warmer weather. This week, I was absolutely … Continue reading Stand Tall In Sensational Spring Heels