Two Weekend Sales to Make Your Mama Proud!

Announcing the Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique‘s first-ever Window Sale! Doors open this Saturday, May 7 at 9 a.m. but having seen some of these goods, we’d advise you to queue up outside 44 W. 8 St. early. Sure your mama told you to shop around, but even she would wake up early and secure her space on line for deals like these….

If you don’t make it to Saturday’s big Boutique Window Sale, you’ve still got a shot to find the perfect gift for Mom (or yourself – goodness knows you’ve earned it!). At the Goodwill Mother’s Day Sale on Sunday, May 8, all the little extras a woman might want — accessories, jewelry, shoes, fragrances and handbags — are 50%-Off the whole day long!

You can find each store’s hours by zip-code search on the “Find Goodwill” page. To find contact information for your local Goodwill by neighborhood, visit Guide to GoodwillNyNj. Also, don’t forget you can add to your savings with a Goodwill Rewards Card, offering a $10 discount after every $100 spent. Fill out a form at the store or online here. Happy Mother’s Day!


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