Winter Glamour On A Budget

As we find ourselves fully immersed in winter and wearing those layers every day, there can be a feeling of repetitiveness as we put on our winter coat or sweater yet again, for another day at the office. You buy the investment piece that is wonderful but you are not left with a whole lot … Continue reading Winter Glamour On A Budget

The Capitol’s Goodwill

Happy Groundhog Day - and, according to Staten Island Chuck, happy early Spring! While we're thrilled down here in NYC, we bet we know a region that's ever more delighted to hear it's nearly the end of the big winter chill... Good news, Capitol Region - things are gonna warm up very, very soon! You'll … Continue reading The Capitol’s Goodwill

Hudson Valley’s Goodwill

What a beautiful week this has turned into! Here at our headquarters in Queens, we can only imagine how stunning it must be further upstate. While we dream of those beautiful Hudson Valley views, all of you in Orange, Westchester, Rockland and Dutchess counties should take advantage of the great weather with a scenic mini-road … Continue reading Hudson Valley’s Goodwill

The Bronx’s Goodwill

Now that you have a home full of this year's holiday presents, it's the perfect time to donate the old to make room for the new. All of our Goodwill store locations accept donations - so find the store near you, make a donation, get a tax deduction, and do your part to help make … Continue reading The Bronx’s Goodwill

Queens’ Goodwill

Are you looking for the perfect last-minute presents this holiday season? Searching for affordable fabric for homemade Christmas stockings? Or a ton of tree ornaments for an incredible bargain? Whatever you're looking for, your local Goodwill's got it - and, if you're in Queens, here's exactly where to find us (and for Brooklyn: click here; … Continue reading Queens’ Goodwill

Brooklyn’s Goodwill

Looking for affordable, creative, one-of-a-kind style this holiday season? Or maybe it's eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind stocking stuffers you're after? Or crafting materials and fabrics you can't find anywhere else? Well, with Goodwill, you're in luck -- and if you're in Brooklyn, here's where to find us. Just click below for The Guide to GoodwillNyNj, Brooklyn: DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN/BROOKLYN … Continue reading Brooklyn’s Goodwill

Manhattan’s Goodwill

This year, wouldn't it be amazing if all your presents were affordable, eco-friendly, and unique? Well, welcome to Goodwill. Now that you've chosen Goodwill in general - which specific Goodwill should you visit? Let us help! This holiday season, we're making it even easier to share the goodwill with The Guide to GoodwillNyNj. Every Tuesday and … Continue reading Manhattan’s Goodwill