Thrifting in Queens

I know that Brooklyn is “hipster-central” now, with everyone around the world trying to imitate the trends in Williamsburg and Greenspoint. But let me tell you that Astoria, here in Queens is getting up there too!

How do I know this? Well, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I’m a native Brooklynite. I graduated from Bay Ridge High School and perhaps because I have a flair for fashion (at least I know I love style) I was fortunate to win a scholarship to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. When I graduated, I became an assistant designer for Tahari, back when he first started. After working for many years in various retailers: A&S/Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, I came to Goodwill. I really must say that this career has been most rewarding.

When I was asked to contribute for AGoodLook, I spoke with my daughter Melissa, who is a Vice President for Jack Spade. She showed me videos of some of the runway shows at New York Fashion Week. I am so proud of my girl!

For my first AGoodLook post, I asked two of my staff members to help me put together a couple of outfits and model them for our readers. This was total team work: the three of us chose the clothes for Tamika and Ronald.

Ronald has worked for Goodwill for the last 4 years. He always tells me how much he loves his job. He works on the sales floor organizing the clothing racks. Ronald chose a Ralph Lauren plaid shirt that we had displayed for this Friday’s window sale. He paired it with Mossimo rust-colored corduroys.

Tamika will celebrate her first year anniversary here with us at Goodwill’s Steinway store in May. Like me, she has a daughter. She had previous modeling experience. Tamika chose a Mossimo flowered sweater with navy blue tuxedo stripe pants. I love the purse she chose, a Banana Republic bag with shoulder strap.

This April, it will be my sixth year at Goodwill. I came to manage the Chelsea store. Thanks to my network, manufacturers would agree to donate their mannequins and showroom samples.

Then I moved to the East Side to our 23rd Street store and then back to the West Side of Manhattan to the 79th Street Goodwill store.

Regardless of the Goodwill store, my customers would always tell me how much they loved the high-end designer pieces I displayed in the window sales. Join us at the Goodwill Steinway store on Fridays at 9 a.m. for the weekly Window Sale. Don’t forget to ask for me – I’d love to meet you and help you out find the trendiest outfit!

Vivian Farone is a seasoned fashionista and native Brooklynite with a flair for style, and a degree, who has managed 4 Goodwill stores in New York City. She currently calls home the Steinway Goodwill store in Queens.

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