If You Give a Girl a Men’s Shirt…

By Goodwill NYNJ, goodwillnynj.org

Goodwill is no stranger to Do-It-Yourself fashion. We ❤️  a good DIY. Our stores are a treasure trove of goodies for those who like to get their hands messy with threads, scissors and glue.

This past month, students from Parsons School of Design reconstructed an array of men’s shirts into high fashion women’s attire. For their thesis project, the students from Parsons focused on the “anonymous women” behind the seams and design of men’s wear clothing, Below you will find photos taken in the warehouse at Goodwill NYNJ headquarters.

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DIY Crop Top Tee w/ @TheFabJunkie

By Suma Kaul, thefabjunkie.com

Crop tops can be winter friendly but at this point who’s thinking of winter? I think we’re all ready for SPRING! Here’s an easy DIY for turning an old or thrift tee into a crop top. Check out the step by step directions after the cut:

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DIY Slit Knee Denim

By Suma Kaul, thefabjunkie.com

When you’re in love with all things denim, you always try to think of new DIYs to create. Currently trending in the world of denim is the Slit Knee. The difference between this and other shredded denim style is that there’s just a subtle rip that lies directly on the knee.

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DIY Hi-Lo Frayed Denim Hem

Suma Kaul, thefabjunkie.com

I’m obsessed with denim. I’m always wearing it and always thinking of new ways to create DIY’s.  Lately, I’ve seen many bloggers and influencers sporting the Hi-Lo denim trend. So it was clear that my next project would involve recreating this.

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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Suma Kaul, thefabjunkie.com

After sharing  How To Style An Ugly Christmas Sweater, I felt inspired to create an easy DIY for this season. I was asked so many questions on where to find an “ugly sweater” and BOOM, it hit me. In case you’re having a hard time locating a colorful cheerful piece to wear, I put together this easy tutorial. All you will need to make your Ugly Sweater are 3 items! Check out the tutorial below!

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Instagram Fashion Inspiration of the Week

This past week you all have been giving us super thrift envy. From classic fall vibes to recycled 90s minimalist, let’s explore some of our favorite looks from Instagram this week.

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Easy DIY Halloween Costume with TheFabJunkie


DIY-ing your Halloween costume doesn’t always require scissors and a sewing machine. Sometimes you can piece a few things together and get a cool custom made costume.

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