Wearable Technology from Social Media Week

For those who didn’t know last week was Social Media Week here in New York City. Social Media Week happens in 8 different cities each year – Bangalore, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Milan, Tokyo and right here in NYC. It is a time for social media professionals to gather and talk about statistics, how to connect with audiences, content creation, and much more. It may sound boring but it is actually lots of fun!

The Wearable Technology Fashion Show, hosted by Tech in Motion, was one of many cool events among all the seminars. Set up as a traditional fashion show – a runway with rows of seats facing the catwalk– the only difference was a huge screen showing live tweets of those who used the hashtags #smwtechinmotion. C’mon, it was Social Media Week of course!

Asher Levine grenade bagThe show started off with Asher Levine presenting pieces for his 2014 line. Levine is a complete scientist/fashion designer. Here is his “grenade bag” (seriously, grenade). It is made of neoprene compound (rubber for us simple folk) and uses PhoneHalo TrackR technology. Ever forget where you put your bag down? With this tech, you can locate your bag with an app on your smartphone.

SensoreeForget wearing your heart on your sleeve. Imagine wearing your emotions on your collar! That is what Sensoree is all about. You can choose from a knitted headpiece or collar that is 3D printed. It uses Electroencephalography (EEG, the recording of electrical activity along the scalp) brain sensors that maps and exhibits the color of your mood. If it senses your brain is in a deep sleep it will show red, meditation as orange, consciousness as yellow/green and multi sensory brain state will show up blue, purple and red.

3D printed nailsSally Hansen, move over. TheLaserGirls showed us some crazy cool acrylic nail designs that were made on a 3D printer. Texture and shape galore!

EverpurseThis was my favorite piece of the night – a rechargeable clutch presented by Everpurse. Inside there is a charging pocket which houses a wireless charging mat. Now when you are out and about you can truly Instagram to your heart’s content.

These were just some of the goodies that were shown during the fashion show. If wearable tech sounds like something you would be into also check out:

Atlas Wearables – fitness trackers
Augmate – competitor to Google Glasses
Continuum Fashion – 3D printed shoes
Ministry of Supply – high tech performance business wear

Do you think you could use any of these items even if you are not a social media professional? And if so, which and how would you use them? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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