What Inspires Your Fashion Look?

Greetings my favorite thrift-centric readers, @PlanetBrandee here! We all know that inspiration for what you wear can come from anywhere, your neighbors, the girls on the subway, and given the new world of YouTube, a million and one video users who love Goodwill. With that being said, this week’s blog is a departure from my … Continue reading What Inspires Your Fashion Look?

Got a Goodwill Haul?

Have you ever made a Goodwill Haul video? If so, post your links below! We're building up our new and improved YouTube channel and would love to see what you've found at your local Goodwill. Check out GoodwillNyNj on YouTube to see others' amazing examples and, if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em - contribute your … Continue reading Got a Goodwill Haul?

Goodwill Wherever You Go

Did you know there are many ways to keep in touch with GoodwillNyNj? Not only are we here on A Good Look, we're also on Twitter and Facebook! Come by, post a comment, send a tweet, and say hello! Make 2010 a year full of Goodwill!