Lauren’s Goodwill Gems: Achieve Cold-Weather Cool

Looking good in the middle of winter is no easy feat. Dry skin, chapped lips, and the need for lots of layers and bulky, wooly clothes isn’t exactly a recipe for fashion fabulousness. But believe it or not, it IS possible to still look and feel great, even in the midst of the blizzard-like conditions … Continue reading Lauren’s Goodwill Gems: Achieve Cold-Weather Cool


Goodwill Gem: Cozy Winter-Ready Boots

Time marches on - and so does a great pair of winter boots! Our correspondent Lauren is going places this New Year, and to help her handle the journey, she headed right to her local store afor this week's Goodwill Gem: Cozy Winter-Ready Boots. Boots are a winter staple. Every woman knows this, especially every … Continue reading Goodwill Gem: Cozy Winter-Ready Boots