Top 5 Thrift Hacks


JasmineSkyy Forcer,

A Good Look Staff



Get ready thrift friends because I’m about to divulge some of my best thrift hacks. Check out some of my ultimate thrift hacks below:

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Goodwill Gems: Easy, Artsy Chic


Looking cool doesn’t have to be hard.

With a stylish scarf like this one, found this week at my local Goodwill store, you can easily add a bit of pizzazz to any look, dressy or casual. It’s covered in a variety of pretty patterns, all in cool blues, greens, purples, grays and blacks that are absolutely the ideal color palate for the cooler months. A mix of geometric, more modern prints and larger, floral designs, this scarf’s patterns could look jumbled, but instead flow together in a way that gives this piece an almost quirky, but still cool, look. Aside from warming you up and keeping out the freezing cold winter air, an effortlessly beautiful and artistically inspired accessory like this scarf can easily be thrown on in an instant to change the entire feel of an outfit.

This picture-perfect scarf printed in an array of artistic motifs, all done in cool, soothing colors that are just right for pairing with all your fall and winter attire.


weekend chic

Weekend chic is actually unbelievably easy to pull together.

An easy way to amp up a casual look or to add a bit of funky flair to a more tailored, work-friendly look, a scarf like this is a beautiful accessory you can use with nearly everything in your wardrobe. It’d be a lovely spark of color and vibrancy on top of a dressier, all-black look. But here, I’ve decided to layer it on top of a more relaxed look that’s perfect for a quiet Friday at the office or a weekend of wandering around the city and enjoying favorite fall tasks, like visiting the farmers’ market or eating the last outdoor brunches of season. The basic pieces anchoring this ensemble – a simple cotton tee and soft, straight-cut slacks – are in a pretty charcoal gray and navy blue, which perfectly complement all the cool hues in this week’s gem. And a simple, tailored tan blazer is the perfect final touch to pull this whole effortlessly fresh weekend look together.

No chic weekend look could be easier than a favorite pair of polished but comfortable pants, a go-with-everything jacket, and a classic fitted cotton tee, all topped off with a soft and vividly patterned scarf.

Goodwill Gems: Woo-Hoo for Wedges

Sizzling pavement, it’s heating up out there – time to find some new-to-you shoes! A Good Look’s Lauren Haslett couldn’t agree more, so she visited her local Goodwill with one goal in mind: wedges. Look at what she found, and learn how she plans to wear ’em right here:

These sassy wedges are bursting with color on the inside & neutral style on the outside - a perfect combo for summer strolls!

Woo-hoo for wedges! This week’s gem is a sweet little pair of these in-style shoes. Cute with summer’s shortest shorts, pretty skirts, and even the occasional pair of pants (if you can stand the heat), these darling wedged sandals are the perfect addition to your cool, comfy and charming summer wardrobe.

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Goodwill Gems: Summer Style To Go

Wherever you plan to go this summer, chances are, you’re going somewhere (local shore or local store, every summer trip counts!). Leave an impression with a signature style item – a Goodwill Gem, perhaps! A Good Look’s Lauren Haslett found just the thing at one of her fav Goodwills throughout the NY/NJ area. In fact, she’s such a fan, she thinks you should get one too… Check it out:

A lightweight scarf like this one is a wardrobe must-have & a smart accessory for inside A/C & breezy summer nights.

You may think, “Really? A scarf for summer?” But I promise you, you can use a little piece like this far more than you think, even in the hot, humid summer weather. Whether your plans are last-minute or planned down to the minute, whether they include spontaneous road trips, lying on the beach with a good book or picnicking in the park, you will need a pretty, all-purpose scarf to get you through. Here’s why and, even more importantly, how…:

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Goodwill Gems: High-Volume Florals to Call Out the Sun

April showers bring May flowers – so what do all these May showers bring? Serious longing for fun summer shoes! Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett sought shelter from the downpour at Goodwills throughout the NY/NJ area and discovered a fair-weather trend she just couldn’t resist: flower-filled fashion. Read on to find out what she found… and, just as important, how she plans to wear it:

Comfort + color make these carefree kicks the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe!

We may be stuck in a weather rut that feels more like monsoon season than soft spring rains, with plenty of showers, drizzle, chill and dreary gray skies to cover a whole year of Aprils. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget about all those beautiful flowers you were promised. If the sun won’t bring the petals out for you by shining this May, bring them out yourself, by picking new-to-you accessories in a bouquet of floral prints.

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Goodwill Gems: Little Wonder

Beautiful things come in small packages. Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett headed off to her local Goodwill on a hunt for looks for the little items that make a big impression. Read on to find out what she found… and, just as important, how she plans to wear it:

A classic color combination, this simple gold ring with a big turquoise “gem” will add a little warmth to any summertime ensemble.

Shoes and bags are key to setting your style, but these big, basic accessories aren’t the only ones out there. Look closer. Smaller details have a massive impact on an overall look – if you know just what to add to make your outfit pop, that is.

This week’s Goodwill gem is actually that – a gem! This gold and turquoise cocktail ring is a sweet little piece that no one will ever guess came from my favorite local thrift – my neighborhood Goodwill store! The oversized turquoise “stone” is a bright and eye-catching focal point – and an easy color to pair with many others – while the delicate gold border and band give the ring a very feminine feel, as well as a kind of old-world allure. This fab jewelry find is large enough to get noticed, but still subtle enough to add class and sophistication to an ensemble without taking attention away from whatever chic ensemble I’ve put together to pair with it.

My new ring captures the light fun of this maxi's bold pattern, adding hippie glam to the look.

So how should you wear this pretty piece of old-fashioned charm (or one just like it)?

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Goodwill Gems: Good Morning Sunshine

What better way to say hello to fine weather than with a whimsical new pair of wedges? Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett decided to pay her respects to Mama Sunshine with a visit to her local Goodwill. Read on to find out what she found… and, just as important, how she plans to wear it:

These cute wedges will look great with everything in my summer wardrobe, from casual shorts and tanks to flirty silk dresses.

As if beautiful weather weren’t enough, whimsical wedges are a great reason to bring out all your fabulous skirts and shorts. This pretty pair I recently found at my local Goodwill really has it all. The wedge heel adds a little funkiness to whatever ensemble you add them to, but also makes these shoes easy to walk in. The bright color combo’ll take you through summer and into fall (they are closed-toe, after all), and the leaf pattern on the side makes them the perfect thing to pair with all of summer’s breezy florals. Could you ask for anything more?

Now – what to wear them with…

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Goodwill Gems: Pumps for the Posies

April showers bring May flowers – and the ability to wear cute shoes again without risking water damage. Whew! Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett hit her local Goodwill to find a pair of heels wild enough to rival the posies sprouting up around her. Looks like she found the perfect pair… Take a look:

These heels are ideal for any lady looking to take her style up a step. Fem, fashionable and cool without being too showy, these shoes will instantly become your go-to pair for any fabulous occasion.

Say hello to spring, summer and super outdoor parties, with a new pair of shoes. Nothing welcomes a new season quite as well as new shoes. With warm, sunny weather here and promises of even better weather to come, it’s time to get your outdoor party wardrobe in shape. Trekking around the city can really do a number on your shoes, which is why it’s key to have several pairs that are not only cute but comfortable. But going through pair after pair of designer kicks can get pretty expensive pretty quickly, so what’s a girl to do? Turn to her local Goodwill store, of course, for party-perfect shoes that she doesn’t have to shell out her every dollar to buy!

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Goodwill Gems: The Chic Lady Handbag

As the weather gets hotter, the clothing gets riskier. How can a girl keep it elegence in a Spring & Summer full of flirty, feisty fashion? Easy. With a Chic Lady Handbag! No matter what you pair it with (hotpants? miniskirts?) this little staple gives you a touch of throwback femininity. Need proof? Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett packs a whole lot of refinement into her latest local Goodwill find – take a look:

Basic black is jazzed up here with a funky-feeling exterior and a bit of shine.

Warm weather is finally, finally here! And with higher temps and spring rains (we’ve obviously had plenty of those already, too) come parties, free concerts, barbecues, picnics, lunches, and brunches (whew!). So what to stash all your goodies, hostess gifts, tickets and other treats in? Why, this week’s accessory find, of course!

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Goodwill Gems: Go Green for Earth Day!

Could it be… is Spring finally here? Welcome those tree buds with some green of your own & bring your wardrobe into the Earth Day celebration! Our GoodwillNyNj columnist Lauren Haslett is all about green this week – saving green (affordability!), being green (reuse!), and wearing green (vibrant lime-hued pocketbooks!) – all thanks to her local Goodwill. Check it out:

Practical as well as pretty, this leafy green clutch is the perfect new bag to hold all of your cards, cash and other essentials until fall rolls around again.

Now that semi-decent weather has finally arrived, it might be safe to go ahead and switch out all those winter clothes for your warm-weather set – or better yet, if you can swing it, donate them! Regardless of how you made the wardrobe shift, a new season’s hunt for vibrant spring accessories is in order! After all, you’ll need a few fabulous final touches to go with those colorful warm-weather clothes. Ready to take a peek at how best to bring the spring into your closet? Follow me!

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