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Fall Decor- Glassware.png

An excellent way to update your home this fall season is by merely adding a few glassware around the house. Goodwill carries a variety of glass in the home decor section. You can find from new and modern pieces to unique and vintage pieces. To make the glassware more appealing add your favorite fall theme candle, go outside and add some leaves or a few baby pumpkins.

Fall Decor- Table Setup

An excellent way to impress your guest this fall season is by having a topnotch table set for Thanksgiving. Though table setups and fine china can be pricey, I can assure you that you can find something affordable and with good quality at Goodwill.

Fall Decor- Picture Frames

Adding a few picture frames around the house brings back old memories. And a great way to update the basic picture frame is by adding a couple of artificial flowers, bows, leaves. You can find a wide selection of pre-owned and vintage picture frames at your local Goodwill and recreate one of these picture frames.

Fall Decor- Pillows.png

Pillows are a great way to add some color to your old and slouchy couch. This fall season be creative and do it yourself. I’ve done this in the past and have easily added some twine, iron-on patches and have refurbished my old pillows. These go great on your living room sofa or bed.

A little imagination and little craft skills are all it takes to redecorate this autumn season. Any other craft ideas? Leave them in the comments below.


3 Fashion Forward Thanksgiving Looks

By JasmineSkyy Forcer

Now if you’re a fashion lover like me you don’t shy away from the boldest of fashion choices.

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PlanetBrandee LIVE from New York for the Holidays

title image nov blogIt’s good to be back in NYC! Traveling is always fun, but there comes a weariness one feels when pulled across the road too long and strung along. When you roll over out there and realize it’s not home and never will be. A time when the skyline calls me back and reminds me where I need to be, now and always, flying solo back on the streets of New York City!

That being said, I write to you from a closet I’ve wrangled myself into somehow between a Mongolian lamb scarf and a ski suit. I stumbled into this party, and it was so chaotic, they mistook me for a coat girl! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t prepare for the crazy, sometimes insane world of holiday party planning. But fear not dear readers, I, the girl who gladly does DIY over BUY any day, is here to help you get at least one thing right and ready for your next posh event, whether it’s Thanksgiving or otherwise. And that is, my fine feathered and glossy eyed friends: making your table Pinterest worthy and superfly with DIY!

dining etiquette

Let’s knock it out of the park, by first knowing HOW to set a table, red plastic party cups NOT included! The fabulous etiquette scholar really gives some useful tips on this, be sure to check out the pics here too. If you’ve ever wandered into a posh party and squinted at that tiny fork that you have no clue what it’s for THIS article is for YOU!

BoutinnieresForHollySecondly, there are so many great ways to make guests feel welcome in your space. And listen: if this is in NYC, we all know the BIG restrictions we have on TINY spaces! Did I mention the average in Manhattan is a mere 750 square feet? But here’s a thought: a little warm light via candles,  I snagged some at 3 for a $1, what!, throw on some great tunes and the mood can shift from cramped to cozy in no time flat! Warm up your room with a few throws from Goodwill, and create that nested, welcoming feel. Forgo modern elements, cold hues, stone or metal, and embrace traditional Native American-inspired or red flannel prints with natural woods to stay classically rustic. I found a vintage Pendleton throw like the one pictured here at the Austin Goodwill and at a $9.99 price point, I’ll never let go!

beatdiy-turkey-feather-placecardAnd thirdly, you invited these people into your home. Remember showing someone you love them means you care enough for small details and that their presence truly is wanted and valued in your life. And last I checked, that is something you can’t buy at Black Friday. But a small handwritten note or a customized place setting with a gesture of thanks or love can go a really long way. That is, from most typical letmedialthisin or I’llbetakingselfiesand textinginsteadofshowingthepeoplearoundmeIcare perspectives. Some great inspiration here and here AND here to get you started on not being THAT person.

Lastly, remember that November is a time to give thanks, earnest, heartfelt thanks, not just lip service. Volunteer, give to a food pantry, drop off old winter coats at a local Goodwill, help the needy, and make it not just a seasonal thing too! And for those around you, those who share an honest and trustworthy bond with you, those who fill time and your life with love, and who above all, definitely save you a bit of cranberry sauce when the turkey plate of life has run a little dry. Give thanks. May your hearts be filled with delicious homemade gravy, and above all, true love and earnest, honest friendships this November! Be grateful. Be true. Be real, and share that with all you know, including Goodwill staff and friends! Even if you are alone or working this holiday, give grace to be alive, there’s truly no better time than right now to be present! Now pass the cranberry sauce because the onion cutting ninja is on the loose and I think I see a light at the bottom of this coat pile! Wish me luck!

Be sure to stay tuned for my December blog as I’ll be reporting LIVE from Rockefeller Center’s Tree Lighting as a behind the scenes reporter AND from Radio City Music Halls’ backstage galas! So get ready for the adventure of a holiday season lifetime LIVE from the holly jolly streets of New York City! Join me as my journeys from runway to highway continue to fuel my search for the best food, fun and fashion the world can offer! Till December, see you on the streets! Follow the adventures on Twitter! #planetbrandee #fashion #NYC

Brandee Sanders is a writer, creative lifestyle and thrift enthusiast. Brandee’s work has been featured in Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AOL and Time Out NY. Follow her runway meets the highway adventures and travels @PlanetBrandee 

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Double Duty Dress

Next to New Year’s one of the biggest party nights is the day before Thanksgiving. Bars, clubs and lounges will be jam packed pretty much from Happy Hour until 4am with people living it up before they are in a 3 day long turkey induced bloated coma. That means time to look fabulous.

Gold sequin dressAll pieces in this look come from our Elmwood Park Goodwill store. The slightly above the knee gold sequined dress runs for $80 and is paired with a leather/metal choker that is a steal at $9.99. With this $99.99 mink coat you will finally be happy for the cold weather. This dress screams glam so much that you could rock it again for New Year’s if you wish. There is nothing like ringing in the New Year looking like a golden goddess.

Have a favorite party look? Enter your ensemble in our Good Look contest.

You could win a $25 Goodwill gift card to put towards your next party outfit or give the card away as a gift. You could cross out the first name in your holiday shopping.

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill.
To learn how we serve the community, please read our industry blog Where The Goodwill Goes


Latest Where The Goodwill Goes Post:
How Kids from Goodwill Youth Services Spent This Fall

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A GoodLooking Hostess

Now that the leaves are changing color and November is upon us, it is time to start thinking of the holidays. Thanksgiving is soon to come. Besides cooking pounds and pounds of amazing food, the next important thing is what to wear. There will be family members you haven’t seen for a while coming to visit, brand new brothers – or sisters-in-law to make a fantastic first impression on and the judgy but loving eyes of grandparents. Time to look FANTASTIC!

Here is the perfect outfit for a dinner party host found at our Elmwood Park Store.

Hostess OutfitThis cocktail blue dress has embroidered details in metallic thread and crystals mounted onto French lace. Pair it with a metal bracelet and an oversized bead necklace and you are sure to look amazing. Wear this and you are putting in minimal effort with maximum wow factor.

Planning on hosting a dinner soon? Recently held a soiree? Or if you will attend a Holiday party and need to impress new friends, enter your ensemble in our Good Look contest.

You could win a $25 Goodwill gift card to put towards your next party outfit or give the card away as a gift. You could cross out the first name in your Christmas shopping.

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Happy Thanksgiving from GoodwillNyNj!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! To celebrate the holidays, we’re giving our employees Wednesday night and Thursday day to share with their families. To celebrate you, our great supporters, however, we’re throwing a Fantastic Black Friday Sale this week!

Come take 25% off all Christmas items all day long and 50% off all apparel from 3 p.m. to closing.

Our Thanksgiving Holidays Hours are:

  • Wednesday, November 21 – Goodwill stores close at 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 22 – Goodwill stores are closed all day
  •  Friday, November 23 – Goodwill stores are open late from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Whether you’re hunting a hostess gift, a special treat for yourself or a white elephant present that’ll have friends laughing for days, we’ve got what you’re looking for. For store locations and contact information, visit: And don’t forget to ask about our gift cards for your thrift shopping friends and our rewards cards for yourselves!

Whether you’re traveling or staying home with friends and family, we wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

It’s the Happy Holidays Apparel Sale!

Because our customers are the best, Goodwill wants to help you look your best for the holidays. Join us Monday-Saturday, December 19-24, for 40% off apparel, including men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.

This sale is going on now through Saturday in all stores except the Elmsford store or the Van Dam outlet in Queens. You can find the nearest Goodwill by visiting our Goodwill locator or browsing through our Guide to GoodwillNyNj. For our holiday hours, just click here. As usual, discounts cannot be combined and certain restrictions apply.

Have a wonderful time giving great gifts good homes – and Happy Holidays!

3 Sales, 1 Weekend, All Goodwill

Welcome to Wednesday! You’re just a few days away from a slew of Goodwill sales. Here’s the rundown so you can plan your weekend to ensure optimum goodwill:


  • Window Sale at the Goodwill Bronx 149th St Store: Tickets are distributed to customers on line by 7:45 a.m., and the doors open at 8. The store admits two customers at a time. Purchases are limited to two window items per person. At 9, the store opens to everyone unless there are still ticket-holders on line. Once they’ve made their purchases, any remaining window merchandise is up for grabs. 361 East 149th St, Bronx, NY 10455
  • Hunt for Holiday Treasures at the Goodwill Brooklyn Livingston Store: Come to the store starting at 9 a.m. to search for the perfect treasure among special items we’ve put out just for you. No limit on purchases. Sale continues while supplies last. 258 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201


  • All Store Media Sale: Stretch your dollars for holiday gifts at Goodwill’s store-wide media sale Friday-Sunday, December 16-18. Books, DVDs, CDs, videos, audio cassettes and records are 50% off all weekend. Available at all stores except Elmsford and the Van Dam outlet in Queens.

And don’t forget the Goodwill Elmsford Store reopens with a sparkling new look this Saturday, December 17th at 10 a.m. If you can squeeze it in between all the amazing sales, stop by; we’d love to see you!

To find the Goodwill nearest you or research contact info for any of the stores mentioned above, please visit our store locator at

Goodwill Gems: Trinkets of Thanks

You’ve got the turkey in the oven, the pie on the windowsill, the cranberry sauce in the can – what else is there? Your holiday outfit! Why not wear a Goodwill Gem today in honor of all the good your support has allowed our programs to do?

We’re thankful for a style that helps you help 14,000 people find employment in Greater NY & Northern NJ just last year alone. GoodwillNyNj’s Lauren assembles her holiday best full of Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good flair with this week’s Goodwill Gem column

Elegant and simple – yet certainly a statement piece – this stately necklace celebrates the holidays in a big way!

Feel like a queen at your festive Thanksgiving feast! With so many fêtes coming up on your winter social calendar, it’s imperative to have some great, go-to accessories you can throw on over any of your favorite sweaters, blouses or party dresses for an instant dose of bling – just the thing to get you sparkling for any holiday occasion.

And this week’s Goodwill find is just that kind of a piece. The thick gold link chain is enough to draw attention to your fabulous ensembles all on its own, but the eye-catching black oval – also encompassed in gold – that serves as this necklace’s focal point is truly spectacular. Deep black and brilliant gold contrast beautifully with one another, making this simple stunner the kind of necklace any stylish, thrifty girl would want to snap up in a second.

You could pair this versatile piece with dressy numbers, but also with more casual outfits. For a party requiring a fancier frock though, this vivid green cocktail dress below is flirty, feminine, and just the right hue for the season, making it the perfect partner for this week’s gem. The rich, vibrant color is not only holiday party appropriate, it also allows this black and gold gem to stand out, not fighting with its sparkle as an equally shiny or busily patterned top might do, but still provides enough contrast to create a brilliant backdrop for this beautiful necklace.

Gorgeous, green, and doing good - all thanks to Goodwill!

With a pair of luxurious-looking metallic heels – and perhaps some nude tights and a light sweater, shrug or blazer to ward off the winter chill, you’re ready for this sensational season, with plenty of cash left over for gift shopping!

Will you wear a Goodwill Gem today? Come share in the comments here, post a photo of the finished look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!

Deck the Halls for the Holidays With Goodwill

The Thanksgiving week specials continue! Goodwill invites you to join us this Friday, November 25, for:

*        Treasure Hunt – If you like our window sales, you’ll love our treasure hunt event

*        Holiday Decorations Sale – 40% off from 3 p.m. to closing

And don’t forget:

*        House Wares Sale – 40% discount still on for today, Wednesday, November 23

*        Goodwill Gift Cards – The perfect present for your fellow thrift shop aficionados

Most stores will be closing at 6 p.m. Wednesday and remain closed through Thursday to allow our employees to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and families. Stores will then observe regular hours on Black Friday. For specific store hours this holiday weekend, click here. For general store hours and contact information, please stop by our website’s store locator at Thank you and Happy Holidays!