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In the summer months, I never leave the house without a jean shirt just in case it gets cooler in the evening or the air conditioning wherever I’m going is cold enough to keep ice cream frozen. I love jean shirts because they are so versatile and can be worn so many ways. My favorite looks are tucking them into a skirt or pants and wearing them open like a jacket. I’m also so into the juxtaposition of wearing them with something dressy to create a fun, dressed down look.


This newly thrifted, over-sized jean shirt is my new favorite. I love how it looks dressed down with this girly retro dress. I’ve been traveling like crazy all summer long and I forgot to pack a jean shirt for my last trip. As the nights are getting a little on the cooler side, I felt so chilly without my denim shirt. My travel companions may have huffed just a little when I dragged them thrift shopping so I could grab a jean shirt. As a thrift and vintage lover, I couldn’t imagine buying or wearing one that wasn’t secondhand. I plan on wearing this over-sized jean shirt a ton!


How do you wear your denim shirts?


Leigh Ray is an NYC-based fashion blogger obsessed with all things vintage and thrifting at She’s a true shopaholic that loves the thrill of discovering the perfect thrifted and vintage finds while sharing them with the world.

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A GoodLooking Intern

Although I can’t spend my summers hanging by the pool anymore, being an intern definitely has its perks. At Goodwill I’ve already had the chance to publish my own blog posts, spend some more time in New York City, and work with a great staff. But when it comes to fashion, the intern-life can be a rough adjustment for a college student. (Especially if you’re used to wearing sweats to class!)

As a girl who usually wears casual maxi skirts and little dresses I was a little worried about the whole “business casual” thing. But after surfing through some Pinterest boards and looking through my closet, I realized that all it takes is a few good pieces to rock your internship style!

If you find the right pieces, you’ll be able to mix them in with clothes you already have so you keep the style you love (and keep the money you need).

Here are three of my picks for “business casual” internship-style staple items every young intern should have this summer!

1. Comfortable Blazer or Cardigan

Kim K blazer style

Most offices are ALWAYS freezing. I’ll take the icy tundra vibe over a summer office with no AC any day, but I always need to be prepared for the chill. Having a classic (and comfortable!) cardigan is key for the office-life. You’ll survive the chill and cover up any inappropriate straps or sleeveless pieces. If your office is a little more professional, try going for a blazer to dress up your look. Once you find a great neutral blazer or cardigan you can wear it over any outfit you have for a practical and stylish look. Or, try a bight blazer like this one that Kim Kardashian is rocking for a pop-of-color look!

2. Conservative Dress


If you’re more of a skirt and dresses kind of person like me, work-appropriate dresses are the way to go for intern-style. Try to find a dress that does not show any cleavage and falls at your knees or slightly above them. Meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, going to a family party, attending a religious service, or working at a future company are all great excuses you may find to wear this dress again. Try to find 2-3 of these dresses that work great for you. Then, you can mix and match them with statement necklaces, belts, or cardigans you already have for a different look each time you wear them! Try a statement pattern dress like this one Lupita Nyong’o wore to the Pre-Golden Globes party for DuJour Magazine!

3. Work Pants

Blake Lively pants

Slacks, trousers, or whatever you call them, these pants are made for workin’! Having a comfortable, yet professional pair of pants is essential for building your intern-wardrobe. Find a basic black or other neutral pair that you can wear over and over again. Don’t worry though, pants aren’t all work and no fun! There are also some more more fun “work pants” like these adorable color-block ones that Blake Lively is sporting. This way, you can still express your personal style while you look great in the office.


Now that you know what to pieces to include in your intern wardrobe, the question is where to buy all these pieces. Instead of spending all your money in the professional sections of some major department stores, try visiting thrift stores like your local Goodwill where you can find professional pieces at great prices! Our stores have a large selection of blazers and other professional pieces to chose from so you can look vintage and chic when you’re at work!

What will you wear to rock your internship style this summer?


Alyssa Raiola is a Journalism student at Northwestern University where she spends her time writing for campus publications, searching for new restaurants, and picking the perfect Instagram filters. Although she loves jogging along Lake Michigan and exploring the Windy City, her heart lies back home in New Jersey where pizza is the right shape and bagels are a delicacy. This summer, she’s back in the Big Apple interning and blogging with Goodwill Industries before she heads off to Seville, Spain to study abroad for the fall semester.


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2 Window Sales & One Do-Not-Miss DIY Event: The Goodwill Weekend Update

This weekend we’re putting on a show – a DIY celebration with giveaway buttons, free craft materials and a not-to-be-missed upcycle tutorial by Craft Foxes & Etsy community member and stand-out style blogger David Leon Morgan! Be sure to stop by for a Saturday afternoon you and your wardrobe will never forget. Here are the details:

Upcycle Your Favorite Tee with David Leon Morgan

Saturday, August 4th


Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique

44 West 8th Street, NY, NY

To register for the event, call (212) 477-7024 or e-mail

Along with the awesome event, we have two window sales and a slew of August weekday special on the horizon. Take a look:

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Free DIY Upcycle Event at the Goodwill Boutique This Saturday!

Boring t-shirts bringing down with your summer wardrobe? Pump up the fun and upcycle ’em into one-of-a-kind fashion finds!

This Saturday at 2pm, we’ll join BurdaStyle/Etsy expert David Leon Morgan in taking over the Goodwill Greenwich Boutique to teach you how!

Upgrade your favorite tee, canvas bag or jeans with fashion blogger, David Leon Morgan at a free DIY workshop this Saturday, August 4 at 2:00 PM at the Goodwill Village Boutique Store (44 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011).

David is a writer, fiber artist and singer living in Bronx, New York. You can check out more of his writings, style and DIY designs at

Now, here’s how you can be part of Saturday’s Goodwill event:

  • Bring your favorite tee, canvas bag or jeans for a fresh new look! Or:
  • Get a free t-shirt on the day of the event when you sign up for the Goodwill Rewards Card Program at the store.
  • Register for the event. Please call Coco or Marco at (212) 477-7024 or email to secure your spot.
Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP and/or show up extra early to guarantee a spot. See you there, DIY designers!