Thrifted Jean Shirt to the Rescue

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In the summer months, I never leave the house without a jean shirt just in case it gets cooler in the evening or the air conditioning wherever I’m going is cold enough to keep ice cream frozen. I love jean shirts because they are so versatile and can be worn so many ways. My favorite looks are tucking them into a skirt or pants and wearing them open like a jacket. I’m also so into the juxtaposition of wearing them with something dressy to create a fun, dressed down look.


This newly thrifted, over-sized jean shirt is my new favorite. I love how it looks dressed down with this girly retro dress. I’ve been traveling like crazy all summer long and I forgot to pack a jean shirt for my last trip. As the nights are getting a little on the cooler side, I felt so chilly without my denim shirt. My travel companions may have huffed just a little when I dragged them thrift shopping so I could grab a jean shirt. As a thrift and vintage lover, I couldn’t imagine buying or wearing one that wasn’t secondhand. I plan on wearing this over-sized jean shirt a ton!


How do you wear your denim shirts?


Leigh Ray is an NYC-based fashion blogger obsessed with all things vintage and thrifting at She’s a true shopaholic that loves the thrill of discovering the perfect thrifted and vintage finds while sharing them with the world.

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Goodwill: Your Summer Music Festival Stylist

With warmer weather comes…MUSIC FESTIVALS! Whether you are heading out to Governors Ball, Electric Zoo or Mad Decent Block Party one thing is sure – you are going to see some awesome fashion. Of course, designers are now catching onto this and are creating $11,190 crocheted mini dresses. SAY WHAT?! My wedding dress doesn’t even cost that much! Let’s take a look at some popular festival fashion:

Mens-Quick-Guide-to-Coachella-Style-Music-Festivals-7 Coachella-Style-Guide1ASOS_MW_DD_ARTICLE_wireless-festival-4 mosaic6c00fd94e573ee683b191b83e69a36c335ff7fd7Guess what? You can find pieces just like these at any of our 40+ Goodwill stores. Since it won’t cost you a fortune, feel free to cut those shorts higher, bedazzle your hat or paint a message to the band on your shirt. This is a time for you to let loose and embrace your individuality! We constantly have a huge selections of tanks, jeans, shorts, dresses and more in an array of colors and fabrics. And those must have accessories? Yep, we have them too! Sunglasses, cross body bags, bandanas and maybe even angel wings. Guys, girls, come one, come all and hey, buy some more festival tickets with all the money you’ll save.

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Max Out your Summer Dress

Drew Barrymore arriving at the premiere of HBO Films' "Grey Gardens" wearing a white halter maxi dressSummer fashion means two things for me: staying cool and staying comfortable. Winter is for layers, but summer is for lightweight and breezy clothing. The perfect, or should I say the essential “stay cool, comfortable and chic” summer wardrobe piece is definitely the maxi dress.

The maxi dress dates back to the late 1960s during the hippie and flower child counterculture movement. The flowy shape was a reaction to the more structured shapes of the earlier decade. With a romantic inspired, long sheath, the dress was more of a reformation against the politics and ideologies regarding women, race and war. The maxi dress was also a way to move away from the strong lines and restrictive shape of the silhouette that had dominated womenswear since the 1930’s.

Flattering to all body shapes and easy to care for, the maxi dress is actually all things minimalist. Whether it’s solid, printed, cotton or silk, a maxi dress makes summer fashion stress-free. Maxis have been seen on everyone from brides on the beach to celebs doing errands.

Maxis come in a variety of shapes such as haltered or long sleeved. They can also be changed to alter your own shape. Belted maxis create more shape while empire-waist maxis are more forgiving.

Maxi dresses can be found anywhere from high-end designer boutiques to your favorite Goodwill Thrift store.

The best part about maxi dresses? Their versatility. If you have a smaller frames and fear a maxi will make you look even more vertically challenged, just go for a maxi with a little more shape, and head to your tailor. With a tweak, and a cut, the maxi dress can be any woman’s summer style staple.

Do you own any maxis?
If yes, what is your favorite occasion to wear it?

Native New Yorker Shaunya is the owner and curator of VintageShaun, a collection of vintage clothing with a contemporary vision that has been featured in NBC’s The Today Show. She is a longtime Goodwill fan and style expert. Last May, Shaunya collaborated in Goodwill’s Spring Fling the Excess, our Earth Day/spring cleaning promotion. Most recently, she styled models for Goodwill Suits You, a fashion show to mark October, National Disability Employment Awareness month.

You may also read her blog: or follow her on Twitter @vintageshaun

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Goodwill Gems: Summer-to-Autumn Cowgirl Boots!

It’s almost time to send summer off into the sunset in style – and what better way than while wearing a great find for fall? Our corresondent Lauren ducking into her local Goodwill and came out with the perfect near-Autumn find. Here it is, this week’s Goodwill Gem: The Summer-to-Autumn Cowgirl Boots!

The soft tan leather and subtle, studded detailing of these cowgirl boots makes them an easy way to add a touch of homey, rustic appeal to any laid-back ensemble.

Brand new boots! If there’s anything else that can do a better job of tempering my sadness about the impending transition from summer to fall, I’m sure I don’t know what it is. A couple great pairs of boots are all a city girl needs to go from day to night, all year round – there’s no wardrobe item more versatile or more essential.

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Goodwill Gems: End-of-Summer Ombre Shades

August already? Wowzers! While it’s sad to see a season end, it’s fantastic to notice those End of Season Sale signs pop up in your favorite stores. Goodwill’s in on it, with 25% off on Summer Apparel now through Thursday, August 9th. Our correspondent Lauren took inspiration from the seasonal sale at her local Goodwill finding this week’s sun-soaked Goodwill Gem: End-of-Summer Ombre Shades.

These shades will add an instant edge of glam city style to every ensemble in your summer wardrobe.

The perfect thing to stock up on right now? Summery accessories. Sure, the season is halfway over, but we’re not done with summer yet! There are still a few more weeks of hot, humid, sunny days ahead of us. And since now is the time that many people begin their back-to-school shopping and planning, lots of retailers (and regular shoppers like you and me) and clearing out space for fall items, meaning loads of summer accessories are making their way to thrifts like your local Goodwill, and selling stellar pieces for next to nothing!

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Goodwill Gems: The Nude Tote

We’re in the heat of summer – let’s enjoy it while we can! How? With easy-on-the-wallet, easy-on-the-eyes, easy-on-the-temperature accessory finds that’ll lighten up your wardrobe long after this season has passed. Our correspondent Lauren skipped off to her local Goodwill this week to see what she could find. In no time flat, she came up with a winner – this week’s Goodwill Gem: the Nude Tote.

This classic-colored bag is an ideal item to carry everyday items, taking you from season to season in style.

Endless Summer? I wish! As much as I’d like to pretend otherwise, this summer will eventually come to a close – so now is the perfect time to start sourcing pieces that work great with your summer favorites, but will live on in autumn as well. Which leads us to this tote…

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Goodwill Gems: Beat the Heat Bangles

Too hot for frills? We hear you. Good news, though – cool metallic accessories are one easy way to radiate style without taking in heat. With that in mind (and a big ol’ fan in hand) our correspondent Lauren hit the thrift stores to find this week’s Goodwill Gem: Beat the Heat Bangles.

The hammered texture of the metal and sheer size of this bracelet make it a standout piece.

Are you still looking for the ideal ensemble to rock on summer’s most scorching days? If you’re stuck in a fashion rut, there’s no better way to feel instantly classy and cool than by adding a brand new bangle to one of your favorite, most classic pieces of summer clothing.

This week’s fabulous Goodwill find is the perfect accessory to throw on with almost any tried-and-true summer look to give it an instant upgrade

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Goodwill Gems: Shoes in Next Season’s Star Hue

What’s hot beyond the temperature? Shopping now for next season’s bit hits – and one of the biggest: wine-toned hues! Our correspondent Lauren set off to spot the trend at  her local Goodwill and, happy surprise, discovered this week’s brilliantly bordeaux Goodwill Gem: Shoes in Next Season’s Star Hue.

Playing off the hot trend this summer – color blocking – these fabulous purple platform sandals are a just what you need to infuse your warm weather wardrobe with a bit of hip, funky, brightly colored fun.

Deep, rich purples may not be the first color you think of when you think summer – but just wait until fall. Gorgeous plum tones are the stand-out shade for next season (even The Budget Fashionista agrees), and incorporating this pretty hue into your wardrobe now is one way to ensure you’ll be ahead of the sartorial curve.

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Goodwill Gems: The Two-Tone Satchel

Cool and classic – that’s the look our Lauren‘s going for when the thermometer soars in NY/NJ.  Our ever-stylish correspondent beelined it to her local Goodwill on a search for ladylike refinement – a bag big enough to hold her lipgloss, an ice-pack and a miniature fan. Introducing this week’s Goodwill Gem: the Two-Tone Satchel.

Sometimes simplicity is ultra-chic, and this two-toned bag in soft black and brown leather and a 21st century shape proves it.

Cool and classic. This week’s find is a modern take on the kind of classic bag no lady can live without. If you have a gem like the purse I found this week at my local Goodwill, you’ll always look polished and prepared for any occasion.

This bag gets is classically cool look from its structured shape, traditional tones, nonexistent hardware, and clean lines. But despite its lack of neon-bright colors or eye-grabbing bling, it doesn’t look retro or old-fashioned.

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Goodwill Gems: A Color-Loving Clutch

Don’t let the sun fade out your flair: fire back with color, color, color! Lauren hits her local Goodwill looking for small touches that bring big heat to her outfits – leading her smack into the sunspot of this week’s Goodwill Gem: A Color-Lovin’ Clutch.

This beach-bohemian clutch adds just the right touch to an ordinary ensemble, whether you’re traveling to work, out for an evening on the town, or stopping by a Saturday brunch with friends.

Want a totally effortless way to add a punch of summery color to a bland look? A cute clutch with a swirl of warm colors that scream summertime is the way to do just that.

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