DIY Crop Top Tee w/ @TheFabJunkie

By Suma Kaul,

Crop tops can be winter friendly but at this point who’s thinking of winter? I think we’re all ready for SPRING! Here’s an easy DIY for turning an old or thrift tee into a crop top. Check out the step by step directions after the cut:

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Prom Trends | What To Wear w/ TheFabJunkie

By Suma Kaul, 

You’ve dreamed of this day for the longest time. You’ve crammed for tests, showed up for summer school and picked the perfect person to go with- It’s PROM. It’s finally here and you NEED a dress.

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DIY Slit Knee Denim

By Suma Kaul,

When you’re in love with all things denim, you always try to think of new DIYs to create. Currently trending in the world of denim is the Slit Knee. The difference between this and other shredded denim style is that there’s just a subtle rip that lies directly on the knee.

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3 Super Cool St. Patrick’s Day Outfits

By Suma Kaul,

March is here and that means St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of wearing the classic tees like “Kiss Me, I’m Drunk” or “Today I’m Irish” one can wear so many cooler outfits.

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 Coming In Red Hot

By Suma Kaul,
Guys, can you believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? I myself can’t believe it’s already February. But what better time to break out all the gorgeous hue’s of RED than on Valentine’s Day?

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To Buy The Shoe or Not?

By Suma Kaul,

Thrift shopping for shoes can be fun. I mean, nothing beats finding a pair of designer shoes for 7 bucks. With that being said, this exact thing happened to me this week. I took a random trip to the Goodwill Store on 89th street the other day.

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Winter Friendly Crop Tops

I know, you’re reading the title and thinking to yourself “what the heck is a winter friendly crop top?”- SWEATERS, duh!

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