3 Fall Must Haves

You're not prepared for the fall unless you have these three items. Find out if you're Autumn ready!

Dreams of Spring

Ok, so we all know we’re not there yet. After a total tease of a day in the Tri-State area for Superbowl Sunday, we’re back to cold, wind, snow, sleet, and just about every possible kind of grossness you can think of, weather-wise. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream! Even if the groundhog … Continue reading Dreams of Spring

Soft, Soothing Colors for Cold Weather

A soft color palette for harsh winter days. On cruel, wet, windy winter days, nothing is easier than instantly gravitating toward cozy pieces in soft fabrics. This week’s fabulous Goodwill find is a finely textured scarf that comes in a simple white-and-gray pattern that will easily add a little extra something to any cute but … Continue reading Soft, Soothing Colors for Cold Weather

Perfect Fashion for an Arctic Vortex in Binghamton

As we say good bye to 2013 with memories of happy Holidays and the excitement of ushering in the New Year, 2014 comes in with freezing sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow. You know what this calls for? An evening out with friends. Perhaps at The Belmar, a popular hang-out for locals and college student. The … Continue reading Perfect Fashion for an Arctic Vortex in Binghamton

Goodwill Gems: Beat the Cold-Weather Blues

It’s time to get cozy. The frigid temps we’ve started experiencing this week aren’t going away anytime soon, so it’s time to bring out the thickest, warmest, and woolliest sweaters and accessories you’ve got. This week’s fine – a darling knit scarf in a colorful stripe – is sure to bring a note of cheer … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Beat the Cold-Weather Blues

Goodwill Gem: The Sparkling Scarf

Fall Flirt continues! Only this time, it's moving on up from the tips of your toes to the chest, neck and shoulders. After all, it's scarf season, so let's make it shine! Our thrift-loving Lauren headed out to her local store and guess what she found? The newest Goodwill Gem: the ever-eye-catching sparkling scarf. It’s … Continue reading Goodwill Gem: The Sparkling Scarf

Goodwill Gems: Summer Style To Go

Wherever you plan to go this summer, chances are, you’re going somewhere (local shore or local store, every summer trip counts!). Leave an impression with a signature style item - a Goodwill Gem, perhaps! A Good Look's Lauren Haslett found just the thing at one of her fav Goodwills throughout the NY/NJ area. In fact, … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Summer Style To Go