Thrifted Jean Shirt to the Rescue

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Leigh Ray, Pink Vintage Heart

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In the summer months, I never leave the house without a jean shirt just in case it gets cooler in the evening or the air conditioning wherever I’m going is cold enough to keep ice cream frozen. I love jean shirts because they are so versatile and can be worn so many ways. My favorite looks are tucking them into a skirt or pants and wearing them open like a jacket. I’m also so into the juxtaposition of wearing them with something dressy to create a fun, dressed down look.


This newly thrifted, over-sized jean shirt is my new favorite. I love how it looks dressed down with this girly retro dress. I’ve been traveling like crazy all summer long and I forgot to pack a jean shirt for my last trip. As the nights are getting a little on the cooler side, I felt so chilly without my denim shirt. My travel companions may have huffed just a little when I dragged them thrift shopping so I could grab a jean shirt. As a thrift and vintage lover, I couldn’t imagine buying or wearing one that wasn’t secondhand. I plan on wearing this over-sized jean shirt a ton!


How do you wear your denim shirts?


Leigh Ray is an NYC-based fashion blogger obsessed with all things vintage and thrifting at She’s a true shopaholic that loves the thrill of discovering the perfect thrifted and vintage finds while sharing them with the world.

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Is Brooklyn Really the Coolest City Ever?

Brooklyn Bridge East River New York City

Disclaimer: I’m a native Brooklynite, born in Brooklyn Hospital. I attended Brooklyn Tech High School and in the words of Jay-Z, “Brooklyn till I die.”

Nonetheless, in the past five years -or ten if you’re a native- Brooklyn has had a renaissance. Gone are the scathing comments when you travel away from New York City, “Have you ever been shot?” Or still funny but not as harsh, “Did you know Biggie?” Instead, when you say you’re from Brooklyn, it’s as if this automatic halo of coolness surrounds you. Brooklyn transplants start to envy you and get nervous as though they will never tell their children how they inherited the cool package they give you in the delivery room.

The Brooklyn effect is a global phenomenon. Urban planning and real estate developers in the Midwest are marketing converted warehouses as “Brooklyn-style lofts.” Young women like Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” fame, who a generation ago wanted to move to Manhattan and wouldn’t be seen in Brooklyn, are now creating vision boards based on Bushwick, the Brooklyn neighborhood where the cast of HBO’s “Girls resides. Across the Atlantic in Sweden, if you slap the world “Brooklyn” onto anything, people will buy it. There’s even a restaurant named “Bar Brooklyn,” modeled after hipster-filled bars in Williamsburg, at the original Kings County.

Recently, I stopped by the Goodwill at Livingston Street, in what natives call downtown Brooklyn. The store is located on the cusp of Fort Greene and Cobble Hill, two areas recently crowned as affluent due to rocketing real estate that has been there since the 1800s. I saw the melting pot that makes Brooklyn so cool. Little old ladies dropping off coats from decades past, hipsters buying up all things flannel, an older gentlemen looking for a suit for work, college students looking for early nineties “retro goods,” And then me, a fashion stylist who dreads department stores. For one moment, I took it all in, the different walks of life, the different reasons everyone was here: donating, shopping, and finding career wear. I realized that in no other city would I see true coolness but in a Goodwill in Brooklyn.

What made Brooklyn so cool? Was it the once cheap rents? Could it be the non-pretentious natives or slower pace? Was it the ability to zone commercial and residential as such to live, play and work without the fast-pace of Manhattan? Do the Barclay’s Center or the artisanal shops opening every five minutes make Brooklyn now cool? Or has Brooklyn always been cool and those seeking a cool factor just discovered it?

What do you think? Include your comments below and let me know!

And if you have not been in Brooklyn, let me be your tour guide. Write any questions about anything Brooklyn!

Native New Yorker Shaunya is the owner and curator of VintageShaun, a collection of vintage clothing with a contemporary vision that has been featured in NBC’s The Today Show. She is a longtime Goodwill fan and style expert. Last May, Shaunya collaborated in Goodwill’s Spring Fling the Excess, our Earth Day/spring cleaning promotion. Most recently, she styled models for Goodwill Suits You, a fashion show to mark October, National Disability Employment Awareness month.

You may also read her blog: or follow her on Twitter @vintageshaun

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Goodwill Gems: Beat the Heat Bangles

Too hot for frills? We hear you. Good news, though – cool metallic accessories are one easy way to radiate style without taking in heat. With that in mind (and a big ol’ fan in hand) our correspondent Lauren hit the thrift stores to find this week’s Goodwill Gem: Beat the Heat Bangles.

The hammered texture of the metal and sheer size of this bracelet make it a standout piece.

Are you still looking for the ideal ensemble to rock on summer’s most scorching days? If you’re stuck in a fashion rut, there’s no better way to feel instantly classy and cool than by adding a brand new bangle to one of your favorite, most classic pieces of summer clothing.

This week’s fabulous Goodwill find is the perfect accessory to throw on with almost any tried-and-true summer look to give it an instant upgrade

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Goodwill Gems: Shoes in Next Season’s Star Hue

What’s hot beyond the temperature? Shopping now for next season’s bit hits – and one of the biggest: wine-toned hues! Our correspondent Lauren set off to spot the trend at  her local Goodwill and, happy surprise, discovered this week’s brilliantly bordeaux Goodwill Gem: Shoes in Next Season’s Star Hue.

Playing off the hot trend this summer – color blocking – these fabulous purple platform sandals are a just what you need to infuse your warm weather wardrobe with a bit of hip, funky, brightly colored fun.

Deep, rich purples may not be the first color you think of when you think summer – but just wait until fall. Gorgeous plum tones are the stand-out shade for next season (even The Budget Fashionista agrees), and incorporating this pretty hue into your wardrobe now is one way to ensure you’ll be ahead of the sartorial curve.

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Goodwill Gems: The Two-Tone Satchel

Cool and classic – that’s the look our Lauren‘s going for when the thermometer soars in NY/NJ.  Our ever-stylish correspondent beelined it to her local Goodwill on a search for ladylike refinement – a bag big enough to hold her lipgloss, an ice-pack and a miniature fan. Introducing this week’s Goodwill Gem: the Two-Tone Satchel.

Sometimes simplicity is ultra-chic, and this two-toned bag in soft black and brown leather and a 21st century shape proves it.

Cool and classic. This week’s find is a modern take on the kind of classic bag no lady can live without. If you have a gem like the purse I found this week at my local Goodwill, you’ll always look polished and prepared for any occasion.

This bag gets is classically cool look from its structured shape, traditional tones, nonexistent hardware, and clean lines. But despite its lack of neon-bright colors or eye-grabbing bling, it doesn’t look retro or old-fashioned.

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The Return of David Morgan & the 90s

It’s been quite a while since David Morgan of DavidLeonMorgan has posted for us, but we’re delighted to report he’s back and better than ever – just like the 1990s, style fans. Take a look and see this fashionable thrift fan’s take on the rise of pseudo-retro 90s chic:

What’s new in fashion? A few decades past. David Morgan takes on 90s style in this week’s A Good Look for Men.

I’m having a major Nineties moment, 1992-1995 to be exact. En Vogue, Bell Biv Devoe, D’Angelo and Bobby McFerrin have been blasting in my iPod lately, and earth tones, oversized shirts and colorful sweaters have been my wardrobe staples. I’ve even been telling my barber to cut my hair into a modern-day high-top fade. I just can’t seem to help myself.

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Goodwill Gems: Trinkets of Thanks

You’ve got the turkey in the oven, the pie on the windowsill, the cranberry sauce in the can – what else is there? Your holiday outfit! Why not wear a Goodwill Gem today in honor of all the good your support has allowed our programs to do?

We’re thankful for a style that helps you help 14,000 people find employment in Greater NY & Northern NJ just last year alone. GoodwillNyNj’s Lauren assembles her holiday best full of Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good flair with this week’s Goodwill Gem column

Elegant and simple – yet certainly a statement piece – this stately necklace celebrates the holidays in a big way!

Feel like a queen at your festive Thanksgiving feast! With so many fêtes coming up on your winter social calendar, it’s imperative to have some great, go-to accessories you can throw on over any of your favorite sweaters, blouses or party dresses for an instant dose of bling – just the thing to get you sparkling for any holiday occasion.

And this week’s Goodwill find is just that kind of a piece. The thick gold link chain is enough to draw attention to your fabulous ensembles all on its own, but the eye-catching black oval – also encompassed in gold – that serves as this necklace’s focal point is truly spectacular. Deep black and brilliant gold contrast beautifully with one another, making this simple stunner the kind of necklace any stylish, thrifty girl would want to snap up in a second.

You could pair this versatile piece with dressy numbers, but also with more casual outfits. For a party requiring a fancier frock though, this vivid green cocktail dress below is flirty, feminine, and just the right hue for the season, making it the perfect partner for this week’s gem. The rich, vibrant color is not only holiday party appropriate, it also allows this black and gold gem to stand out, not fighting with its sparkle as an equally shiny or busily patterned top might do, but still provides enough contrast to create a brilliant backdrop for this beautiful necklace.

Gorgeous, green, and doing good - all thanks to Goodwill!

With a pair of luxurious-looking metallic heels – and perhaps some nude tights and a light sweater, shrug or blazer to ward off the winter chill, you’re ready for this sensational season, with plenty of cash left over for gift shopping!

Will you wear a Goodwill Gem today? Come share in the comments here, post a photo of the finished look on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted!

Goodwill Gems: Peek-a-Boo Pumps

We’re head over heels for, well, heels this season. And why shouldn’t we be? With all the holiday parties coming up, a girl’s gotta be prepared. Our columnist Lauren agrees and hit the Goodwill circuit in search of something just as cheeky than last week’s pair, but in a completely different (yet still party-perfect) way. The result? This week’s Goodwill Gem: the Peek-a-Boo Pumps.

Simple yet sexy, these easy-to-wear suede heels will quickly become a can’t-live-without-it part of your wardrobe.

A pair of pumps will make any girl walk a little taller – but it takes a special pair to unleash a whole new you. These sexy black shoes are in a favorite cold-weather fabric – suede – but the lace-up style and open toe beg for a wink and a nod.

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Goodwill Gems: Cheeky Heels

We’re just about to tumble into the holiday season – is your wardrobe ready? We’re craving finds that can cross from office work to company party, and our Lauren Haslett is on the ground, gem-scouting her way across the Goodwill trail just for you. This week’s Goodwill Gem: the Cheeky Heels.

With a retro flair and larger-than-life style, these eclectic heels are the perfect addition to any high-stepper’s closet.

If you’ve still been searching for the perfect pair of winter work shoes, I may have located that elusive pair in a local NYC-area Goodwill this past weekend. In sophisticated black suede, these 70s-style shoes are playful without being immature. The wooden stack heel (a big look in the 70s) will ground you as you navigate sleety sidewalks and just polished corridors. The cheeky zigzag pattern on top of the rounded toe transforms the show from another pair of black pumps into a style statement.

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Goodwill Gem: The Retro Purse

Summer calls for a bag that’s as easy as the rest of your cool, warm weather wardrobe. This week, GoodwillNyNj’s Lauren Haslett sashays into her local Goodwill to find her newest Goodwill Gem: the too hip to quit retro purse.

This straight-edged bag is polished in its lines and colors, but funky in its throwback shape/

This week’s fabulous find – a two-tone time-traveling leather bag – is the perfect tote to pair with your most laid-back summer essentials. Its perfectly proportioned pockets and stark rectangular shape will keep you looking professional, but the bag’s throwback appeal hints your life’s more runway than water cooler. With its structured look and classic construction, this purse adds wit and purpose to those loose, flowy seasonal pieces.

So what kind of outfit would you pair with this purse?

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