DIY Halloween Costume: Office Cat

This is the purr-fect Halloween look if you're pressed for time and need an easy and creative costume. Read about how you can re-create this office cat costume.

3 Fall Must Haves

You're not prepared for the fall unless you have these three items. Find out if you're Autumn ready!

What Inspires Your Fashion Look?

Greetings my favorite thrift-centric readers, @PlanetBrandee here! We all know that inspiration for what you wear can come from anywhere, your neighbors, the girls on the subway, and given the new world of YouTube, a million and one video users who love Goodwill. With that being said, this week’s blog is a departure from my … Continue reading What Inspires Your Fashion Look?

@PlanetBrandee LIVE! From the 72nd Street Goodwill Boutique

Thrifting is all about the thrill of the hunt, and for me, even though I travel far and wide across the country for the best designer, unique vintage and stunning one of a kind finds, nothing tops the hunt at home in New York City! This week I'm recapping the great 72nd Street boutique on … Continue reading @PlanetBrandee LIVE! From the 72nd Street Goodwill Boutique

PlanetBrandee LIVE! from the Jazz Age Lawn Party!

Welcome back again my dedicated flapper fashion mavens and bow tied dandies! In this week's "LIVE! from" edition, I'm swinging and dancing in sweet Gatsby style to one of my ALL time favorite summer destinations, the Jazz Age Lawn Party! This premiere event, attended by the likes of Bill Cunningham and Moulin Rouge director Baz … Continue reading PlanetBrandee LIVE! from the Jazz Age Lawn Party!

PlanetBrandee Live from Seattle

Greetings my Goodwill readers! I'm so excited to write to you live this week from the hip and highly caffeinated streets of Seattle, Washington. My cross-country journey from highway to runway continues as I come to Seattle in search of the best food, lifestyle adventures, design and thrifting finds that 3 cups of coffee from … Continue reading PlanetBrandee Live from Seattle