DIY Halloween Costume: Office Cat

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Leigh Ray, Pink Vintage Heart

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I don’t know about you, but I live for wearing my Halloween costume on the actual holiday. Did you know that Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year? I think there’s nothing more fun than wearing a Halloween costume to work. Here’s a cute and super easy cat costume that can be worn to the office or any party where you might not have too much time to put together an over the top Halloween costume. Here’s how I achieved it:


Cat Ears

I attempted to make cat ears, but they didn’t quite turn out so great. Sigh. But my plan B was to wear two little mini hair buns where my cat ears would have been. I simply twisted two sections of my hair and twisted them to make these buns. I think it would be so cute to add a little glitter or hair paint to these as well.


Eye Make Up

I rarely leave the house without cat eye eyeliner. I will admit that it took me a while to learn how to apply. The good thing is that you can draw a cat eye in several different styles. Pick the one that’s easiest for you. You can also skip the eye liner and achieve the cat eye look with eye shadow.


Nose & Whiskers

These really make the costume. I used a black eye liner pencil to draw in the dot on my nose and the fun whiskers. It took just a few minutes and I felt totally transformed into a kitty cat!


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Sweater Vest Tuesday Lives On

We are a sucker for creative ideas that promote secondhand clothing in a light-hearted way. So maybe that helps explain why we’ve been keeping tabs on Sweater Vest Tuesday – a weekly celebration an item easily found at your local Goodwill.

Now we posted on the group a few weeks back, thinking it was an annual occurrence. Well, faux pas on us! It’s a weekly event, and they’ve been keeping their Tumblr page up-to-date with some great fan photos. Here are a few of our favorite photos from celebrants in the New York & New Jersey area:

"Mike in Erial, NJ bringing the powers of the sweater vest to sub at Paul VI. Thanks for the wake up text at 7:03am. It certainly made my morning…"
"Lisa in Thornwood, NY. She can’t get enough of those sweater vests. I am waiting on a picture of mother and son… Get on that."

Remember, Goodwill fans, YOU have the power to bring Sweater Vest Tuesday to your NY-NJ neighborhood. All you need to do is find a vest (easy to do at Goodwill, where most are well under $10), take a photo, and send it on to Mike at – who, by the way, was born and raised in New York… Coincidence? We think not.

Happy Sweater Vest Tuesday, New York and New Jersey!

Make Every Tuesday Sweater Vest Tuesday!

Great news, dress code lovers! We thought Sweater Vest Tuesday was an annual event. How wrong we were… it’s WEEKLY!

Check out their official Tumblr page & remember, your local Goodwill is chockfull of affordable, event-ready sweater vests, and the money you spend at Goodwill goes in part to worker rehabilitation programs… meaning more office personnel – and more Sweater Vest Tuesday supporters!

If you do happen to jump on the Business Casual bandwagon and wear a Goodwill sweater vest this, or any, Tuesday, we’d love to see! Post your photos & comments on our Facebook Fan Page and we’ll show them off on all our social media channels.

Now, go rock that armless style, kids; you’re lookin’ mighty good!

Sweater Vest Tuesday!

You heard us right – apparently today is the first official Sweater Vest Tuesday. This “soon to be global” phenomenon celebrates one of the most under-appreciated business-casual garments with a website (click here!) full of fan photos like this one:

Submitted by Mike in Erial, NJ - and according to the Sweater Vest Tuesday site, this lucky number will be worn at an upcoming interview. Good luck, Mike - may your resume be as impressive as this stylish yet convivial sweater vest!

While it may appear that the largest concentration of sweater vest fans resides in the Boston area, we believe New York and New Jersey have a similar passion for such yarn-based armless attire.

Founder Mike has issued a call to arms (nyuck nyuck) for a Sweater Vest Tuesday, working first hand (at a Goodwill no less!) to clothe participants in the Boston area, but this man has his sights on a worldwide event.

Join in, New York and New Jersey! It’s not too late to rush home and swap that stuffy sports jacket for an airy and uplifting sweater vest! Think of how light and refreshed you will feel! Think of how free your upper appendages can be! Sweater vests for all!

Good job, Mike. Keep fighting the good fight.