Group Halloween Costumes On A Budget

AGoodLook profile pic Jennifer Panchi| Goodwill NYNJ Staff

Finding the right Halloween costume for yourself is already difficult enough, imagine trying to find an outfit for you and your family or coordinating with your best friends. Lucky for you Goodwill has all the right group costumes while sticking to your budget. Here are some group costumes you can buy at Goodwill this Halloween.

The Adams Family


If you were already thinking of dressing up as Wednesday Adams, then you’re going to love the idea of having the rest of your family dress like the Adams family. Dressing up like this dark and unapologetic movie characters is a fun idea you can do with all your loved ones this Halloween.



Are you a fan of the film ‘Grease’ and musicals? You answered yes? then you will like the idea of convincing your group of friends to go out as the characters of the movie. Who will you dress like, Sandy or Danny?

Scooby Doo Gang0d8bc9a9c5bf3bae6c8933526af8565e.jpg

Who didn’t love watching  Scooby-Doo growing up? Take your closes pals and recreate the Scooby-Doo gang this Halloween. I’m leaning towards going as Velma. Who is your favorite character?

Mean Girls


On Wednesdays we wear pink! And it just so happen that this year Halloween falls on a Wednesday so please dress accordingly.

The Breakfast Club 


You may or maybe not be too young to remember this movie but either way, this is a classic. This is a fun, effortless and creative way to go trick or treating with your buddies.

Strangers Things


You have been binge watching this show since season one, and it’s somewhat appropriate to dress the like the show characters this Halloween. I think I might be going as 11 this year, how about you?


DIY Halloween Costume: Office Cat

vintage fashion blogger.jpg
Leigh Ray, Pink Vintage Heart

A Good Look Contributor


I don’t know about you, but I live for wearing my Halloween costume on the actual holiday. Did you know that Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year? I think there’s nothing more fun than wearing a Halloween costume to work. Here’s a cute and super easy cat costume that can be worn to the office or any party where you might not have too much time to put together an over the top Halloween costume. Here’s how I achieved it:


Cat Ears

I attempted to make cat ears, but they didn’t quite turn out so great. Sigh. But my plan B was to wear two little mini hair buns where my cat ears would have been. I simply twisted two sections of my hair and twisted them to make these buns. I think it would be so cute to add a little glitter or hair paint to these as well.


Eye Make Up

I rarely leave the house without cat eye eyeliner. I will admit that it took me a while to learn how to apply. The good thing is that you can draw a cat eye in several different styles. Pick the one that’s easiest for you. You can also skip the eye liner and achieve the cat eye look with eye shadow.


Nose & Whiskers

These really make the costume. I used a black eye liner pencil to draw in the dot on my nose and the fun whiskers. It took just a few minutes and I felt totally transformed into a kitty cat!


Leigh Ray is an NYC-based fashion blogger obsessed with all things vintage and thrifting at She’s a true shopaholic that loves the thrill of discovering the perfect thrifted and vintage finds while sharing them with the world.

When you #ShopGoodwill , not only will you look good, you’ll feel good, too! Because your purchases support Goodwill’s programs and services. Head here to find GoodwillNYNJ store locations near you!

DIY Halloween Costume: Rosie the Riveter

vintage fashion blogger.jpg
Leigh Ray, Pink Vintage Heart

A Good Look Contributor


Rosie the Riveter is the coolest girl power icon there is! Just about everyone knows the famous We Can Do it! Poster. The Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume happens to be one of the easiest DIY costumes ever. You can use items that you already have in your closet or you can easily thrift what you need. You’ll surely use and wear them again. Here’s what you need for your DIY Rosie the Riveter costume:



The outfit is the easiest part for this costume. Any jean on jean look can work – a jean jumpsuit, jeans worn with a jean shirt, jean overalls. I wore a pair of jeans with a jean shirt tied at the waist.



The red bandana really makes this costume. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a red bandana but I used a pink one that I had in my stash of scarves instead. You can use a bandana of any size as a head wrap or even wear as a head turban style that covers the entire head. For shoes you can do boots, converse or any flat shoes.


Make Up & Hair

You can wear your hair up in a ponytail and create a retro look with a tiny bump at the front of the hair or rolled bangs. After researching this Halloween costume, I found that wearing your hair out is totally fine also.

I’m so into retro make up and wore cat eyeliner and red lipstick to capture the look from the famous We Can Do It! Poster.


Leigh Ray is an NYC-based fashion blogger obsessed with all things vintage and thrifting at She’s a true shopaholic that loves the thrill of discovering the perfect thrifted and vintage finds while sharing them with the world.

When you #ShopGoodwill , not only will you look good, you’ll feel good, too! Because your purchases support Goodwill’s programs and services. Head here to find GoodwillNYNJ store locations near you!


The Ghost of Goodwill Halloween Past

Hi everyone! We all need a little Halloween inspiration. Here at Goodwill we think the best costumes are the ones that you make by hand. Let’s hop into our time machine and look back on some past Halloween posts.

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Costume  Thrifting with TheFabJunkie

There are two types of people in this world- ones who plan their Halloween costumes for months and then they’re the people who end up sifting through their closets for something they can throw on and make it look as if they put a tiny ounce of thought into it.

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Halloween Window Contest PLUS Window Sales!


Goodwill’s Halloween Window Contest is Back!

Voting starts today, Thursday, October 24 and concludes on Thursday,
October 31 at midnight.

Check out the photos and pick your favorite store window or showcase by voting on:

And to get you ready for Halloween, we will have special Halloween Window Sales at the following locations on Thursday, October 31:

  1. Livingston Store: tickets 8:30 am; sale 9 am
  2. Steinway Store: tickets 8:15 am; sale 9 am
  3. Massapequa Store: tickets 8:45 am; sale 9 am
  4. Bellmore Store: tickets 6:45 pm; sale 7 pm

Watch the video of the Halloween costumes Jennifer and her Damsels in Design came up for less than $30!


General Rules:

  • Tickets are distributed to customers in line, first come-first serve 
  • Customers may enter the store in numerical order once the doors open to the public
  • Customers may purchase a limited number of window items, check each store for specific details
  • After selecting their window items, customers may shop for other items in the store, go back in line to purchase other window items or exit the store until it opens to the public
  • Check for specific store rules

New York City
23rd Street Store: Friday 10/25
sale 9 am
79th Street Store: Friday 10/25 sale 10 am
East Harlem Store: Saturday 10/26 tickets 8:15 am; sale 8:30 am
Fulton Store: Saturday 10/26 tickets 8:45 am, sale 9 am
Greenwich Village Store: Saturday 10/26 tickets 8:50 am; sale 9 am
Harlem Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9 am
Livingston Store: Friday 10/25 tickets 8:30 am; sale 9 am
Stuyvesant Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9:30 am
Washington Heights Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9 am

Long Island
Bellmore Store: Saturday 10/26 tickets 8:45 am; sale 9 am
Centereach Store: Saturday 10/26 tickets 8:30 am; sale 8:45 am
East Northport Store: Saturday 10/26 tickets 8:30 am;  sale 8:45 am
Massapequa Store: Friday 10/25 tickets 8:45 am; sale 9 am

Northern New Jersey
Fairfield Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9:30 am
Harrison Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9:30 am
Rockaway Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9:30 am
Springfield Store: Saturday 10/26 sale 9:30 am

Capital Region
Binghamton Store: Saturday 10/26
sale 10 pm
Vestal Store:
Saturday 10/26 sale 10 pm

To find a Goodwill Store near you, click here.

Ways To Save: Create Your Own Halloween Costumes

goodwill diy halloween costumes

I’ve found that my favorite Halloween costumes have been the ones that I created myself using items from my closet. This can sometimes require a little bit of creativity, but with the internet at our fingertips and Goodwill stores at our convenience creating a do-it-yourself (DIY) costume can be fun and more importantly affordable!

goodwill diy halloween costume idea cher

I am really inspired by all things 90’s related and Cher from the iconic movie Clueless was my absolute favorite! So I was thrilled when I spotted these two yellow skirt suits at the Goodwill Store on 2nd ave (b/n 88th & 89th) that would make perfect costumes!

goodwill diy halloween costume idea ZOMBIES

Tips for DIY Costume Shopping at Goodwill:

  • Give yourself a budget for how much you are willing to spend on your costume and stick to it. I think $25 is doable!
  • Search the web for ideas and inspiration that you can print and take with you as you shop.
  • Check all departments (women, men, kids) because you never know what you will find or what has been misplaced.
  • Purchase jeans or tops that you intend to destroy, rip or cover in dirt and fake blood from a Goodwill to save on retail costs.
  • Remember that when recreating a costume it doesn’t have to be an exact match.
  • Be creative and have an open mind!

If you don’t want to create your own DIY costume make sure to still check out your local Goodwill to see if they are selling actual Halloween costumes and accessories before you visit a costume store and pay full price!

Will you be dressing up for Halloween?



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Our Stores, Our Spirit & the Window Contest Go On!

The week’s nearly over, and what a week it’s been. Many of us in the Greater New York and Northern New Jersey area could use an extra reason to celebrate. How about this: a Second Halloween!

We know New Jersey is planning on holding their Halloween this Monday, and to show our support (and have some much-needed fun ourselves), we’ll be extending our Halloween Window Contest voting until this Sunday night!


Come vote for your favorite window at and, if you didn’t manage to find a costume during all the storm prep, visit one of our stores to pick your perfect disguise. Yes, that’s right – many of our stores are open! We recommend calling your local store to confirm its open and operating normal business hours. You can find all contact info here:

Right now, the following stores are closed due to the storm and the black out: Bergenfield, Harrison, Jersey City, Springfield, Fairfield, Rockaway and Pequannock in NJ; Bellmore on Long Island; and the Village Boutique and 23 Street in NYC. We hope to have news on their re-openings very soon.

Of course, if you’re looking to donate, we can certainly use that, too. Please know that all donations to Goodwill fund our programs and services which help people people back on a financially-stable track – and that this includes helping people who’ve suffered unforseen events.

Take care and be well, fans!

Goodwill Gems: Total Rock Star Flair Hair

Are you ready to rock? Halloween’s the perfect time to let your inner Billy Idol out. Don’t believe us? Check out our correspondent Lauren’s most recent (and most awesome) local Goodwill find, this week’s Goodwill Gem: Total Rock Star Flair Hair.

An over-the-top wig, like those pictured here, is one of the easiest ways to instantly turn any old look into out-of-this-world Halloween fun.

This Halloween, don’t be afraid to get a bit crazy. After all, isn’t the whole point of dressing up to take on an entirely new persona? Someone you would never, ever be in real life?

In my real, everyday life, I’d consider a good haircut to be one of a girl’s best accessories. But this week’s find – a fantastically outrageous wig – made me reconsider that assumption (for one night out of the year, at least).

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GoodwillNyNj’s 2nd Annual Halloween Window Contest!

The time has come for GoodwillNyNj’s 2nd Annual Halloween Window Contest! You may have noticed a few extra ghosts and ghouls in your local Goodwill lately. Since the start of the month, our stores have been honing their Halloween spirit and now, starting today, October 17th, you get to weigh in and let them know what you think.

We’re hoping you’ll join us in celebrating fun for all this Halloween and vote in this years Goodwill Halloween Window Contest. The winning store will get a heap of holiday rewards – you’ll see they’ve worked hard to impress you.

To vote, please visit our Facebook album at and click LIKE underneath the image of your choice.

The link to the online survey (for voters with internet but without Facebook) is:, though the survey does not include images. We ask you only vote once, but please feel free to tell others to vote – the more the merrier!

We hope you vote and help show our staff and the many we serve that creativity and good work never go out of style, no matter the holiday, and neither does goodwill.

Happy Halloween!