DIY Halloween Costume: Office Cat

This is the purr-fect Halloween look if you're pressed for time and need an easy and creative costume. Read about how you can re-create this office cat costume.

DIY Halloween Costume: Rosie the Riveter

Here's a Halloween costume that you probably already have in your closet. Read about how you can put together a Rosie the Riveter costume. You can do it!

The GoodwillNyNj Halloween Challenge

Just 16 days left til Trick or Treat! Do you have your costume ready? If not, you're not alone. To help out, we've enlisted some of the most creative people we know and asked them to take the GoodwillNyNj Halloween Challenge, creating a custom, one-of-a-kind Halloween costume out of finds from our stores for $30 … Continue reading The GoodwillNyNj Halloween Challenge

Goodwill Gem: Quick Fix Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching (less than a week left to go!). While some of you have been perfecting your costume for months, others might be more like our columnist Lauren - a last-minute magpie. Still on the hunt for the perfect disguise, Lauren hits her local Goodwill for this week's Goodwill Gem: the quick fix … Continue reading Goodwill Gem: Quick Fix Halloween

Halloween Week Sparkles With Sales

Haunt Goodwill this week and enjoy thrilling savings that will make for a fantastic Halloween! Sales include: Wednesday, Oct. 26 - Wild Wednesday - 30% off Halloween decorations Saturday, Oct. 29 & Sunday, Oct. 30 - Better Late Than Never Price Slash - 50% off Halloween decorations Sunday, Oct. 30 & Monday, Oct. 31 - … Continue reading Halloween Week Sparkles With Sales

Goodwill Gem: Cowboy Boots

Halloween is right around the corner, just waiting to shout BOO! With the holiday in mind, our columnist Lauren is searching her local Goodwill for items that can do double-duty - finds fit for a costume party, but chic enough to last into the days, months and years beyond. Curious about her latest find? Well … Continue reading Goodwill Gem: Cowboy Boots

Goodwill Gems: The Halloween Hunt

Ever notice how a single accessory can make a look? Those final touches take an outfit from cool enough to stand-out signature style. So where can you find an "outfit gem"? Meet Lauren, our newest columnist. This thrifty fashion babe has pledged her time to hunting down outfit gems at Goodwills throughout NY and NJ. This week, … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: The Halloween Hunt