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Christina Shanker

Goodwill NYNJ Staff


It’s summer! School’s out, the sun’s out, and everyone wants to go out… to the ball game. It is prime sports season and whether it’s your own freewill or not, you will most likely find yourself watching a game. For fans, sporting events can be a joyous occasion. The suspense of the game and the rigor of the crowd are what you wait for all year. You’re in your element. However, if you’re anything but a sports fan, you’re in your worst nightmare. The suspense of the game is like watching paint dry and the rigor of the crowd scares you. Whether you love or despise the game, you still want to look your best. That can be hard to do when you’re trying to dress for the sporting occasion. Over-sized t-shirts and unisex jerseys are tricky to feel your absolute best in. If you’re a sports fan, you won’t be able to enjoy the game as much as you would if you don’t feel confident in your attire. If you’re anything but a sports fan, sometimes your outfit (and the food) are the only thing you’ll be looking forward to on the big game day. Either way, we’ve provided two different ways you can style your sporting goods. Checkout the lineup!

Sport 1

This outfit is perfect for one of two people: the avid sports game goer or the completely clueless about sports but still goes-er. The signed ESPN shirt is perfect for these very different people. You can turn up to any sporting event and still be on par, considering that ESPN is a sports network that covers a wide variety of sports. The t-shirt is over-sized, but that can work in your favor if you roll up the sleeves and tuck it into whatever bottoms you decide to wear. We’ve decided to create a feminine look, playing with the indicative red ESPN logo. We’ve complemented the tee with a short red skirt and matching heels. You might even want to wear red lipstick. The cased baseball is optional. This outfit is perfect for any sporting occasion, ranging from baseball games to football viewing’s at your parents’ house.


sport 2

This is for anyone that is a team player, but doesn’t want to look like one. At a game, you’ll probably see many people wearing your favorite player’s jersey. Make yourself stand out by incorporating your own style, or at least our style. We’ve combined this Laker’s jersey with high waisted flair jeans. You may also want to include a funky belt like this chained one. Whether or not you want to BYOB (bring your own basketball) is up to you.


All items in the photos can or could’ve been found at ShopGoodwill. Sports is all about bringing people together and routing to win. Shopping at goodwill is a win-win situation. Your purchases help the community, which is an ultimate score.

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Goodwill Gems: Awesome Ombre Sandals

Happy Summer bonus time! Instead of just one Goodwill Gems this week, we’re giving you two – and we’re head over heels about both of them. From Monday’s piece on neon sneaks to today’s great find on sandals, we hope you enjoy our Lauren’s fancy footwork thrifting her favs at her local Goodwill. So, without any further walk-about, here’s this week’s second (!) Goodwill Gem: Awesome Ombre Sandals.

Though you may be more used to seeing it in the latest celeb hairdos, ombre is in, and the varying shades of the straps on these lovely sandals is a subtle and stylish way to work it into your wardrobe rather than (or maybe in addition to) your hairstyle.
Though you may be more used to seeing it in the latest celeb hairdos, ombre is in, and the varying shades of the straps on these lovely sandals is a subtle and stylish way to work it into your wardrobe rather than (or maybe in addition to) your hairstyle.

Footwear is practically a fetish with me. I love a good pair of shoes, especially a fabulous pair of open-toed summer sandals. Sadly, wonderfully wearable, comfortable, and still-stylish shoes are not so easy for a lady to find, so I’ll never hesitate to pick up a pair I adore when I’m lucky enough to find one.

And that’s why I really felt like I hit the jackpot this weekend when scouring my local Goodwill for some spotlight-worthy new gems.

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