Laurens Goodwill Gems: Summer Chic

It’s hard to look good when it’s this hot.  No matter how much effort you put in before you leave the house, the humidity makes your hair crazy (or completely flat) in minutes, and your makeup melts right off your face about five minutes after you apply it. In this weather, it makes sense to … Continue reading Laurens Goodwill Gems: Summer Chic


Goodwill Gems – High-Fashion Summer Footwear

It’s somehow almost July. It still feels like summer has just started—and also like we’re barreling toward the end of it (and sunshine and vacation) way too quickly. So now is the time to really make the most of the season. When you have a beautiful day off but, for whatever crazy reason, aren’t headed … Continue reading Goodwill Gems – High-Fashion Summer Footwear

Bold, Crazy Color

It’s time to wake up your wardrobe. Bring energy back into old clothes and beloved vintage pieces with a brilliant accessory choice, like these attention-grabbing shoes spotted this week at my local Goodwill thrift shop. These striped wedges are a little on the loud side, but in the best possible way. The graphic print contains … Continue reading Bold, Crazy Color

New Year, Newly Stylish You

Party time is over.   I know – womp, womp. But while going back to the daily grind is inevitable, going back to the same ho-hum daily outfits is not. You may have spent most of your holiday cash (if you had any to begin with) on presents and party clothes, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading New Year, Newly Stylish You

Brilliantly Easy, Bold Looks

Dark colors and denim can make a serious statement. I know I often preach about how important it is to include a little color in your wardrobe (and it is!), but as any city girl can tell you, black is, and always will be, the ultimate in wear-anywhere practicality. So when you just can’t help … Continue reading Brilliantly Easy, Bold Looks

Fresh, Funky Fashion Twists

Practical doesn’t mean boring. I might say this almost every week, but it’s still just as true today as it was this past summer, last spring, or the previous winter. This week’s fabulously fun gem will truly put some extra pep in your step and add some seriously jewel-like sparkle to any outfit. These brilliant … Continue reading Fresh, Funky Fashion Twists

Fall Into Fresh Fashions

Lighten up your cold-weather layers. Once an autumn chill starts working its way into the air on a regular basis, it’s easy to suddenly feel weighed down by all the layers you have to wear and carry with you on a daily basis. This week’s pretty find is truly a gem – these high-heeled booties … Continue reading Fall Into Fresh Fashions