Pop of Color for Fall & Winter

The weather is getting colder, but you can still wear warm colors!

Are You Into Normcore?

*Lauren Haslett's column “Goodwill Gems" will be back next week. Not one to miss up a chance for irony, hipsters are hitting a new low. Normcore is all the rage up and down the streets of Williamsburg. Borrowing from their handlebar mustache toting brethren in Portland, they proudly proclaim their style (or lack there of) … Continue reading Are You Into Normcore?

Trend Watch Thrifting: Glitter & Glam

Silver, gold, copper, platinum – if it's shiny and shimmers, we're into it. GoodwillNyNj’s resident thrift expert Emme Bonilla has done her research at the local Goodwills, scoping out the best ways to bring the glimmer from the Times Square Ball into your wardrobe this New Year with this week’s Trend Watch Thrifting pick: Glitter … Continue reading Trend Watch Thrifting: Glitter & Glam

Optimal Play: The Plaid Button-Down

It's the most wonderful time of the year - but you know what would make winter even more wonderful? Finding ways to make warm-weather favorites work just as well in the chill. In this week's Optimal Play, our Emme Bonilla does just that, transforming a basic plaid shirt into a winter wonderland of wardrobe options. … Continue reading Optimal Play: The Plaid Button-Down

Trend Watch Thrifting: Animal Print

We'll be announcing the winner of our Halloween Window Contest tomorrow, and if the suspense leaves you feeling cagey, well, turn that wild into style. This week our Emme Bonilla hunts her way through Goodwill to catch the big trend of animal print! Animal prints were HUGE for Fall/Winter 2010-2011, especially my all-time favorite: leopard. … Continue reading Trend Watch Thrifting: Animal Print

Optimal Play: The Red Pencil Skirt

Hot on the tails of our Emme Bonilla's Trend Watch Thrifting and Goodwill Essentials posts, A Good Look's resident thrift expert has come up with the perfect amalgam: Optimal Play on a bright red pencil skirt! When researching for on-trend red colored items, I came across this gorgeous and perfectly tailored red wool skirt from … Continue reading Optimal Play: The Red Pencil Skirt

Optimal Play: The Maxi Dress

Greek Goddess of Savings, this week's Optimal Play is inspired by the fashion muses roaming NYC for New York Fashion Week! In honor of high style, A Good Look’s Emme Bonilla shows how a maxi dress can be the perfect canvas for style. Take a look at these looks – and get ready to get … Continue reading Optimal Play: The Maxi Dress