If You Give a Girl a Men’s Shirt…

By Goodwill NYNJ, goodwillnynj.org

Goodwill is no stranger to Do-It-Yourself fashion. We ❤️  a good DIY. Our stores are a treasure trove of goodies for those who like to get their hands messy with threads, scissors and glue.

This past month, students from Parsons School of Design reconstructed an array of men’s shirts into high fashion women’s attire. For their thesis project, the students from Parsons focused on the “anonymous women” behind the seams and design of men’s wear clothing, Below you will find photos taken in the warehouse at Goodwill NYNJ headquarters.

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Mid-Week Mini-Break xi

Ahh, it’s time again for another World Wide Web round-up where we travel around the internet to see the kinds of outstanding finds you might just discover in your local Goodwill store! Are your virtual bags packed? Are your virtual tickets in order? Are you virtual toiletries in virtual 3 oz. containers sealed in virtual plastic baggies? Then it sounds like we’re set! Here we go on Mid-Week Mini-Break celebration of…

…Blog Posts We Really Like This Week!:

Audrey's blog HomeRunBallerina is full of inspiring style - and we were thrilled to find this Goodwill sweater taking top billing (for just $4) in her latest outfit.

HomeRunBallerina: one of my goodwill finds from the day after christmas is this lovely sweater, which i scored for a whopping $4.

We love The Dalomba Days, and Job and Brittany certainly love Goodwill - there blog is full of great finds, including this adorable $1 Valentines' plate. Too cute!

The Dalomba Days: I’m hoping my Goodwill luck is starting to pick up again. I ran in last night and found these 2 things. This Valentine’s plate is originally from Target. $1. I added it to all my Valentine decor.

With a great eye and a giving heart, Katie Bower has built a blog full of great Goodwill finds. Those belljars were her invention - and a great bargain at her local Goodwill. Check out her blog for more amazing Goodwill tips.

All Bower Power: So that is what I want to help with – training your eye to be the Sherlock Holmes of Goodwill shopping.  That’s why I am going to share with you some tips on how you can exercise your pretty blinkers to pick out the best of the best…

Mid-Week Mini-Break ix

Happy (nearly) New Year’s Eve! We hope you enjoy our last World Wide Web Round-Up of 2010. Here, we scour the internet for the best Goodwill finds to share with you, to give you a better idea of what you too can find at your local Goodwill store.

This year has been full of amazing deals, from a party-perfect punch bowl to a Super Nintendo to $3 barely-used baby blue Steve Madden heels. What will this week bring, you wonder?

D16's Anna, well-versed in design, spotted this striking pottery piece at Goodwill. Of course she had to buy it - it was beautiful, one-of-a-kind, & (best part!) only $2.99. Good eye!

Door Sixteen: I haven’t been doing a lot of scavenging lately, but with a second home in the works, I’ve started keeping my eyes open a little wider again. Yesterday I found this pretty piece of pottery at the the Goodwill for $2.99! I love the rich, deep blue of the cross pattern and the all of the crazing in the glaze.

The $10 or Less Halloween Costume Challenge

Can you create a killer Halloween costume for $10 or less?

That’s a Low-Cost Costume — and we want to see it!

This gorilla suit is on sale at Goodwill's Washington Heights store for just $4.99. For that price, you can have a costume - and $5.01 left for bananas.
This gorilla suit is on sale at Goodwill's Washington Heights store for just $4.99. For that price, you can have a costume - and $5.01 left for bananas.

Stating today, we’re holding a Low-Cost Costume Photo Fashion Show on our Facebook Fan Page. And on October 25th, we’re taking the virtual actual with a real-live Low-Cost Costume Clothing Swap and Costume-Making Party in downtown NYC.

Why are we doing this? Because we’re tired of these pricey, wasteful, predictable, plastic-wrapped costumes. Let’s be smart –  let’s be crafty – let’s be green – and let’s make our own costumes together this year. Let’s make 2009 the year of the Low-Cost Costume!

Participate in our Low-Cost Costume Photo Fashion Show and share pics of your own Low-Cost Costumes (past or present) on our Facebook Fan Page (or email us at goodwillnynj@gmail.com and we’ll post em for you!). You can upload your photos and browse through the page for some one-of-a-kind ideas. Click the “Like” thumbs-up button to vote for your favorites and we’ll show off the top picks in A Good Looks Photo Fashion Show the week before Halloween. The winner will get to be our guest-blogger here at A Good Look and will be our official GoodwillNyNj Low-Cost Costume Maven 2009. Good luck, you crafty kids!*

Scared to take the Low-Cost Costume Challenge? Don’t be! We’re here to help:

On Sunday, October 25th, we’re throwing a Low-Cost Costume Clothing Swap & Costume-Making Party from 3pm-7pm at Boxcar Lounge (168 Avenue B, between East 10th Street and East 11th Street).  We’ll have local designers, fashion bloggers, and great crafters on-hand to help out. They’ll be there to help you make your creative dreams a Low-Cost Costume reality.

Just show up with at Boxcar Lounge with a bag of freshly cleaned, lightly used clothes. If you can’t bring anything, we’ll request a $5 donation at the door.  Everyone will be able to leave with a bag stuffed with whatever they need to make their own costume just in time for Halloween.

Keep in touch with us afterwards and we’ll showcase this year’s best Low-Cost Costumes on our blog, our Facebook Page and our Twitter.

Because no one in their right mind would choose to increase carbon emissions, support sweatshop labor and fork over $40 plus tax just to be the second Sexy Harem Girl in the room – especially when it’s so easy to make something infinitely better ourselves.

So let’s have some fun, support our community, and make Halloween 2009 the most creative holiday yet!

Happy Halloween!

Don’t forget, you can either upload your pics on Facebook, or email them to us at goodwillnynj@gmail.com and we’ll do the work for you.