Thrifted Jean Shirt to the Rescue

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Leigh Ray, Pink Vintage Heart

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In the summer months, I never leave the house without a jean shirt just in case it gets cooler in the evening or the air conditioning wherever I’m going is cold enough to keep ice cream frozen. I love jean shirts because they are so versatile and can be worn so many ways. My favorite looks are tucking them into a skirt or pants and wearing them open like a jacket. I’m also so into the juxtaposition of wearing them with something dressy to create a fun, dressed down look.


This newly thrifted, over-sized jean shirt is my new favorite. I love how it looks dressed down with this girly retro dress. I’ve been traveling like crazy all summer long and I forgot to pack a jean shirt for my last trip. As the nights are getting a little on the cooler side, I felt so chilly without my denim shirt. My travel companions may have huffed just a little when I dragged them thrift shopping so I could grab a jean shirt. As a thrift and vintage lover, I couldn’t imagine buying or wearing one that wasn’t secondhand. I plan on wearing this over-sized jean shirt a ton!


How do you wear your denim shirts?


Leigh Ray is an NYC-based fashion blogger obsessed with all things vintage and thrifting at She’s a true shopaholic that loves the thrill of discovering the perfect thrifted and vintage finds while sharing them with the world.

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DIY Hi-Lo Frayed Denim Hem



Suma KaulThe Fab Junkie

A Good Look Contributor


I’m obsessed with denim. I’m always wearing it and always thinking of new ways to create DIY’s.  Lately, I’ve seen many bloggers and influencers sporting the Hi-Lo denim trend. So it was clear that my next project would involve recreating this.

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DIY Slit Knee Denim



Suma KaulThe Fab Junkie

A Good Look Contributor


When you’re in love with all things denim, you always try to think of new DIYs to create. Currently trending in the world of denim is the Slit Knee. The difference between this and other shredded denim style is that there’s just a subtle rip that lies directly on the knee.

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By Suma Kaul, TheFabJunkie

Here’s an easy tutorial to get your new favorite pair of denim, off the rack and onto your body!

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Spring Outerwear Trends You Can Find in Your Local Goodwill Store

Spring Outerwear Trends You Can Find in Your Local Goodwill Store


Spring is my favorite time of year for outerwear because there are so many options to choose from. My top 3 favorites for this season are trenches, denim jackets and colorful blazers. I have found all these three silhouettes in thrift shops like Goodwill. It’s definitely a hit or miss, but it’s always worth checking out because you never know what you will find! Plus, your purchase helps support Goodwill and its mission.

Trench Jackets
This is the quintessential spring jacket. Its perfect for work, play and the rain! You can purchase this in the classic khaki color or you can opt for it in a color like navy or brown. You may even find it in a fun color like red or yellow at your local Goodwill!

Denim Jackets
Denim jackets are another closet staple that really never go out of style and every time I visit a Goodwill store I stumble upon one or three! You can find vintage and newer styles too.

Color Blazers
Blazers are great for a sophisticated look that can take you from day to night. Skip the classic black and opt for a bright color like pink or coral this season. I love thrifting for vintage designer styles at Goodwill. It’s like finding a hidden gem! 

What are you wearing this spring?


Nicole Colon is a lifestyle blogger and designer from Long Island, NY, who is reinventing what it means to be “bad” by empowering women to discover their inner B.A.D. Girl and be Beautiful, Authentic and Determined. She provides her readers with tips, advice and fashion that aim to inspire them to get what they want out of life. Check out Nicole’s blog at

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Easy, Eclectic Charm

Give your winter wardrobe a breath of fresh air. No matter how basic your clothing selection, a few carefully curated accessories are all you need to give your wardrobe new life. My chosen gem this week is a darling little purse in black cloth and leather, with a bold, graphic print in vivid primary colors. The red, yellow and blue print is certainly eye-catching, and clearly reminiscent of some of the patterns we’ve come to recognize as iconic of certain Native American tribes, like the Navajo (though this is obviously much less intricate than those traditional prints). This bag is big enough to easily tote everyday basics, like a wallet, sunglasses, and key makeup items, but not so large that you’ll end up stuffing it with an entire extra closet worth of stuff and bogging yourself down in the process. The long strap means it’s easy to wear as a cross-body bag, making it a safe and conscientious choice for the city, as well as a stylish one.

black bag with colorful geometric patternsThis fantastic black bag comes in a classic shape, but is instantly livened up with a colorful geometric pattern, making it an ideal piece to add a little pizzazz to a plain outfit.

With one well-chosen accessory, you can make simple pieces feel like something special. This week’s fabulous Goodwill find is just that kind of fun, funky accessory that can make even a plain white tee-shirt suddenly feel like a put-together outfit. Here, I’ve paired this adorable purse with a slightly more sophisticated take on the classic jeans and tee – in place of plain denim, I’ve opted for a pair of bright blue, stretchy, skinny jeans on bottom, which nicely echoes the vivid shade of blue found in the bag’s pattern. On top, I’ve gone with a loose, flowing, sleeveless blouse in a crisp white. This top is idea on its own for summer, but too chilly in the midst of winter, so I’ve topped off the look with one more layer – a cleanly cut, classic black blazer, which does a fabulous job of pulling the whole simple, but surprisingly chic look together.

flowing white blouse, fitted black blazer and bright blue pantsThis darling purse makes a bold fashion statement when paired with simple, classic pieces every woman should already have in her wardrobe, like a go-with-everything white blouse and perfectly fitted black blazer.

Lauren Haslett writes “Goodwill Gems,” our weekly column about everything accessories here in A Good Look. She is a lover of fabulous fashion, a trained chef and a writer.  Follow her on twitter.

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The Goodwill Insider: Live from Austin, Texas Part 2

Brandee travels to Austin part 2Welcome to Part 2 of my trek through Austin, TX!

Anyone who has visited New York City or lived here knows that New Yorkers love the color black. One might say that when it comes to daily attire here, it’s an inky sea of “noir” fashion. So when I set foot on the funky streets of Austin, Texas, it was no shock I experienced a kaleidoscopic sense of nirvana. COLOR is IT in Austin; it is everywhere! The city bursts with eye candy of the highest order: in the deep golden mustard hand-painted boutique walls, the electric violet cactus blooms in a backyard’s, or the brilliantly hued Pendleton jacket worn by a street musician strumming a banjo.

sculls crosses and religious figuresI experience this firsthand while walking through the popular hive of activity in South Congress Street. Peeking through the windows of Uncommon Objects, a local shopping spot, revealed the regions reverence for spiritually influenced pieces. From Our lady of Guadalupe figures to gilded wooden crucifixes and patron saints. You see how religion plays an integral role here. Nearby, vibrant, hand-painted sugar skulls celebrating Día de los Muertos, or the Mexican Day of the Dead stare back at you from the wooden shelves – skeletal nod to the influence of Mexican history and culture.

mexican culture and influenceMexican influence in Austin doesn’t just stop at the shopping; you can see and feel it everywhere, from the spicy foods to the local shops featuring the works of the celebrated Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo. There is a strong sense of connectedness from the past to the present. Many businesses continue the tradition of handmade artisan works, such as a local artist who incorporates bleached cow skulls and locally sourced gemstones in her creative designs.

gemstones and bleached bonesAs my journey to Austin winds down, I reflect back on having made new friends and connections. Not only with Goodwill Staff, but strangers, patrons – all of the people that make this city vibrant and alive. In NYC, this doesn’t really happen as often as you’d think. It’s easy to see why so many creative souls flock to Austin, after spending time in this “keep-it-weird” place. Over my last hot plate of spicy Mexican migas, I watch the sunset from my balcony and feel as though I sit inside the rustic frame of my own beautiful Texas painting, one that is one part old west, one part city slicker, one part hippie freak, and ALL parts Austin.

It’s been an enjoyable and wild ride, so I’m putting on my cowboy boots and head back East with little mementos, a pocket of dried flowers, a horseshoe for good luck and a pile of postcards paving the way for me to come back home.

Till next time, throw some hot sauce on your migas and see you at the counter!

*Join me in next week’s blog as I travel to Pittsburgh, PA and feature the local sights, sounds and thrifting fun of my hometown THE Steel City!*

Brandee, the manager of Goodwill’s 72nd Street boutique, is also a writer, performance artist, thrift fashion and DIY enthusiast. Brandee’s projects have been featured in   Bill Cunningham’s New York Times style column, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and INC. Magazine. She loves French-press coffee and lives the designer thrift lifestyle bursting onto the fashion forward streets of the New York City she calls home.

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