@PlanetBrandee Get it together! A 3 Part Series for National Get Organized Month

LIVE from the overstuffed closets of New York City Thanks for joining us for Part 2 of this 3 Part Series on getting organized. If you haven’t read steps 1-5, go check them out in last week’s post. Here’s an idea you might actually stick to: As is your home, so is your mind. This … Continue reading @PlanetBrandee Get it together! A 3 Part Series for National Get Organized Month

What’s good about Mercury retrograde?

What’s good about Mercury retrograde? Did you know that for the past three weeks that will end next Tuesday, October 7, Mercury has been retrograde? Have you noticed lots of misunderstandings with co-workers, family members and friends? Have you lost and then found keys and all kinds of things? When Mercury is retrograde, there's usually … Continue reading What’s good about Mercury retrograde?

Meet Clutter Diet’s Lorie Marrero at NYC’s Goodwill Boutique Today!

Today's the day! Join us at the Goodwill Boutique (44 West 8th Street, NYC) at 3pm to meet Lorie Marrero, Goodwill Industries International spokesperson and founder of The Clutter Diet, dedicated to helping you streamline and declutter your closet/office/life. We'll have books to sign and give away and an opportunity for you to ask Lorie … Continue reading Meet Clutter Diet’s Lorie Marrero at NYC’s Goodwill Boutique Today!

Clutter Diet’s Lorie Marrero at GoodwillNyNj

Declutter your calendar - we have an event this week you won't want to miss! Lorie Marrero of Clutter Diet is coming to town and she's chockful of organization tips to get your home/office/life decluttered this Spring. Come meet us and Lorie at the Goodwill Village Boutique this Thursday at 3pm – and spread the … Continue reading Clutter Diet’s Lorie Marrero at GoodwillNyNj

Spring Cleaning with E-Card Encouragement

If you love someone, set them free... from clutter. Goodwill Industries International has come up with two fun e-card options to support your friends, family or loved ones as they tackle Spring Cleaning get organized. Take a look, have a laugh, and spread some joy that all that summer-fall-winter clutter is finally on its way … Continue reading Spring Cleaning with E-Card Encouragement

Goodwill Gem: Strong, Stylish Wedges

New year, new you - and new chance to streamline that wardrobe! Our correspondent Lauren has boxed and bagged the no-longer-neededs and now she's on the Goodwill hunt for a few key pieces to revive those never-fail faves staying put in her closet. Sounds like it's time for a Goodwill Gem right? Right! This week's … Continue reading Goodwill Gem: Strong, Stylish Wedges

Goodwill and BurdaStyle: Boutique You

We love shopping, but we hate needless waste. Solution? This week's GoodwillNyNj/BurdaStyle Boutique You pick: the Charlie Reusable Grocery Bag! Secondhand fashion is the perfect way to create your own signature style without hurting the planet, but what about those plastic shopping bags? Be a real Eco Champion & make your own out of reused … Continue reading Goodwill and BurdaStyle: Boutique You