DIY Halloween Costume: Office Cat

This is the purr-fect Halloween look if you're pressed for time and need an easy and creative costume. Read about how you can re-create this office cat costume.

3 Fall Must Haves

You're not prepared for the fall unless you have these three items. Find out if you're Autumn ready!

What Women Can Learn From Men While Shopping

When it comes to dating, you know how they say “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” Well, the same rule applies to shopping. Most men don’t get the same excitement and rush from shopping as many women do. There is no story behind each purchase, no odyssey like trips to snag the … Continue reading What Women Can Learn From Men While Shopping

Style Icons

Present day, bestowing the title of Best Dressed or Style Icon gets thrown around way to freely. Usually upon celebrities with an unlimited budget and a stylist who creates those looks. Let’s not forget they receive tons of designer’s clothing for free. Or you also have the Social Media Style Icons, folks made popular via … Continue reading Style Icons

The Art of Shopping

One could wander through life without ever shopping. You can get by with hand-me-downs, cast-offs and throw-aways, and no one will be the wiser. Understanding one’s ability to shop means learning how to use the left and right sides of the brain. Shopping is a gift, a true talent and a blending of your creative … Continue reading The Art of Shopping