DIY Slit Knee Denim



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When you’re in love with all things denim, you always try to think of new DIYs to create. Currently trending in the world of denim is the Slit Knee. The difference between this and other shredded denim style is that there’s just a subtle rip that lies directly on the knee.

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In-Store Upcycling: David Leon Morgan at the Goodwill Boutique

Did you miss this month’s In-Store Upcycling Event? No fret – hopefully we’ll have more coming to a Goodwill near you and, in the meantime, we have a full Facebook album and event recap video for you to enjoy!

DIY Success!: The Goodwill Boutique Upcycling Event

We had such a great time at last weekend’s in-store DIY event! We’re putting together a video and try-this-at-home tip sheet, but in the meantime, here are a few snapshots of the gorgeous, eco-friendly, style-celebrating fun:

Our expert David Leon Morgan made craft magic with ABC’s The Chew correspondent & fav lifestyle blogger Evette Rios and her fantastically fashionable niece Briana.

There were free tees on hand, both plain for decorating (donated by Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey) and foxy (donated by CraftFoxes) for summertime wear.

Super-soft organic cotton tees for all, courtesy of CraftFoxes, for the days that unique DIY creation is in the wash…

We also gave away buttons galore from Blumenthal Lansing, perfect for future craft projects!

Imagine all the upcycling you could do with these babies!

And, finally, the event hits full swing, with over a dozen participants creating one-of-a-kind style:

So many happy crafters! Thank you all for coming by!

We hope this is the first in quite a few in-store craft/creativity events. If you have a great idea for a DIY event, please share it in the comments below, on our Facebook page or over on Twitter – we’d love to hear your thoughts and help turn your DIY dreams into real world creations!


2 Window Sales & One Do-Not-Miss DIY Event: The Goodwill Weekend Update

This weekend we’re putting on a show – a DIY celebration with giveaway buttons, free craft materials and a not-to-be-missed upcycle tutorial by Craft Foxes & Etsy community member and stand-out style blogger David Leon Morgan! Be sure to stop by for a Saturday afternoon you and your wardrobe will never forget. Here are the details:

Upcycle Your Favorite Tee with David Leon Morgan

Saturday, August 4th


Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique

44 West 8th Street, NY, NY

To register for the event, call (212) 477-7024 or e-mail

Along with the awesome event, we have two window sales and a slew of August weekday special on the horizon. Take a look:

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Upcycling with Goodwill!

Lucky us – our guest columnist David Morgan is back with a fantastic post on upcycling! Whether you’re an Etsy shop owner or a total craft novice, this post is for you. Enjoy!:

David shows off his newest upcycle triumph: the belt-to-bracelet wrist cuff!

The great thing about shopping at Goodwill is that the low costs of each item offers you a chance to experiment with them. Adding a bit of creativity to a thrifted piece is a low-risk investment that can have high-impact results. I love doing this, and recently created two tutorials on my blog that showed super-easy ways to upcycle thrifted pieces.

One idea is to turn an old leather belt into a unique bracelet. Simply snip the buckle off and wrap it around your wrist. It’s that easy!

Another idea is to add a cool design on a thrifted shirt using fabric paint and a pencil eraser. You can do any design you want, and the results are really cool. This also makes a really fun family craft project with kids.

For added inspiration, poke holes in a t-shirt for a breezy, chic summer look. Check out one of my past Goodwill posts for more information.

What are some other ways to upcycle a Goodwill find? Let us know in the comments below!

Snow Day Project!: Pretty Handy Girl

Let it snow! We’ve found a cozy craft project to keep you cuddled ’round the fire, courtesy of our latest discovery & DIY muse Pretty Handy Girl. In her recent post, Brittany shows how to turn any Goodwill sweater into one very chic wardrobe topper:

A close-up of the final product - a pretty snazzy finish for a $3 thrift find, don't you think?

We’re impressed – and all for a couple bucks and some cozy craftin’ time! Visit her fantastic how-to post for the step-by-step instructions & stay warm, dear Goodwill fans!

Father Knows Best: Snagging the Comfy Sweater

Tis the season for snuggly, comfy sweaters! GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan makes Dad’s cardigans cool with grays shades, geometric shapes and knitwear-filled trips to Goodwill. Bundle up and take a look:

My favorite sweater, "borrowed" from Dad!

In 2011, I will make my very first crocheted sweater. I think this is #59 on my Resolution list, but I will get around to it. A few months ago I was given a huge bag of yarn, and I fully intend on using every last bit of it. Until then, I must admit that I’ve been guilty of taking my Father’s sweaters each time I go to visit my parents.

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