3 Fall Must Haves

You're not prepared for the fall unless you have these three items. Find out if you're Autumn ready!

New Year, New Style Resolutions

Every January 1, most of us resolve to do a bit better than the year before. We resolve to treat ourselves better, take care of ourselves better. We resolve to get in shape and finally find our signature look. This year, don’t let yourself fall right off the resolution wagon. This week’s gem is a … Continue reading New Year, New Style Resolutions

Goodwill Gems: Easy Elegance With Just One Piece

A classic accent can instantly lift any look. This week’s gem is an elegant embellishment in a stunningly simple combination of black, white, and gold. This bewitching bangle is large enough to instantly catch the eye, with just a hint of shimmer from the metallic gold stripes and interior. But it manages to be chic … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Easy Elegance With Just One Piece

Goodwill Gems: Banish Gray Days for Good

Sweater weather is officially here, and many more overcast gray days are ahead. But that doesn’t mean that the outfits you wear to insulate yourself against the sunless days, snow, and drizzle need to be as blah as the weather. To keep your spirits up and your outfits looking vibrant, even in the midst of … Continue reading Goodwill Gems: Banish Gray Days for Good