How To Create A Versatile Vacation Wardrobe On A Budget

Before almost all vacations I find myself staring at a suitcase and then at my closet and then back again. There’s always a sense that one needs, shiny new attire for a trip, however this adds considerable cost to an already expensive situation.

arnel-hasanovic-673679-unsplash (1)

Let’s take a look at what we already have :

If you’re going on vacation in summer, the chances are you’ve already purchased a number of light weight dresses and pants, either this year or last. When I’ve found myself on a low budget and yearning for new pieces, I accessorize what I already have or I go thrift shopping.

When initially buying for summer, if I have a vacation pre planned, I buy pieces I know are durable and versatile in colour. Obviously not everything will translate to the beach or office and vice versa but thrift has helped me fill in the gaps many times.


Wasteful holiday buying:

In order to reduce wasteful holiday purchases I start by making a list of everything that I already have ,that I can bring with me and then take a look at where the holes are.

The reality is that half of what you pack will not be worn, so in order to save not only money but baggage weight at the airport ,conscious buying is key.

I generally ask myself ;Will I ever wear this to work? or to the park on a nice day? Can I layer this in winter with other pieces to get more value for money?

Like anything once you have a solid foundation the rest will build upon it easily and that applies to your seasonal closet also.



This year Goodwill NYNJ has launched ‘Great Finds’ which is a medium that allows you to shop thrift online. You can shop by Category, Size, Price and Collection, making it easier to narrow down what it really is you’re looking for ,from the comfort of your couch.

When looking for thrift to take on vacation ,this is a welcome adage to the ways you can shop online.

Check out the ‘style inspirations’ section to find curated looks and tips on how to wear your thrift.

Links can be found on the Goodwill NYNJ Instagram.

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