NYFW Trends you can get at Goodwill

AGoodLook profile pic Jennifer Panchi| Goodwill NYNJ Staff

It’s technically still 1,000 degrees outside but New York Fashion Week kicked off Wednesday night with designer Tom Ford showcasing his Spring/Summer19  collection. Like Tom Ford, many other designers will be debuting the upcoming trends. But let’s be honest, not all of us have the money to purchase these trends right when they hit the clothing racks. Trends come and go, and why spend $1,000 on something so temporary. But lucky for us fashionistas, Goodwill already has all these trends, and for way less, you can get them here. Here are 15 Fall /Winter fashion trends spotted during NYFW.

  1. Animal Print 

Animal PrintThis is not your traditional leopard print top. Animal print is more functional than ever!  From fun colored pants to shoes everyone can try this trend without fear of failure.

2. The Western Boots

04-1535046091Forget about your high knee black boots this season and make a bold move by working this trend.

3. Yellow

Yellow Mellow (1)Yellow, this color is all about being bold and establishing a presence.

4. Suits

CamillaCoelhoThe power suit is an essential clothing item for every #girlboss

5. Tweed 


6. Red

CaptureAs the chilly weather approaches warm up with a hot red duster to make a statement.

7. Sherling Coats

Sherling CoatsOnce known as the “dad jacket” is now the most significant trend.

8. Plaid 

Derek-Lam-Fall-2018Plaid immediately gives me Gossip Girl vibes. Take this preppy print and make it fashion!

9. Puff Jackets

Puffer JacketFrom the runway to the streets, this jacket will be the ultimate fashion statement while still keeping warm.

10. Fringe/Tassels

7d0d2bab0f650e5de6ec39752b4d6a6cAdd some fun and flair to your fall wore drove with fringe and tassels.

11. 80’s

80'sThis is basically what Madonna was rocking back in her starting years.

12. Brand Logos

aw-18-fashion-trends-the-only-looks-you-need-to-know-2932049.700x0cBrand logos on clothing have been around for quite a few seasons, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Continue to rock this trend with any brand of your choice.

13. Gloss

aw-18-fashion-trends-the-only-looks-you-need-to-know-2932052.700x0cIf a fashion statement is what you are trying to make then dare to try this trend to create a presence anywhere you go.

14. Dad Sneakers

6eaf9cf3dbec13b8c1136ca258617920You’ve seen this trend all over your Instagram feed! At first glance, this seems a little bit over the top, but with models like Bella Hadid rocking it you’re whiling to try it yourself.

15. Oversize Clutch

5a04926da67d8d6b2377dd6ae443d4bb (1)For quite some time now it’s been all about the small bags/purses but this season we are making room for the oversize bags.

Make sure to run to your local Goodwill store to purchase any of these styles. What trend will you rock this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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