DIY Hi-Lo Frayed Denim Hem



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I’m obsessed with denim. I’m always wearing it and always thinking of new ways to create DIY’s.  Lately, I’ve seen many bloggers and influencers sporting the Hi-Lo denim trend. So it was clear that my next project would involve recreating this.

I stopped in my local Goodwill Store in New Rochelle a few days ago. I can always count on finding a few gems. I started hunting for a pair of straight leg denim. Lucky for  me, I found a brand new (with tags) pair of GAP jeans. I snatched them up and ran to the register (maybe I walked). Check out my easy peasy DIY.


Here’s what you will need:




Using my eye and index finger (because I’ve cut up so many pairs of denim but you can mark your pair if that makes you feel comfortable) I visually marked how high I thought I would cut.


First, I cut the hem off (about an inch). You can always cut more depending on your height. Then I cut upwards using the seam as a guide. I cut both sides of the seam making sure to only cut the front layer of the pant leg.







Now you will now need to cut across. You will be basically creating a denim rectangle.



Use the rectangle as a guide for the other leg.


After completing both legs you can pull some threads out to give you the frayed look.

Pro Tip: Throw the denim in the washing machine to loosen up them hem a bit more.



Voila! You’re done and now ready to rock your frayed denim!


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Suma Kaul is a NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from She loves thrifting and making something old new again. 
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